Well, guys, I decided to go and try one of these Titleist 910h hybrids this past weekend. Went to the local shop and grabbed a demo 19* with the stock titleist ahina stiff. Took it to the course for 3 rounds this weekend. Here are my thoughts.

First, a little about me. I am a strong player, hovering around a 3 handicap at the moment. I’ll get up around an 8 hdcp in the fall and late summer, but my game is starting to come back into shape right now. I am a strong iron player, and am very good greenside. My putting is really coming around in the past year or so, as well. My main weakness is driving, though that seems to be improving, and my long approach game (long par 3s, attacking par 5s).

I am a HORRIBLE hybrid player. I am a digger by nature, and rely heavily on proper turf interaction with all of the clubs in my bag except the driver (which SHOULDN’T be interacting with the turf). I play all of my irons 1-2* upright, and I believe the upright lie angle is the real obstacle to me playing hybrids properly. They are all too flat, and all seem to twist in my hand when I impact the turf. The results have always been squirt draws that start way right and finish a little less way right, with unpredictable distances. Completely unplayable shot pattern for me, so I play 2 irons and knock down 3 woods from 205 and out, which frankly is not conducive to great long-game scoring.

Until now…..

The Club: 19* Titleist 910 h with Stock “Made for Titleist” Ahina (stiff).

Looks: The 910h is a very sharp looking club at address and in the bag. The all black finish hides the size, which appears to be a little bulkier than most of the players hybrids on the market, and significantly larger than the more recent Adams players hybrids that have come to market. Almost a slim, pear shaped profile at address. Fairway wood users will feel immediately comfortable. Those who prefer smaller hybrids may need some time to adjust. I personally found the size and the shape to be very appealing.

Performance: In a word, astounding. The adjustable technology was a huge plus for me in that it gave me the ability to adjust the lie angle. I cranked the lie angle of the demo club up the full 1.5* with the standard loft angle, and let her rip. Let me just say that I simply could not miss the center of the club face. Shot after shot after shot was hit dead on the screws right where I was aiming. I guess this is what people mean when they say hybrids are easy to hit! The lie angle was absolutely perfect, giving me none of the twisting and bouncing to which I have grown accustomed from most hybrids. For the most part, I took little or no turf, when I did, I was rewarded with a gentle divot, a little higher ball flight, and otherwise the same shot shape and distance. Did I mention that it was long? With the 19, I was getting 225-230 yards all day long. Any miss was just a very slight pull draw. We’re talking edge of the green type stuff from 220+ yards away. With my history with hybrids, I kept waiting for this thing to rear its ugly head, but it simply never did so. After 15-20 swings on course, I was absolutely sold on this thing.

As for the shaft, let me say that I had some reservations about the “made for” Ahina stiff. I have played the titleist “made for” offerings in the past, and had no doubt it would be a quality shaft. I have the extra stiff version in my 910D3 driver, and am getting along beautifully with it. My concern, really, was whether the stiff would stand up to my swing. I play x-stiff in every club in the bag, including the irons and wedges, and rarely find stiff flexes playable due to spin issues. This is particularly true in the hybrids, woods, and drivers, but there were no extra stiff demo shafts available, so I went with it. The shaft is solid as a rock! I’d like to try an extra stiff, but can play the stiff flex all day long. I was so impressed with the ahina hybrid shaft, in fact, that I went back to the shop after my morning round and took out a demo 910fd/ahina stiff and a stiff driver shaft, thinking perhaps that my driver and 3 wood play might also benefit from the stiff flex versions of this shaft. Sadly, those shafts were unplayable for me, but the hybrid is straight money – very playable, very user friendly.

Let me conclude by saying that I went to the shop that evening and purchased a 17* 910h/Ahina to replace my fw from the fairway, and have since purchased a matching 21* for long par 3s. I played the 17* on Sunday, with the lie cranked all the way upright, and the loft cranked as low as it would go (16.25* I believe) in an effort to turn it into a long hitting, par five killing, machine. I was every bit as impressed with it as I was the 19*. I rarely attack par 5s from anything over 215, as I simply do not have the fire power in the irons, nor the confidence in my previous hybrids and fw from the turf. I got off a nice drive on the first par five, and left myself 248 to a back pin placement. I hit two shots at it with the 17*, both carried onto the back of the green and finished behind the green with relatively simple eagle chips. Both shots had identical high trajectories with a tight little baby draw. Both were caught dead on the screws and covered in excess of 250 yards start to finish. I am fairly confident in saying that both shots were longer than any 3 wood I have ever hit off the deck. I am very anxious to try the 21* on some of the long, 200+ yard par 3s on my home course. If it is as user friendly as the 17 and 19, I can see picking up a stroke or two a round with these clubs due to the inevitable improvement of my long game. I’ll definitely keep you all posted.

As for the old classics, let me just say that I put a set of MP14s in the bag this weekend. I have been playing relatively well with my irons (Scratch SB-1s), but have been having some hand and elbow problems that I attribute to the KBS x shafts. I picked up a set of MP14s with dgx100s as an inexpensive experiment, and was absolutely blown away. I have never been able to use mizuno irons due to my digging tendencies, but these were fantastic through the turf. The feel was better than any iron I have played previously, and the traditional lofts gave such a great high, penetrating trajectory through the entire bag. I am absolutely smitten with these things, and can definitely see why they are considered classics by the blade using community.

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  1. Thanks for the review.
    I am a blade player 20yrs. I have had a shot with most out there. I am looking for some hybrids to replace my 3i & possibly 4 i. I am down to Titleist for the adjust-ability, and Tour Edge Exotics for the forgiveness of the cup face/heal toe weighting. (please comment).
    I am glad you have found some good blades. Just to mention my new Adams MB blades with tour issue Dynamic Gold S400 shafts are the best blades EVER!!!
    The low weight plugs CG reduce the harsh impact and the ball is ‘gone’ in a nice high Traj…landing to a dead stop. They fly through the turf like its not there, and are DEADLY accurate!
    These are Sooo good I pulled my wife’s A Flex 5i shaft out of her AP1’s and let her demo the club. She is nailing it. So off I build a A flex graphite set for her. These are better than my ’99 Ben Hogan Apex Blades, Mp33, 59, 30, 69, 63 & 690’s.
    P.S Dont get too stiff shafts in them :)

  2. Well done. Stock stiff Ahina is money. 19*, loft up 1.5* to 20.5*, lie in the B4 position, .75 flat ala Adam Scott. I tried the stock Kaili shaft out of curiosity. Just didn’t have the smoothness and balance. Getting 3 wood distance. Just hit the 913 D2 9.5 in the B2 shaft position with the Diamana + White 72 x stiff shaft. Best driver I’ve hit. They have made subtle improvements from my 910 D2 and D3. I use the ADDI 6s and Rip’d NV 65s in the 910’s. The D+ 72x is surprisingly easy to hit for someone used to stiff. I ordered a D+ 62 X White at 67 grams to try out in my 910’s and at $119 shipped a killer deal. November 19 delivery date. My 2 cents.

  3. Thanks for the review. I have just placed an order for a 910H 19degrees Reg ilima shaft. I’m not a long hitter and i can hit approx 170yds with my Callaway Big Bertha 24 degrees hybrid. I hope I could reach 190yds with the new club.

  4. Bought the 27 degree and it’s really difficult to hit a “bad” shot with this club. I had been having trouble with my 4-5 iron shots so switched to this hybrid and still have the older TaylorMade Rescue 25 degree which I still love. I needed a club to carry 170 with a full swing. Half-swings or 3/4 swings for me don’t work out so well (except for wedges).

    The look of the 910H is very similar to the TaylorMade which I like since TM is going to the Rocketbalz nonsense which I don’t or can’t hit very well.

  5. hi there,

    thanks for the great write up. im in the market for a hybrid myself and im about to buy the 910H. i also use x-stiff shafts on all my clubs, so i wanted to know if you bought yours in stiff or x-stiff. it would be great if you could give me your thoughts on them.