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Review: Antigua golf shirts



Pros: Lightweight, moisture-wicking design keeps golfers cool and comfortable. Plenty of different color options and styles that have great crossover appeal.

Cons: Antigua’s shirts have gotten “hipper,” but they still might be too conservative for golf fashionistas.

The Bottom Line: At $50 to $65 per shirt, Antigua polos are one of the best values in golf apparel. They’re appropriate at the office and on the course, and certain styles have enough “pop” colors for younger golfers to feel comfortable wearing them.


Antigua has been making golf apparel for 35 years, so the company has seen its share of fashion trends come and go in the industry.

That’s why this year’s apparel offerings were bright, but not too bright; and the fit of the shirts is trimmer than in past years, but not too trim. The company has found a way to keep with the trends of the industry without compromising the clean, classic look that golfers of all ages can associate with.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 5.51.42 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-29 at 5.51.03 PM

Since 2000, Antigua President Ron McPherson says his company has been focusing on its Desert Dry and Desert Dry Xtra-Lite moisture-wicking fabrics, which help keep golfers cool and dry on even the hottest days. The fabrics are aptly named for Phoenix-based company’s testing grounds, the Arizona desert, where golf clothes either perform or are banished to the bottom of the laundry heap.

The positive feedback McPherson has received from tour players and consumers on the Desert Dry fabrics has resulted in not a single stitch of cotton being used in this year’s golf collection. And while Antigua is just one of many major golf apparel companies to make the 100 percent switch to synthetics, McPherson says that his company does moisture-wicking fabrics the best.

“We’ve hit the right weights,” he says. ” Some of the wicking fabrics out there can be extra heavy.”

Antigua’s current lines of golf shirts cost between $50 and $65 per shirt. They can be purchased on the company’s website,, and at thousands of golf facilities, retailers and golf events.

The Review

Antigua golf shirts might be one of the least controversial products I’ve ever reviewed. I’m younger than Antigua’s target audience of golfers 30 and older, but I had no complaints about the way the shirts fit, and I enjoyed the way they feel.

Antigua’s latest lineup of shirts are extremely light weight and very soft, but select styles are “peached,” or sanded on the inside to make the synthetic fibers feel even softer. The samples I received, Quiet, Brilliant, Fame and Romeo, went sent in the company’s brighter colors, which puts them on the “hipper” side of Antigua’s apparel. No one would accuse me of “trying to hard” with these shirts, but it was nice to have some brighter colors to give the shirts a more youthful, energetic look.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 5.50.41 PM 100727

My favorite shirt was the Romeo (pictured above in blue), a two-color jacquard mesh self-collared polo that looks great with khakis or jeans. Self-collared shirts, which means that a shirts collar is made of the same fabric as the shirt, are “in” right now because of their versatility. Knit collars, which are sewn onto shirts, are great because they tend to be stiffer, and hold up to washing better. But wearing one off the course screams “I just got off the golf course,” while self-collared shirts look more casual, and are better suited for dinner or a night on the town.

Because all the shirts are synthetic, it’s easy to remove stains from them and they’re easy to wash. The Desert Dry and Desert Dry Xtra-Lite fabrics were great at keeping me dry, and so good at wicking moisture that they were pretty much dry by the time I took them out of the washer. They don’t require more than a short time in the dryer, and if hang drying is your thing, they’re quick to dry that way as well.

Like most synthetic shirts, golfers need to be on the look out for snags, as they can come easy with the fabric. And if you do get a snag, resist the urge to pull, as that can leave you with a non-fixable flaw in the shirt. Also, because these shirts are so thin, they might not be the most flattering on golfers who are looking to hide their shapes underneath.

Antigua shirts will be great for any golfer who is looking for some “staple” shirts; ones that are going to work with several different bottoms and outerwear pieces because of their classic fit and understated designs. There are a few “statement” styles in the new apparel line for Spring 2014, but Antigua’s best work falls into the conservative range, which has been the company’s strength for sometime.

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Apparel Reviews

WRX Spotlight: Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa Golf Shoe



The Product

The new Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa, available in North America now, selling for $250 at (only available on Adidas’ website, this shoe will not be at retail).

The Pitch

From Adidas: “The adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa® is the epitome of performance golf footwear, designed to offer micro-adjustability in two separate zones. The first is the independent main dial with high strength Boa lace that when combined with the forged 360 wrap creates unparalleled power for your swing by locking the area between your midfoot and forefoot. The second provides micro-adjustability from the middle to bottom instep for a customized fit, feel, and support. The Boa Fit System activates both zones to deliver the ultimate in power, stability, and performance.”

Our take on Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa

BOA technology, a ratcheting cable system that replaces laces for securing the shoe, has been around for a while now. It was a radical departure when it first hit the market and traditionalists viewed it with some skepticism, but those who tried shoes using the system became hooked on the ease of use, secure feel, and reliability of the system. I have had to replace shoelaces, but I have never had a cable fail in a pair of shoes with Boa technology.

With the TOUR360 XT Twin Boa, Adidas has introduced the next step on Boa technology (pun intended). The shoe has a sleek, technology-forward look that is associated with Adidas products. It even looks good in the size 13 that I sport. The color selection is limited, to say the least. You can choose from white with green trim or white without green trim. But the star of the show is the Boa technology, which is implemented in two dials located on the outside of each shoe, replacing the one dial on previous iterations.

Each dial controls the fit for a different part of the shoe, and the ratcheting dial gives the wearer the most precise fit available. The real advantage over laces is that the Boa system stays secure longer and is easier to tighten than re-tying shoelaces. It’s so easy to reach down and give a couple of clicks that it became routine for me to check on each tee box to make sure I had a good fit before teeing off. Equally pleasing is the quick release on each dial that gets you out of your shoes at the end of a round without the terror of facing a wet double-knot.

The shoe is waterproof leather, and it is light and comfortable enough to walk 18 on hilly tracks. I personally would have preferred a slightly wider toe box, but that is nit-picking.

Overall, the Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa is a performance shoe that promises, fit, comfort and stability, and it delivers on all fronts. Not everyone has $250 to drop on a pair of golf shoes, but if you want the tech on your feet to match the tech in your bag, then the Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa is perfect for you.

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Apparel Reviews

WRX Spotlight: Linksoul golf apparel



Product: Linksoul golf apparel

Pitch: From Linksoul “Linksoul is more a philosophy than a brand. More of an experience than a clothing company. Linksoul is the collective life’s work of people who care about each other and enjoy collaborating. We believe in creating products we value, with the people we love, for the good of our families and our community. Our roots are in golf. We descend from a long line of golfers, craftsmen and artists. But now we fill our time with many interests, including surfing, skiing, hiking, yoga, travel, cooking, parenting, dog walking…We believe that these everyday practices teach us the most about ourselves.”

Our Take on Linksoul’s golf apparel

Linksoul, whose mantra is “Tempus Fugit” (Time Flies), primarily provides golf clothing made to be just as appropriate and comfortable to wear on the course as off of it. The company has a range of different types of polos, tee-shirts, shorts, and pants available, but it was a button-down shirt from the company which I was most intrigued to check out.

Right off the bat, the brand’s Anza Heathered Button-Down shirt impressed with its ultra-soft fabric. To complement that softness, the shirt is wonderfully light and boasts an excellent fit. The length of the shirt sleeves is ideal, so you won’t need to keep fidgeting before and after each shot, and the comfort and fit combined gives you that added flexibility in your swing. The collar fits naturally the moment you put the shirt on and marks the clear quality that went into its creation.

It seems many are on the fence about whether button-down shirts on the course are for them (I was one of those!), but my take now is that they are the ideal summer shirt on the course. In the heat, comfort has to be the number one priority, and the button-down structure gives you so much more air. With Linksoul’s Anza button-down you’ll experience maximum breathability.

Linksoul offers the shirt in six color codes (White, Black Heather, Tidepool Heather, Ink Heather, Dark Gray Heather, and Dawn Heather). For $80, considering the caliber of the shirt, the only gripe I could make is that there aren’t more exotic colors available!

The brand’s Boardwalker Shorts are another piece of apparel that I found to contain the perfect blend of comfort and quality, as well as looking great. The shorts contain a four-way stretch fabric which gives you a plethora of flexibility during your swing, while the weight of the shorts I also found to be on point. The shorts are lightweight but not so much as to take away from the durability and quality of the shorts.


There is plenty of mobility on offer with the Boardwalker Shorts, while I also enjoyed that the shorts are a classic style length and sit right at the knee.

You can choose from eight different color codes (Black, Chalk, Khaki, Dark Gray, True Black, Bronze, Navy, Army, and River), and the shorts retail at $76. With their no-fuss look, high quality, and a clear focus on comfort, Linksoul’s Boardwalker shorts offer everything you’d want in a pair of golf shorts.

For those that prefer to play solely in trousers, you’ll be glad to hear that the company provide the same product in a pant style—the BoardWalker Pant.

There’s a huge amount to like about the apparel Linksoul is offering up, and at prices which are extremely reasonable considering the quality provided. Their site offers a multitude of polos, button-downs (in both short and long sleeve), shorts, pants, and tee-shirts. If high-quality adaptable golf apparel is your thing, then it’s a company well worth checking out.


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Apparel Reviews

WRX Spotlight: Air Jordan ADG golf shoes



Product: Air Jordan ADG golf shoes (available at Dick’s and Golf Galaxy). 

Pitch: Via Jordan: “Jump up the leaderboard in the Nike Men’s Air Jordan ADG Golf Shoes. Famed for its incredible comfort and lightweight feel, the ADG features a Zoom Air unit for responsive cushioning and an integrated lacing system for a secure, supportive fit. The Integrated Traction pattern offers you enhanced grip on every terrain and the signature Jumpman logos give you extra style on the course.”

Our take on Air Jordan ADG golf shoes

Confined to the feet of Keegan Bradley for years, the iconic sneaker brand seems to have proof of concept in the golf space, as evidenced by the growing roster of tour players (Pat Perez, Harold Varner III), and numerous retail offerings.

We got to test one of said retail offerings: the just-released spikeless Air Jordan ADG. Now, the Jordan style may not be for every golfer (can’t imagine them catching on in Tuesday morning senior leagues across the nation), but if you like the look of Js on the court or street, you’ll love the look of these. Indeed, you’ll probably love the look of all Jordan offerings for the fairway, as the company has done an excellent job of bringing its aesthetic to golf, rather than the opposite (if that makes sense…tacking the Jumpman logo on a pair of saddle shoes was never going to work).

So, appearance wise, the elephant print leather upper and other signature brand elements look great (and the translucent sole is an awesome touch). However, when it comes to golf shoes, particularly of the spikeless variety, we’re always concerned about stability during the swing (both in terms of contact with the ground and within the shoe internally) and appropriate support/comfort for the five-plus mile trek that is a round of golf.

On both of the aforementioned fronts, these shoes are superb. You can feel the comfort and support the instant your heel hits the Jumpan Golf logo on the insole, and the shoes do everything you’d ask a spikeless shoe to do on course. Highly recommended; we look forward to seeing what his Airness’ cordwainers come up with next.

A look at the white colorway, via Jordan, below. 

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