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Dennis Clark is a PGA Master Professional, a distinction held by less than 1 percent of all PGA Professionals. He is recognized as one of the top instructors in the country, and holds no less than seven PGA awards including "Teacher of the Year" and "Golf Professional of the Year."

Dennis holds two degrees in education and has worked with golfers of all levels for over 30 years. A native of Philadelphia, Dennis currently directs the Dennis Clark Golf Academy at the Marco Island Marriott in Naples, Fla.

GolfWRX Writer of the Month: April 2014, May 2014


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  • Tiger2001

    Is trying to get better always a good thing?

    “I don’t want to be the golfer I was in 2001, I want to be better,” Tiger Woods once said. Golfers sometimes fight too hard to make improvements, and find themselves doing more harm than good. Rory...

    • Posted 9 days ago
    • 84
  • IMG_3162

    Posture: The key to good swing dynamics

    If I had to choose, I would say that the grip is the most important fundamental in golf. I say that because the grip controls the club face, which controls the direction of the shot. And the...

    • Posted 17 days ago
    • 13
  • Tim Clark swing

    Winning Swings: Tim Clark, don’t sweat the small stuff

    Tim Clark is a world-class player who has built his swing around a physical condition that doesn’t allow him to rotate his palms upward. In the video above, I take a look at his mechanics and swing plane,...

    • Posted 25 days ago
    • 13
  • Clark: Give Nike Golf credit where credit is due

    Remember all the criticism hurled at Rory McIlroy when he decided to switch to Nike Golf equipment? It’s quieter now, isn’t it? The meteoric rise of Nike Golf has been nothing short of amazing considering that not very...

    • Posted 30 days ago
    • 67
  • McIlroy Winning Swings 2014 Open

    Winning Swings: See how Rory McIlroy drives it so far

    Rory McIlroy stands only 5-feet 9-inches tall and weighs a mere 160 pounds, yet he’s able to drive that ball longer than all but a handful of the golfers on the PGA Tour. What’s his secret? In...

    • Posted 32 days ago
    • 23
  • Montgomerie and Harman Swing

    Winning Swings: Comparing Colin Montgomerie and Brian Harman

    How can two very different swings both produce championship results? That’s the topic of this week’s “Winning Swings” segment, which compares the swings of John Deere Classic winner Brian Harman and Colin Montgomerie, a 31-time European Tour...

    • Posted 37 days ago
    • 15
  • DenniClarkFEAT

    Know what’s right for you: The dangers of unsolicited swing advice

    Golfers, in their never-ending quest to improve, will listen to almost anything if it means knocking strokes off their score. They should be aware that this practice can be really dangerous for their game, because not all...

    • Posted 45 days ago
    • 21
  • (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

    Pinehurst No. 2 has returned to “gem” status

    (AP Photo/Gerry Broome) I will be in Pinehurst all week for the U.S. Open championship, and I am looking forward to seeing a great event on a great course. I’m thrilled to be headed to the home...

    • Posted 74 days ago
    • 14
  • Tom Watson

    Find the bottom of your swing arc for better golf

    One of the fun things about watching great ball strikers is observing their divot patterns.  The bottom of their swing (and their divot) is in the same place time after time. Fat and thin shots are rare...

    • Posted 93 days ago
    • 18
  • The Talent Code

    Golf talent: What is it?

    There’s a German proverb that says, “You will become clever through your mistakes.” Most people don’t think of this saying when it comes to the most talented people in their fields, however. In the golf world, athletes such...

    • Posted 101 days ago
    • 73
  • tigerweb6s-2-web

    What it really takes to square the clubface at impact

    No matter how good your car looks, it only drives as good as the engine in it. Golf is very much the same. No matter how good a swing looks, it’s only as good as the parts...

    • Posted 113 days ago
    • 4
  • photo 2

    The simple reason golfers don’t get better

    “Better than a thousand days of deep study is one day with a great teacher.” It is quite possible that we have more knowledge of the golf swing than we have ever had before. Like any other...

    • Posted 122 days ago
    • 84
  • photo

    The Truth About Aim and Alignment

    Ever think about this? If the clubface is aimed left of the target, we call it closed. If the body is aligned left of the target, we call it open. If the clubface is aimed right of...

    • Posted 142 days ago
    • 17
  • Getting off the back foot

    Do these swing tips “Get on your left side,” “Get through the ball,” and “Finish” sound familiar? They should, because they are some of the most familiar admonitions in the game and for good reason. There is...

    • Posted 149 days ago
    • 17
  • b9956695z.1_20130717205828_000_gfg1l2h5.1-1

    Adjust your setup and swing for better bunker shots

    The easiest shot in golf should be a greenside bunker shot. I say that because golfers can be much less exacting from the sand than other lies. A bunker shot can be hit anywhere from 0.5 inches...

    • Posted 169 days ago
    • 5
  • 10 simple drills to correct complex faults

    10 simple drills to correct complex faults

    There is certainly no shortage of golf training aids on the market, and some are quite good. I have used a few over the years, but mostly I stick to drills that can be done anywhere with...

    • Posted 176 days ago
    • 16
  • Dennis Clark ball position

    Ball position: The forgotten fundamental

    Golfers seem to accept grip, aim, alignment and posture as important fundamentals, but ball position is forgotten at times. That’s unfortunate, because the more consistent a golfer’s ball position is, the more consistent his or her shots...

    • Posted 185 days ago
    • 36
  • Make your grip match your swing

    Make your grip match your swing

    There is nothing more important in golf than a golfer’s grip. It’s as simple as that. A golfer’s hands ARE the club face. By that I mean that they are the only contact golfers have with the golf...

    • Posted 197 days ago
    • 17
  • How far to stand from the golf ball

    How far to stand from the golf ball

    “How far should I stand from the golf ball?” It’s a simple question that I’m often asked during lessons. When I tell my students that they should stand where they can find the middle of the club...

    • Posted 201 days ago
    • 20
  • screencapture1

    The Enlightenment of Golf Instruction

    There is an ancient adage that says, “May you live in interesting times.” In golf instruction, these are the most interesting times, “The Enlightenment” as I like to call it. The reference is of course to that...

    • Posted 235 days ago
    • 18
  • DSC_0028-620x400

    Get the most out of your lessons

    I know of a great professional who, mid-way in his career, decided to change his swing.  He wanted to be more consistent under pressure and win more major championships. His routine consisted of hitting 300-to-500 balls working...

    • Posted 248 days ago
    • 12
  • Fat shots, and how to fix them

    Every golfer has hit that one pure shot, that magical moment when all goes right and the club and ball meet in perfect harmony to produce the perfectly struck shot. It’s a moment that’s almost completely unique...

    • Posted 253 days ago
    • 10
  • Good golf swings are greater than the sum of their parts

    I love to stop by a range and watch the brand new golfers. Even though most of their swings result in whiffs, tops and chunks, they usually manage to smash at least one shot long and straight....

    • Posted 262 days ago
    • 11
  • inar02_mclean_tiger_swing

    How to actually stay down through the shot

    Most serious golfers have seen slow-motion video of Tiger Woods or some other tour pro who moves his or her body down in the moments before impact. Those players actually lower what is called their “center,” or upper...

    • Posted 274 days ago
    • 25
  • DSC_0028

    There’s no need to fear lessons

    I did five lessons today. Five different lessons. The first person was in-to out, shut face, hitting hooks that barely got off the ground. The correction involved swinging more left through the ball and adding a slightly weaker...

    • Posted 288 days ago
    • 21
  • photo 5

    Fixes for the “chili dip” and “chipping yips”

    Other than perhaps the shank, the most frustrating shot in golf is the chili dip; a chip shot that is supposed to go several yards but only moves 5 feet. The frustration comes from that fact that...

    • Posted 297 days ago
    • 13
  • 98721624

    Swing path problems and how to fix them

    In my previous story, I discussed Tiger Woods’ ongoing struggle with his swing path, which at times is too inside-out. Click here to read the story. Because Tiger pushes the needle more than just about any other...

    • Posted 320 days ago
    • 37
  • Tiger+Woods+TOUR+Championship+Coca+Cola+Final+D6QxYkD2PcWx

    Is Tiger really tired, or just tired of his swing problems?

    I am happy to be back to the world of golf after a lengthy medical hiatus in the city of Brotherly love! I spent the month of September in Philadelphia where I received the finest medical care...

    • Posted 331 days ago
    • 60
  • Stop shanking short shots spotlight

    Stop shanking short shots!

    The shank is the most frustrating and embarrassing shots in golf. It can happen to any player of any level at anytime. But the most common shank is the one hit near the green on short chips and...

    • Posted 365 days ago
    • 4
  • The Greatest Golfers Ever Spotlight

    Top 10: The Greatest Golfers Ever

    Mickelson’s final-round charge that led to his win at The Open Championship, as well as another runner-up finish at the U.S. Open in June and his win at the Scottish Open in early July have a lot...

    • Posted 385 days ago
    • 44
  • Landscape-Pebble-Beach-7th-Hole

    What makes a good golf course?

    What is the best golf course you’ve ever played? What is your favorite course? Your least favorite? After you take a minute to ponder those questions, consider this: Why? What is it about the course you chose...

    • Posted 393 days ago
    • 17
  • sp_nrgolf7

    (Sort of) Playing by the rules

    The USGA handicap system is often misunderstood. Those of you who play baseball or bowl know exactly how your averages are calculated: The number of hits divided by the number of at-bats; or the total pins divided by...

    • Posted 407 days ago
    • 52
  • Club fitting spotlight

    Club fitting, from a golf teacher’s perspective

    Properly fitted equipment is a must for everyone, pros and amateurs. There is plenty of good information on club fitting (read Tom Wishon), but I’d like to discuss fitting from a teacher’s perspective and some of the...

    • Posted 413 days ago
    • 0
  • waiting

    Well… We’re waiting

    One of my favorite scenes from the best golf movie ever, Caddyshack: Judge Smails: “Ty, what did you shoot today?” Ty Webb: “Oh Judge, I don’t keep score.” Judge Smails: “Then how do you measure yourself with...

    • Posted 420 days ago
    • 53
  • Jim Furyk swing

    Breaking down Jim Furyk’s highly effective golf swing

    Most golfers would like to play half as well as Jim Furyk. He is without a doubt one of the best players of his generation, with more than $53 million in on-course earnings. In his 21-year career,...

    • Posted 444 days ago
    • 6
  • Keep it simple student-1

    Keep it simple (student)

    The job of a teaching professional is to know the game in all of its complexity and teach it in all of its simplicity. If I cannot put everything I’ve learned on the head of a pin and...

    • Posted 450 days ago
    • 2
  • 628x471

    Keys to successful pitching

    The pitch shot — the short, high shot played near the green — is a fairly easy shot. But many struggle with it. The biggest reason for this is that most people do not trust the loft...

    • Posted 456 days ago
    • 13
  • Remembering Ken Venturi

    Remembering Ken Venturi

    I’m a huge golf history buff and Friday, we lost one of the legendary characters of the game. Ken Venturi, a larger-than-life over achiever, was told as a boy that he would be a lifetime stammerer. Little...

    • Posted 461 days ago
    • 1
  • Learning from Woods

    Learning from Tiger’s recovery at The Players

    Great athletes have an inner source of strength, a deep reservoir of emotional control and self belief that mere mortals cannot seem to find. It is a rarer-than-rare quality that very few ever know, but beautiful to...

    • Posted 465 days ago
    • 5