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Moving from blades to P790s…Lazy? Will my scores go down? – GolfWRXers discuss



In our forums, our members have been reacting to a topic surrounding moving away from blade irons. WRXer ‘TGolfer66’ kicks off the thread, saying:

“After trying a buddy’s P790s, I’m thinking of moving from Mizuno blades to P790s. I have plenty of distance and still play decent (4ish hcp), so I figure why not make golf easier? Am I just being lazy, or are others doing this?”

And our members have been responding in their numbers.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • mudmarlin: “I bet his scores do go down. You barely miss the sweet spot with a blade your short of the green, with a more forgiving club your on and putting for birdie. As soon as I went back to my 63s, my scores went down a few strokes. Easier to make birdies when you’re putting instead of chipping.”
  • tets: “I also think scores won’t improve. People who say mis-hits will end up way short, but that may be short of the deep bunker green side, where the forgiving club is plugged under the lip. I’m thinking of going the opposite way. I’m a +1 and got a set of Mizuno Pro 225s, thinking I can use the help. I’ve played a couple of times with them now, and I miss the thin sole of blades. Stay tuned; they may be on the BST forum soon.”
  • MtlJeff: “It depends on the type, of course, you play IMO. As a 4 you are probably a decent striker. If you’re hitting a lot of 4 and 5 irons, I could see new irons making a difference. If you’re mostly hitting 7-PW it likely won’t change much.”
  • lefthack: “Play what you enjoy hitting. That’s really all that matters.”

Entire Thread: “‘Moving from blades to P790’s…Lazy? Will my scores go down?’ – GolfWRXers discuss

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  72. Barry Rohland

    Mar 23, 2022 at 4:29 am

    I’m now 60 and changed from my blade I3 ping irons to ping 700 Irons. Found the short irons have less distance, and have gained distance with the long irons. My dispersion with the short irons has improved. I’m very pleased.

  73. The Goyim Know

    Mar 22, 2022 at 10:55 am

    It has been proven time and again that when you go from blades to game enhancement irons, you WILL be on the tour within 6 months. Now go out and buy up those clubs folks. Do it. NOW!!!!!

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Spotted: Chris Kirk’s Callaway Opus wedges



Gear junkies have been waiting patiently for Callaway to release new wedges. We may have gotten a sneak peek at what’s coming after seeing something new in Chris Kirk’s bag at the 2024 Charles Schwab Challenge. Spotted were a few different wedges, but the Callaway Opus caught our eye.

The term opus can mean, “any artistic work, especially one on a large scale. With iconic wedge designer Roger Cleveland now working with Terra Forza golf, could this have been his last creation for Callaway?

We don’t have any official word from Callaway on these wedges, but the main focal point seems to be the extra mass in the center of the club. This added material could be used to adjust the center of gravity on the wedge in order for it to launch and spin a specific way. It can also be used to enhance the feel and sound of the club with more material behind the impact location.

The shaping of the head looks to be a little more on the rounded side compared to the current Jaws Raw wedges. The topline on the wedge looks to be fairly thin and the leading edge is pretty straight with just a little bit of a radius to it. The color looks to be an antique brown and it will be interesting to see if that is a plating on the club or some kind of oilcan finish that will wear away and rust.

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Callaway launches Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max driver



Give me a Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond driver but make it Max. Callaway engineers have taken the tour staple triple diamond head and boosted its size from 450 to 460cc’s. “By doing that we’ve created a more forgiving head while still keeping the same great shape that’s beloved on tour,” said Callaway’s advanced R&D manager Nick Yontz. The driver offers more spin than Triple Diamond standard — and thus more workability and forgiveness.

In contrast to the standard Triple Diamond, which features 14 and two-gram weights. The Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max is equipped with 10-gram and four-gram interchangeable weights, which contributes to greater overall stability. According to Callaway, the driver plays more neutral than the neutral-to-fade-bias Triple Diamond.

Comparison of the Triple Diamond and Triple Diamond Max faces.

Discussing testing on tour, Nick Yontz, advanced R&D manager, said:

“We first brought this head out for Tour testing in November last year. Players would step up and we had it matched up to their gamer driver specs. They would swing, and we saw consistently good ball flights – very stable. It was the word ‘stable’ that continued to be used by players.”

“They would continue to split the fairway and what that caused them to do was to start swinging faster. They had this excitement that, ‘This thing doesn’t go offline. I can keep swinging harder and harder and it maintains that straight flight’”

“We were seeing players. that would have small gains in ball speed from just the driver head alone, but then the swing speed would increase the more and more swings they made. By the end of it, they really saw meaningful gains in ball speed and distance.”

As a refresher on the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke driver family — which now includes Paradym Ai Smoke Max, Paradym Ai Smoke Max D, Paradym Smoke Max Fast, Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond, and Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max — check out our launch piece.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max: Pricing, specs, availability

Price: $599.99

Loft options: 9, 10.5 degrees

Stock shaft: Project X Denali Blue

At retail: June 7



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Photos from the 2024 Charles Schwab Challenge



GolfWRX is live this week at Colonial Country Club for the Charles Schwab Challenge.

Custom Camerons and some “super” new grips from SuperStroke are filling our galleries early in the week as well as WITBs — including the always interesting “Cashmere Keith” Mitchell.

Check out links to our photos below, which we’ll continue to update throughout the week.

And while you’re making your way through our photos, be sure to check out last year’s incredible gallery of prototype and personal Ben Hogan golf clubs.

General Albums

WITB Albums

Pullout Albums

See what GolfWRXers are saying in the forums.

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