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‘This year’s crop of drivers seem to have more buzz than we’re used to. Even though golf’s ruling bodies capped the COR (coefficient of restitution) limit on drivers to 0.83 and clubhead size to 460cc more than a decade ago, manufactures have still found new ways to improve on their designs every year. This year is no exception — crazy graphics, cavity back sole designs and small tweaks to the center of gravity have made this year’s drivers better than ever before.

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Late-season releases from Callaway and TaylorMade forced us to revise our original 2013 list. The TaylorMade SLDR is not only performing well in the hands of tour players, but amateurs as well. Our panel of elite club fitters have been complimentary of the driver’s looks, sound, feel and performance, enough that it bumped TaylorMade’s R1 off the list.

Callaway’s FT OptiForce drivers are the same story. They’re an improvement on Callaway’s Razr Fit Xtreme and X Hot drivers, offering a more adjustable hosel, a more pleasing head shape and improved performance for many golfers, both in the 440 and 460 heads.

The mainstays of the list: Cobra’s AMP Cell, Nike’s Covert and Covert Tour, Ping’s G25 and Titleist’s 913 D2 and D3 continue to get top marks from our club fitting panel, and offer a range of launch conditions, head shapes and adjustability options that work for a wide range of golfers.

Take a look through our updated list of the best drivers of 2013. If you’re in the market for a new driver, one of these six big sticks will probably get you some extra yards, confidence, or both.


2Y9G0087-600x400TaylorMade SLDR

Our testing showed that the SLDR is one of the special drivers that comes around every few years that has the potential to win over an enormous amount of golfers. The combination of the SLDR’s faster ball speed, lower spin and foolproof adjustability makes it arguably the best driver that TaylorMade has ever produced.

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nike covert driver reviewNike Covert Drivers

Nike’s new VR_S Covert Performance Driver comes in two models — a 4600cc head and a Tour model that is 430cc. The eye popping red crown and white Nike Swoosh will be the first thing golfers see, but the cavity on the bottom of the head is even more significant. Like the R1, the Covert only comes in one loft and you adjust the loft and face angle independently.

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callaway optiforceCallaway FT Optiforce

With two premium stock shafts to choose from, both drivers are lighter and offer more adjustability than previous Callaway models. Most golfers will find the 460 launches higher with more forgiveness and has more consistent ball speeds across the face. Better players will favor the lower, more penetrating trajectory offered by the 440.

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titleist 2013 driversTitleist 913 D2/D3

The new 913 driver adds more length over the older 910 Driver. That had to be hard for them to do, because the performance of the 910 D2 and D3 were so good. Titleist says the additional distance is as a result better speed, launch and spin. Winner of the GolfWRX community choice awards says that these drivers work and was the peoples choice.

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ping g25 driver reviewPING G25 Driver

Ping’s new G25 Driver incorporates the beautiful matte black crown that debuted on the company’s i20 and Anser drivers. Ping moved the center of gravity (COG) substantially lower and further back from its previous model, the G20, to help golfers lower their spin and launch the ball higher.

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cobra ampCobra AMP Cell Driver

The AMP Cell (pictured to the right) and AMP Cell Pro Drivers feature Cobra’s new MyFly technology, allowing golfers to select from six different loft/trajectory settings. Cobra is offering the AMP Cell driver in a choice of four different colors —  silver, blue, red and orange, and the AMP Cell Pro in a choice of two colors, silver and orange.

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Click here to see the “Best of” winners for other club categories.

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  1. It’s funny how each year, a company claims that the new model will ad 20 yeards. We should all be hitting 400 yard drives by now with that math. I’m not surprised that you have so much variation in quality with off the shelf equipment. It’s corporate greed that’s the cause, and it’s not just in golf equipment. I’m pretty happy with my 3 year old driver, but I wouldn’t mind trying all the new equipment every year. Unfortunately, I have to pay for equipment…

  2. Wow, great blog page shape! The best way extended have you ever been blogs for? you have made blogging search straightforward. The main glance within your website is excellent, aside from this article content!

  3. I tried the Covert tour with Kurokage X flex yesterday. The shaft does not feel too stiff to me. Overall, it is a very beautiful club (my opinion). However, the head is not to most forgiving head to date. I also own a few more drivers. I say TM drivers, R9 supertri, R11S (both tour issue) are a lot more forgiving. Some may argue that because I chose tour head version and the X flex shaft.
    I say it is more comparable to Titleist 910D3 in term of flight and foregiveness. It requires very good swing. I may have to do more experiment with the flexloft system then.
    Just my 2 cents.

  4. I use a 2y/o F11 Adams with Voodoo and have tried all the new stuff and hit nothing longer but I do hit a couple straighter. I got driver fitted and the guy wanted to put me in a $375 shaft. I asked him would he buy it back if I didn’t hit it any further. I liked the Adams stuff but TM will ruin the company with their over the top marketing and what I consider poorly made products compared to especially PING of which I do not own one club of theirs. This “game” is boring me and costing people lots of money for nothing gained. The stock shafts are crap, the lofts are mostly wrong and the equipment varies from piece to piece. When what you can measure suffers then what kind of product is in what you can’t measure. Is it really titanium or some exotic alloy or 17-4 or 431 or 303SS? It’s a shame when you buy some irons the first thing you have to do is have them checked for loft and lie corrections. I have “never” seen a set that was 100% accurate but PINGS are the closest by far. There is also no comparison to PING and say Wishon or TM, cut one open and you will never own another TM product…crap. What the pros get and the regular folks get is no comparison. There was an article from WRX itself that verified this statement. Titleist pays union labor in Mass and gets $1000 for a set of irons and $399 for a driver that is 15yds shorter than the rest and puts “made for” shafts in their products. DG shafts cost manufactures about $2 apiece and they weigh in like neutron stars, why would anyone play that shaft. I play golf because I love it but the equipment end of golf sucks bigtime.

    • Leftright: a very interesting comment. It seems today (according to the Golf Channel) that the sport of golf is suffering greatly due to continued lack of interest by the general public. I think you’ve hit on a few of the reasons why this is so true. I started playing golf in the mid-60s when Karsten Solhiem, a close friend of my father’s, and founder of PING, gave me a set of PING 69s for my birthday. To this day, I still see the same quality and pride PING puts in its clubs that Karsten did when he was working out of his garage in Phoenix so many years ago. I feel the same about Titleist, Mizuno and a (very) few others. As you were alluding to, it’s sad that those of us who genuinely love the game have to pay so much to enjoy it.

  5. It seems that you need to have colour and a good marketing strategy to make this list. The Titleist 913D3 and Ping Anser would be my top picks.

    • G25 is a standard black just like the Anser you say. There is no marketing or color bias. There is a real world objective process. The 6 clubfitters that fit over 500 players a month each have weighed in and formed an opinion that lead to the “Best of”. You can see how and who voted… http://www.golfwrx.com/reviews/best-of-awards-and-the-inside-scoop/

      Also as new models come into the picture or a revelation/shift in votes occurs we always acknowledge. We ask the fitters to cast their votes for all categories once a quarter.

  6. I`m 60 with a bad back. Have always fought the slice and poor distance. Bought the Amp Cell all stock and immediately my drives started to straighten out and my distance improving. Now three months later I hit consistently straight or slight draws, and I average 250-260 off the tee. Would`nt trade it for any club.

  7. Seriously? no Anser? Covert and razr fit xtreme are garbage. x hot fairways are much better than the driver.

  8. i think its funny that people whine cause there club didn’t make the list when half the clubs in our Canadian market are on the list for “best driver”

  9. Do you care that your grammar is lousy? There are two errors in the introduction alone. I know that some people may not care, but if you are working towards being a legitimate publication (which I honestly think you are) you should look into these corrections.

    • David: just curious – what shaft did you decide to use with your D2? I see that three are offered at Golfsmith. Thanks.

    • I abhor my 910 D3…. way too light with the RIP….. but for a price of free it stayed in my bag for the year…. wedding gift. Selling it along with the 910F my buddy gave me with it.
      Wifey wasn’t happy since she didn’t get anything but, hey, she ‘got’ everything else!

  10. Sorry to see theTour Edge XCG6 got snubbed. I have hit em all on a launch monitor and I was sold on the TE. Although the R1 performed well also I preferred the softer feel and much better looking XCG6.

  11. I have hit all these and out of them, the Super LS is the biggest surprise to me. VST in a RBZ driver. But, one that is not on here that should be noteworthy is the Wilson D100 SuperLight. A Beast!

    Snapped the shaft of the G25 twice – Garbage IMO

    Cobra Amp Cell I was least impressed with

    The Covert was much better that the Covert Tour as far as feel and performance.

    With TM and Callaway, every year you get what you get. A cool name and some color.

    • There is no way that the Adams driver is a better then the cobra amp cell? The cobra is the most accurate driver that I have ever hit. I hit all but one fairway playing it today. Average drive about 270 with one at 320.

      I have hit all of the new callaways ( the fit extreme is very good). I did not like the x hot at all. All the new taylormades ( not much performance differences from last years drivers). None of these drivers perform on the range like the cobra amp cell. The key word is the range. Not a mat at dick’s sporting goods.

      The titleist d13 is the only other club that I hit that performed like the cobra amp cell. It is a joke that the d13 did not make this list. In my first three rounds I have played the cobra amp cell I have averaged four to 6 less strokes then my handie cap. I am currently a 13.

      • It’s all about the one “you got.” You were lucky to get a decent Cobra piece with a shaft that fit you. I bet I could give you 5 Cobra drivers, same shaft, loft and you would hit all of them different. You hit a demo good, buy the demo because you won’t hit the one you order the same 9 out of 10 times. This crap is made in Chinese factories by people making $2 a day, what would you expect.