I’ll start off my review by saying I didn’t have a chance to try or demo every other new 3 wood before I purchased my 910f, i’m kind of a ho, but I feel like once you find a solid three wood you should stick with it. I played the same 980f for several years before making the jump. The 980f I owned was the ‘strong’ 15* version which was the deep faced version of the series and it was very solid off the tee, but not so much off a tight light or many lies from the fairway for that matter when you play the ball down. So I have been ho’ing shallow faced fairways on and off over the years looking for a good mix of performance and playability just because. With no luck until now.

So on to the broken down review..

Doesn’t look like a Titleist which is nice to me for once with the stealthy pvd black on black finish. Compact yet confidence inspiring at address and has a shinier then usual dci logo as an alignment marker instead of the raised satin steel. Also, the surefit tip is hidden very well in that it’s really not noticeable, looks business as usual at address and frames the ball nicely with the black face.

This is and always will be subjective so I’ll just say that it is solid, but has more of a metallic (crisp?) feel and sound than I like or am used to. Not a deal breaker at all. Just took me a little by surprise. Still feels great when you catch one on the screws and provides plenty of feedback.


Probably the most important factor when considering a new club is how it performs and what you want it for. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be very playable from the tee after using a little deeper faced 3 wood for so long, but was surprised that it was as deep (longer) and playable (more forgiving). I’m not long off the tee, but there’s several par 4’s at my local courses that pulling driver in is a no go for me and the 910f filled a spot in the bag being playable from the fairway and tee. Did I mention that it was hot? WOW

If you’re on the fence go demo. I originally got mine with the 75S MFT Kaili and it was great, felt super smooth and had a nice flight, but it tended to go a little left for me, which is my usual miss. So I got a PX 7c3 to try and combat it along with the B1 setting and picked up 10-12 yards and a more consistent mid flight. WIN WIN.

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  1. Just bought a 15* 910 fd to replace a well used 909 f. Launch fits me a bit better and I loved the feel more so than other manufactures I had tossed into the mix. Of course this is all based on simulator feedback and will remain that way until the weather here settles down a bit.

  2. I am a huge Titleist fan but their fairway woods just dont do it for me. This one is a tough club to hit (not over swing) and while it may be the right 3wood for you, I found it too hard to control. It is beautiful though.