Pros: Consistent launch and carry on strikes anywhere on the club’s large sweet spot, particularly those low on the face. Impressive distance for a driver with this level of forgiveness. Sleek, subtle look and an attractive $299 price point.

Cons: No moveable weights and limited shaft offerings. It’s also difficult to work the ball and keep ball flight down. Those who liked TaylorMade’s matte white crowns or the R1’s racing stripe may not like the more traditional, glossy gray crown.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a forgiving driver this year, JetSpeed is a good place to start. It offers the spin and forgiveness many golfers need to hit consistently long drives.


The addition of TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket technology to its JetSpeed driver promotes lower-spinning, higher-launching shots than its predecessor, the RBZ Stage 2 driver. The Speed Pocket also dramatically improves performance on shots struck lower in the face, where, according to TaylorMade, most driver mis-hits occur.

With the JetSpeed woods in general, and the driver in particular, TaylorMade continues the theme of a low, forward CG. Given the more forward CG, many players will need to “loft-up” to optimize ball flight. Fortunately, the JetSpeed driver has a 3-degree range of adjustability, up or down 1.5 degrees from the printed loft in 0.5-degree increments.


The JetSpeed is long and light (46 inches with a 299-gram total weight), and the stock Matrix Velox T 49 shaft weighs just 50 grams. The driver’s head measures 460 cubic centimeters, and it is available in lofts of 8, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees and retails for $299. The TP version includes a more robust Matrix Velox ST 60 shaft and sells for $399.

JetSpeed Driver Specs


It’s been clear since the JetSpeed’s release that it is a complement to TaylorMade’s 2014 driver line, not something that is meant to better the company’s low-spinning SLDR and SLDR 430 drivers. With this in mind, the JetSpeed driver is intended to be more forgiving and higher spinning than each of the SLDR drivers.


In testing the 9.5 degree Jet Speed driver, with an average club head speed of 107 mph, ball speed was 155 mph. Average spin was 2600 rpm, with a launch angle of 13.6 degrees for an average carry distance of 265 yards, which are slightly better numbers for me than with last year’s R1 and RBZ Stage 2.

The touted forgiveness on shots hit low on the face isn’t off base, either. The traditional low-launching, high-spinning shot golfers expect from that type of strike is replaced with a slightly higher-flying, mid-spinning shot. On shots hit on the center of the face, distance was about what could be expected from a more forgiving club, although roll out was generally above average.

As found in our review of the R1, as well as our assessment of the SLDR, loft needed to be increased by 0.5 degrees in comparison to other models to make up for the lower spin rate.

Shots hit off the heel or toe of the club weren’t dealt the same degree of forgiveness as those struck low on the face, as both loss of distance and penal hook/slice spin resulted. It seems with the forward CG, TaylorMade has sacrificed performance on shots struck on the heel or toe of the club for better performance on shots struck in the center of the face.

Looks and Feel


Visually, the crown of the JetSpeed driver is somewhat reminiscent of the 2007 TaylorMade Burner, and the dark gray/black coloration is certainly a significant departure from the white heads of last year’s RBZ Stage 2 and R1 models.

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 8.11.50 PM

The sole of the club—with its flowing triangular design—is reminiscent of something aeronautical, and it looks sleek and fast. The club face itself is shallower than TaylorMade’s recent offerings in order to lower the club’s CG. That makes the club look and feel fast, although perhaps I’ve been conditioned to think this way by TaylorMade’s relentless marketing efforts. One of the coolest angles to view the JetSpeed driver from is from the side; the club looks like it’s moving through a wind tunnel.

As for feel, the polymer slot dampened vibration on off-center hits, particularly on the heel and toe where hits sounded much quieter and flatter. Feel on shots struck on the hyped “25 percent larger” sweet spot was percussive, loud and somewhat high-pitched and metallic. The 46-inch shaft felt long and light as advertised, but it was a little flimsier than most stock stiff driver shafts.

The Takeaway


If you’re interested in a TaylorMade driver and don’t need the adjustability or spin-killing ability of the of the SLDR, consider the JetSpeed a way to save $100.

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  1. i got the tm driver for my birthday and i have never hit the ball better . im only fifteen and i can hit it upwards of 290 i can usally only hit 210 with my old callaway so i give it five stars .

  2. Not sure what went wrong with your Jet Speed driver… I just purchased one 2x months ago and the hype is there as advertised. In the past I have used Callaways, Titleist and Pings (all great clubs BTW), but during the last 2 yrs I went back to Taylormade. With the jetspeed, I find myself hitting more draws, and higher loft with standard 10.5 degree R-flex. I actually had to lower it to about 9.0. Overall, its a great long (I get approx between 280-295 yards) and forgiving driver!

  3. Picked up a tour issue 10.5 head and paired it with Speeder 757. Absolute bombs. High, straight and longer than anything I have hit including a previously owned SLDR and BB Alpha. The Jetspeed is a well kept secret that got lost in the SLDR buzz

  4. Just bought this driver, since it’s $199 now and put it in play after one trip to the range. Had an R9 460 that I loved for a few years but it started having squirrelly flight and my pops was outhitting me and I could not let that continue, haha. picked up the stock, 10.5 with the 49g matrix stiff shaft and played for the first time with it through 18 and have never driven the ball better. i found i had to up the loft to the highest setting, which I guess would be around 12. I gained 15 yards average on every drive that I hit. Nice high draws with good roll out. Drove it distance where i’ve never hit the ball to and had to club down a club and half or so on most of my approaches. I’m a little guy but I can hit it far and I hit two drives right up against 300 yards, which is insane. the R9 usually got about 275-285 with roll when I tag it. The club looks great, very, very light however so if you’re not into that, maybe try another shaft. i’d recommend it to anybody looking to just simply upgrade with a minimum hit to the wallet.

  5. Went from 10.5 2012 TM Burner to 13 HL Jetspeed driver as I am seem to deloft every club in the bag. I gained some more hight on the drive and gained about 15 yds total, I am happy, I use the crazy Graves (Moe Norman) single plain swing and this has really helped get my driver into the air and out farther in the fairway…PS, I am over 60 and found the single plain swing a miricle worker…

  6. I was lucky enough to receive the Jetspeed driver,fairway and Rescue for free. I was hitting a fixed 10.5 RBZ with R Flex shaft and was averaging 18-200 yards. I have Progressive-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. With the Jetspeed driver, my average drive jumped to 200-220. After about a month of practice, my average is 220-240 and climbing. I’m starting to see drives in the 270-280yard range now. This driver is no gimmick. It truly does what it claims. I play with healthy people and I am becoming the consistent Long Driver in the group. Say what you will but Taylormade makes great products. I use some second hand Burner Irons with Graphite R Flex shafts and I can out distance any of my group, club for club. My 8 iron is 130 yards. My 9 is 115, PW IS 100, SW is 85-90. My Rescue 4 is 210, 5 is 160-170, 6 is 150, 7 is 140. I can,t wait to get my hands on the Speedblade Irons and see the results of those irons since I’m getting these results from an old, second hand, beat up set of Burner Irons. Haters will always hate. You don,t have to like the driver or even the brand. You can go with something else, but you would be selling yourself short to not even give the clubs a chance. I started playing golf in January of 2014. I went from shooting 100+ to low 80’s. My handicap went from 22 to16 in a month. I plan on being in single digits in a couple more months. As I get better, the TAYLORMADE CLUBS are starting to do what they were designed to do…give me an edge.

    • I just bought the jetspeed driver and read your comment dated June 6. Congratulations for all the efforts you are makin
      g to improvre your game and overcame your ilness. A good example to follow. I hope the driver will be as usefull for me as it was for you.
      The best
      Fernando Landaburu-
      Buenos Aires

    • Whoa, in less than 6 months, went from over 100 to low 80’s? That is great! I am a healthy 54 , I started golfing in 2013 (3 seasons), and I just broke 100 last year. I am getting better every season though and only recently upgraded from a Top Flite starter set to Rocketballz irons, Jetspeed driver and Jetspeed 3-wood, so that can’t hurt :). My best drives with the Jetspeed are just over 250, my iron shots with the old set were about what yours are, the RBZ’s are definitely longer, haven’t really dialed in the distances yet. Anyway I am planning to get a Jetspeed hybrid to go with my driver and 3-wood which I really like so far. Best of luck to you.

  7. Has anybody tried a Fubuki in a JetSpeed driver head and can offer some feedback on the performance of this combination? I’ve got a JetSpeed in transit and have a Fubuki Alpha 60g X-Flex and and Fubuki Stiff-Flex 53 x5ct (the one that is a standard option in the Cleveland Classix XL Custom driver) that I might try in the JetSpeed. Any help anyone can offer would be most appreciated. Cheers from Sydney, Australia.

  8. I used to love TaylorMade. In fact, I still hit TaylorMade TP Forged irons and wedges, which I absolutely Love. But now with all these gimmicky products they’re putting out, they are really tarnishing their name. You may not see it now, but you will. RocketBallz and Jetspeed are 2 prime examples. It’s like they are catering to the 20+ handicaps who know nothing about golf and just want something flashy. They never have good shaft options and they just seem to go for looks…Corny looks, might I ad. TaylorMade is becoming the Puma of drivers, and it’s a shame.

  9. Don’t be fooled by the jetspeed nonsense. I bought the club after fitting and was getting 245 yards carry and dead straight on a launch monitor. But i was swinging like a lunatic.
    2 sessions in the range and all i was doing was slicing slicing. I was convinced i had been sold a dud.
    Played on the course, again i was swinging like a lunatic and slicing. Had a couple of beeers and decided to slow it down a bit.
    On the back 9 i hit 4 drives between 30-50 yards further than my very very best drives, with a Taylormade R7, a driver i have used for years and was very confortable with, except my ball flight was too high. My jetspeed is 9.5 stiif shaft I have it set on 11, the ball flight is lowish, with a hint of draw / hook but it will roll for ever after landing.
    Very nice club but don’t believe the crap about “jetspeed ” increased swing speed /ball speed. Like all golf clubs a slow pure strike if far superior to a fast clumsy strike.
    To sum up hit it well and it is a lovely driver , hit it poorly and you will not go as far as you 3 iron

    • Why were you swinging like a lunatic? The jetspeed marketing doesn’t mention that you can go up there and swing beyond your ability. It means the club promotes a lighter feel so your normal swing may see increased swing speeds. Go swing any driver like a lunatic and you’ll probably see your same swing faults to promote a slice.

  10. Hey guys, hope everyone is having fun bashing a good driver lol

    I have spent 4-5 hours at PGA tour super store, dicks, and my local driving range hitting drivers recently. Today I was hitting the SLDR against my driver **I currently hit a an old school Great Big Bertha II 9 degree with stiff shaft because I don’t like the feel of most of these newer drivers.

    Anyways, I was hitting my driver vs SLDR and was getting same results with each… If I hit pure, would carry 250ish, if I misfit I either lost 20-30 yards short, or occassionaly sliced the heck out of it, or came over the top and hit it dead straight 50 yards left of aim..

    The Pro then brought out the Jetspeed with 49g shaft at 10.5 degrees. .. I mishit a few and hit a few good ones trying to get used to it… After that I started hitting it high and straight… Consistently… Was carrying it as far as my best hits with SLDR and my Bertha… And when I hit it pure, I out drove those clubs by 20-30 yards. (Was carrying further than the others were rolling.

    Maybe I just warmed up really good after the first 85 balls, or this driver is a good driver… Personally i tnink its the latter… I went back and forth between them and the Jetspeed was much more consistent for me. High ball flight, not much fade or draw, no real slice or hook, no dead left hits (all after the first few to get used to it lol)

    Last time I went to Dicks, Ball Speed on SLDR was 140-144 avg with a few from 147-148…. This club def felt faster on my swing even tho I was swinging easier and smoother.

    My $.02

  11. Bash tmag all you want. The fact is they sell drivers because they perform. The R5 did, the r7 did, the super quad was amazing. The tour burner did, the r9 did, the r11 was the # 1 selling driver of all time. The r11s did, the RBZ 1.0 and 2.0 did, the r1 performed, the SLDR is killing it. Bash all you want while Mr. king laughs all the way to the bank. TMAG is doing something right!

  12. OK, I am 64, hit my R11 with a 50 gram shaft TM sent me for free. Swing speed is around 90, not a lot of roll. Good launch Angeles and can go low on 6000 yd courses as evidenced by a 4.3 (winter) hdcp index. Ave drive around 200 TDs. Looking for 225 and working with my pro to use my body more. Interested in the Jet Speed. Tried the SLDR, carried 160 with spin of 800 rpm, just fell out of the sky. Looking for serious thoughts from you. Will be trying Jetspeed at Superstore in Kennesaw next week. Your thoughts.

      • Today I tested the SLDR and Jetspeed After hitting the R11 since last March. Taylor made had sent me a 50 gram shaft in June and my swing speed increased about 3MPH, spin dropped from 3900 to 3700 while my launch remained around 17*. when I tried the Sldr, R and M shaft, we adjusted to get a nice 15* launch angle but the spin was below 800 . Ball started on a nice trajectory but just dropped out of the sky. The Jetspeed gave amazing results at my lower swing speed. Club head speed +5mph, 2600 rpm spin rate, launched at 15.5 degrees average, slight draw (maybe 6 yds), able to hit a slight fade so I could control the ball flight on demand. I picked up more than 12 -15 yatds on average and the feel, sound and appearance were very good, soul satisfying.

        Final choice was HL model, 49 gram Matrix shaft, M flex and std face angle. Course is now 210 yds shorter after drives (14holes@ 15 yds). Average drive went from 210 to almost 225 with approx 20 yard wide target area hit on 13 of 15 shots.misses were tolerable.

        I will call my contact at TM to share stats. With us baby boomers becoming seniors, there is a targeted market with certain needs.

  13. If tracking all claims on new drivers in terms of added yardage per each innovation launched surely I should be hitting 500 yard drives…of course I am? All very confusing but I got fitted for an i 20 driver and routiney hit the middle of the fairway on long drives so won’t be changing this for a while. That said, the 3 wood in jetspeed is impressive and did surpass my existing i 20 equivalent comfortably.

  14. As it gets harder to eek out yardage with limits on club tech, I appreciate the fact that manufacturers are doing research to continue the effort. I don’t have the ability to purchase everything that comes out, but testing new product is always enjoyable. The thing Taylormade has going for them is a willingness to be innovative and take risks. Haters will be haters though…

  15. Taylormade’s “Evidence” is not accurate and never really has been. from the 17 yards RBZ to the 27 yards stage 2. Taylormade will always have to include fine print and lots of it when they have adverts.

  16. Taylormade has really revolutionized golf equipment as we see it with this ground-breaking driver that is JETSPEED! Thank you Taylormade, another great product from Golf’s leading equipment company!!!

      • No he isn’t, but smart enough to know a good club when he see’s one. Unlike some who let their prejudices keep them from playing the best.TMAG is the leader, there is a reason for that.

    • They are the leading equipment company simply because they advertise far more than anyone else. Taylormade hasn’t done anything innovative this year. Mizuno had SLDR technology back when the Burner was popular and we all know that didn’t work too well. The Jetspeed is just an SLDR with no sliding weight in the bottom. Real original Taylormade.

  17. Why does Taylormade seem to invoke this marmite response. I will buy clubs form any company that produces a decent product. I had an R11, which was a really great club, I tried the r11s which was far to similar for me to be worth buying. The r1 and RBZ just looked ugly so I didn’t try them. I would potentially buy the sldr as it looks good, however I am currently using a Adams low spin driver, and I am not sure the sldr will be any better.
    This looks quite descent although a bit too much like the the burner drivers for my liking. I could never get on with them.

  18. I’m not going to bash TM, It’s my fault for not being able to keep up and buy a new model every 3 months. I need to get with the program and realioze that the R11, R11s, R1,Rocketballz and Slider are now obsolete and I must get the JetSpeed. All this adjustability and customization is all wrong for me, I get it. I just need to bite the bullet and do the right thing and get the JetSpeed. TaylorMade I never doubted your infinite wisdom, you lead I will follow. Can’t wait to see the new model that I’m going to get in March.

  19. I just tried the Jetspeed out at my local Dick’s on the simulator. I compared it to the original Xhot, both 9.5, both stiff shafts. The Xhot on average was 12 yards longer and much straighter that the Jetspeed for me.

  20. So basically with next few years with TaylorMade’s claim of higher launch and less spin, we should get a 90 degree launch vertically up in the air with 0 spin. lol