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Galvin Green’s spring/summer 2015 collection



Sweden-based golf apparel manufacturer, Galvin Green, has unveiled its wide-ranging spring/summer 2015 collection.

The company, “a pure golf brand,” which has set the standard in golf outerwear in Europe for the past two decades, expanded to the U.S. market last year, aspiring to outfit “the serious golfer.”

Regarding their offerings, the company says, “Each detail exists because the game demands it and there is never any compromise on the quality of materials or the functional design of golf wear styled for all climatic conditions.”

With this collection, “styled for all climatic conditions,” Galvin Green continues to explore the “multi-layer concept,” offering garments in five basic color families.

Here’s a full breakdown of Galvin Green’s spring/summer ’15 lineup, presented by layer.

Outer protection: shell layer

featuring GORE-TEX, GORE-TEX Paclite, and WINDSTOPPER technologies

Galvin Green offers the totally waterproof, lined, highly breathable APEX full-zip jacket with GORE-TEX stretch fabric and mesh lining. The AMOS jacket and the ART jacket (half-zip), also with GORE-TEX stretch fabric, are the most heavy-duty outerwear. All are available in sizes small to at least 3XL (some to 4XL).

Weighing just 240 grams (or about five golf balls), Galvin Green’s shell layers with GORE-TEX Paclite technology are for slightly warmer conditions, but offer the same waterproof protection as the jackets above. Again, the company offers jackets with and without stretch fabric, the ARON and the minimal ALISTER. Similar to the heavier jackets above, Galvin Green also offers a half-zip jacket with the Paclite technology: the ALVIN. These, too, are available from small to at least 3XL.

Galvin Green - Aron Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket 731467

Galvin Green - Aron Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket 731479

Galvin Green also implements the Paclite technology in three half-sleeve jackets: the AKRON, AIR, and uniquely patterned ARCHIE.

Galvin Green - Archie Gore-tex Paclite Jacket 747010

Those hoping for a departure from the traditional black rain pant will be happy to see Galvin Green’s AUGUST pants, which also feature the Paclite material. The pants are available in electric red, midnight blue, gunmetal gray, and, of course, black. All are available in short, standard, and long lengths. In all lengths, sizes range from small to at least XL, with sizes up to 3XL available in black.

New this season, the ALF stretch trouser is equipped with GORE-TEX stretch fabric to allow for a greater freedom of movement. The ALF stretch also offers a slimmer silhouette than the traditional ALF, which is still available. All come in short, standard, and long lengths from sizes small to at least 3XL.

ii-Galvin Green - Alf Stretch Gore-Tex Pant 740777

In addition to the rainwear featuring GORE-TEX technology, Galvin Green also implement’s Gore’s WINDSTOPPER technology in its long-sleeve, full-zip BOURNE jackets, which are water resistant (not waterproof) and windproof. The company also offers roughly the same jacket in a half zip (BANKS), and a full-zip vest (BOND). Sizes range from small to 3XL here, too.

Galvin Green - Bourne Windstopper Jacket 742317

Thermal regulation: warm layer/cool layer

featuring Galvin Green’s INSULA and VENTIL8 technologies

Galvin Green’s intermediate layer features the company’s INSULA technology, which has been improved this year with a thinner softer fiber structure. The full-zip DUSTIN, which is available in three colors, is the company’s heat-regulating benchmark garment. Also available: a half-zip (DEX), a full-zip vest (DENZEL), and a half-zip vest (DRAKE). The fabric is a 90 percent polyester/10% elastane blend. All are available in sizes small to 3XL.


The company also offers an array of knitted wool blend sweaters and vests for a more traditional approach to warmth, the vast majority of which can be obtained in sizes from small to 3XL (the COOPER wool/acrylic blend vest only goes up to XXL).

From warming to cooling, Galvin Green’s VENTIL8 polos feature the company’s breathable, anti-bacterial, UV protection technology to keep golfers cool and dry. The SS15 line includes a total of 18 VENTIL8 polos in three different designs, most within the five color families outlined earlier. All are 100 percent polyester and available in sizes small to at least XXL (some to 3XL).

Galvin Green - Maddox Polo 745219Galvin Green - Maddox Polo 745219 - Back

In addition, the collection includes an additional 24 cotton/polyester blend polos in a range of styles. These, too, are offered from small to XXL.

Galvin Green has your lower half covered as well, of course, offering three models of VENTIL8 trousers, the NED, NATE, and NEASON. The NED is a more traditional cut pant and it’s available in nine colors, from the boilerplate khaki to the more exotic electric red and grape. All of the SS15 trousers are 100% polyester stretch material and feature elastic waistbands. The range of available sizes is extensive, so you don’t have to be the stereotypical European beanpole to find pants that fit well.

II-Galvin Green - Ned Ventil8 Pant 506870

The collection also includes shorts and patterned polyester blend trousers to cover all your sartorial bases.

Dry comfort: base layer

featuring Galvin Green’s SKINTIGHT technology.

For wear underneath the abundance of garments above, Galvin Green suggests either compression or thermal layers and offers SKINTIGHT compression and SKINTIGHT thermal accordingly.

Galvin Green - Ethan SKINTIGHT 749077

The SKINTIGHT compression garments are designed to enhance circulation and thus improve muscle stamina and performance. Galvin Green offers compression tops in both black and white, as well as tights up to XXL. Likewise, SKINTIGHT thermals to keep you warm. All are made from a polyester/elastane blend.


Given the comprehensive nature of the spring/summer range so far, you won’t be surprised to find that Galvin Green offers a wealth of accessory options to complement their outerwear.

In the headwear department, the company implements GORE-TEX Paclite technology in wide-brimmed golf hats (AURA), the shorter-brimmed ANT, and the traditional baseball cap, ABEL. All are available in multiple colors. Knit caps with WINDSTOPPER technology and three with INSULA fabric round out the headwear offerings. Standard polyester baseball caps are available, too—in seven colors.

In addition, Galvin Green offers mitts, cold-weather gloves, neckwarmers and wristwarmers—the latter with INSULA technology—to insure you’re fully prepared to play in the most miserable of conditions.

And if you’re really looking to go with Galvin Green from head to toe, you’re in luck: the company is adding performance golf socks this year.

Presently expanding aggressively in the United States, Galvin Green’s products are available in finer pro shops and exclusively online through The ’14 collection is presently available for sale there. 

For in-hand photos of all the items from the SS15 collection, check out my thread in the forums.

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  1. Bleh

    Oct 8, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    Bleh designs though. Boring.

  2. Mark

    Oct 7, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    The best waterproofs bar none. You stay dry full stop. Expensive but my Galvin jacket is 6 years old and still totally waterproof and looks almost new. Consider them as an investment as they will last for years and see off any rival suit.

  3. sebastien

    Oct 7, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    I can see Daly wearing that printed short sleeve outer layer along his loudmouth pants…

  4. Winging it

    Oct 7, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    It´s about time that the Galvin Green go over the atlantic

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SST Pure: A deep dive into the technology



Due to the manufacturing process, all golf shafts contain irregularities in straightness, stiffness, and roundness. And depending on how a shaft is aligned, the inconsistencies can adversely affect a shaft’s performance and consistency.

SST PURE was developed as a solution to this problem.

In simplest terms, the SST PURE (stands for it stands for Plane of Uniform REpeatability) process finds a shaft’s most stable orientation to minimizing twisting and off-line bending during the swing. This results in longer, straighter ball flight and more consistent performance in all PUREd shafts. Subjectively, PUREd shafts are often described as feeling “softer” than their non-PUREd counterparts.

For more background on SST PURE and PUREing on tour, we talked with SST founder Dick Weiss, independent rep Scott Garrison, who has the only SST Pure machine on a tour truck, and rep Arnie Cunningham.

Here’s what they had to say.

SST founder Dick Weiss

GolfWRX: Give us a 101-level overview of SST PUREing.

DW: What we do at SST is we analyze the irregularities in a shaft and based on various algorithms, various mathematic formulas, determine which is most asymmetric. Which is the one that’s causing the shaft to bend and twist out of line at impact and also in the first load – the transition between backswing and downswing, there’s a lot of movement in there also. What we do is identify that and mark it so it can be assembled into the club head.

It’s a technological development. It’s come about because we have computers today to do this. We don’t do it by eyeball. The computer doesn’t care who’s going to play it, what level of skill they have, what the material composition is of a shaft, who made it, what kind of ball you’re going to hit. That’s not what we do. What we are saying is we want to analyze a shaft to get it to perform to the best of its ability. You can take a shaft based upon irregularities in it – because shafts are not round or straight.

If you take any shaft and roll it on a table like a pool cue, you’ll see 90% of the time they’ll bounce along because they’re not round. There’s high points and low points, thicker and thinner areas. All we want to do is locate that and say, “Let’s make it work as an asset, let’s make it work as a support for a shaft so they don’t torque out or twist out at impact.”

GolfWRX: Can you give us a brief overview of exactly what goes on in the SST PUREing process?

DW: Sure. In the PUREing process, there’s approximately fifty-six steps you have to take assuming you do what we call a retro-PURE. There’s two ways to PURE. One is if you take a brand new head, a brand new shaft, PURE the shaft and assemble it into a head – that’s a brand new club. The second way would be what we call a retro-PURE. One is we take apart an existing club, keep the shaft, take the grip off, peel the tape off underneath the grip. We use our Weiss-Gibson Ultimate Extractor, we cut the ferrule off. We remove the shaft. We drill out the old epoxy in the head and acetone the head down. We then drill out any old epoxy that may be in the tip of the club. We turn down and clean the outside tip of the club if there’s any epoxy or residue from the epoxy itself where the ferrule may have been. We then go ahead and PURE the shaft. We come back and fit a ferrule, reassemble the club. We use a fast dry epoxy with shafting beads in it.

GolfWRX: Now what would you say to those who don’t believe in the SST PUREing process?

DW: In any technology, people question it which is good. People still don’t think the Earth is round. I think if they are honest with themselves – forget about Dick Weiss and SST as an entity. If they’re honest with themselves and they know anything about clubs whether they make them in their garage or professionally, they have to be able to tell that shafts can not perform the same just randomly or haphazardly assembled. Each shaft has its idiosyncrasies.

So I say for the ones that don’t believe in it, do a test yourself without any type of process. Take a club out, hit it, bring it back in, try to stay off the quadrants, 90 degrees left, 180, another 90, that’s not the way to do it. Move it 30 degrees to the left or right. Put it back in and go hit it. Flip the plane upside down, put it back in, and go hit it.

We’ve started doing a lot of internal testing is because everyone says, “Let us see some independent testing.” We said okay and did it. We took the tour van and five workers with us. We used clubs I hadn’t seen. They came from tour. We didn’t look for asymmetric products. We just took what was there, new shafts, new heads, some of the heads I’ve never seen before. It doesn’t make any difference. We’re happy to subject it to any tests.

Scott E Garrison

“Studies have shown the irregularities in shafts, and that causes offline shots. If you play pool at a bar, you’re going to take the straightest queue.”

GolfWRX: How do you showcase the benefits of SST PUREing when players visit your truck?

SEG: When I have a player in the truck, and I do a quick demonstration and put a shaft in the machine, within two minutes, they’re in…they’re hooked.

All the OEMs, they’re seeing their players want this done, so we’re PUREing up shafts and getting them back to [their trucks] so they can build PUREd clubs for their players.

GolfWRX: What performance examples can you give us where a player PUREd his shafts and saw tremendous improvement?

SEG: It was about seven years ago when I just finished re-gripping Ben Martin’s putter with a SuperStroke grip. As he was leaving, I asked him if he had ever had his clubs PUREd. He said, “No, but I had heard about it and was curious.” I showed him a set I was in the middle of PUREing and he was sold. It was Monday morning, the week of the RBC Heritage and it was pouring. He said to PURE his entire set. That’s what I did Monday afternoon. I ripped his gamers apart and PUREd the shafts and put them back together (a retro-PURE). He was leading the tournament, he shot a career-low round and finished third. He told me later how much better his mis-hits were.

Arnie Cunningham

GolfWRX: What’s the most obvious benefit of PUREing?

AC: It’s about dispersion patterns. Until a person can really dive deep into the numbers—and we’ve done it throughout the years at Golf Laboratories and its proved over and over that the dispersion pattern is better PUREd vs not.

GolfWRX: Are there any misconceptions about PUREing?

AC: Detractors might be looking for some miracle feel, but really, it’s about the dispersion and an improvement on the already good technology in shafts.

GolfWRX: Tell us about the USGA restrictions on PUREing.

AC: You’re stabilizing the golf shaft. You’re putting it in the best playing position possible. If you PURE a shaft, by USGA rules, you can not turn that shaft to allow for a draw or a cut. Just that rule tells me they know it works because they’ve tested and they’ve seen the difference in performance.

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Coolest thing for sale in the GolfWRX Classifieds (06/11/21): The Buck Club paint splash scorecard holder



At GolfWRX, we love golf, plain and simple.

We are a community of like-minded individuals that all experience and express our enjoyment of the game in many ways. It’s that sense of community that drives day-to-day interactions in the forums on topics that range from best driver to what marker you use to mark your ball. It even allows us to share another thing we all love – buy and selling equipment.

Currently, in our GolfWRX buy/sell/trade (BST) forum, there is a listing for a The Buck Club paint splash scorecard holder ($125).

From the seller (@taylorhat): “The Buck Club paint splash scorecard holder from the valspar. This is a really neat piece, though I just don’t use it to justify keeping it.  $125”

To check out the full listing in our BST forum, head through the link: The Buck Club paint splash scorecard holder.

This is the most impressive current listing from the GolfWRX BST, and if you are curious about the rules to participate in the BST Forum you can check them out here: GolfWRX BST Rules

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Reason not to play multiple hybrids? – GolfWRXers discuss



In our forums, our members have been discussing whether players should have a variety of hybrids in the bag. WRXer ‘Jetandollie’ kicks off the thread asking is there a reason not to play multiple hybrids and wonders whether we’ll get to a point where a 6-iron is the shortest iron in the bag for a player:

“Now that companies (Ping, PXG, Mizuno, Titleist) are making hybrids up to 28-34* with several shaft options is there a reason that the majority of us should not be playing them to as high a loft as we can find? 

All of the review videos and numbers always show that they go higher, land at a steeper descent angle and are significantly more forgiving and consistent than irons. 

I get that the main point of rebuttal is too high of a ball flight and playing in a windy location, but over the course of 60-80 rounds per year (1500-2000 long/midiron shots) will the shots saved from the forgiveness and higher launch/steeper decent not outweigh the iron mishits or shots lost in the wind? 

Will we get to the point with the way tech in clubs is progressing that the norm will be hybrids to the 6 or 7 iron in most bags?”

And our members have been weighing in on the topic in our forums.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • MPAndreassi: “Cleveland has been trying to do this for at least a decade now. I don’t think it’ll ever catch on.”
  • cpang05: “Price. For the average guy I see at the muni, starting with a 4H, 5H, then 6i seems really popular. But those hybrids are half the cost of a full set of irons.”
  • Clubhoe: “Workability. Will continue for as long as I’m able to hit them. Will go to utilities next, then hybrids after that.”
  • Mattm97: “I hit my irons better than hybrid. I think it depends on the person, their game and usage. I have a 3H, and I honestly don’t use it a ton except for certain situations.”

Entire Thread: “Reason not to play multiple hybrids?”

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