EDITOR REVIEW : 2011/12 NIKE VR Pro Limited Edition 3 Wood 15 Degrees

Designed with our tour players to provide top-level performance on every shot in the arsenal. From shot-shaping, distance, green-seeking accuracy or consistent reliability, these are go-to clubs from the tee and the turf.

• Small compact head design
• Glued shaft design
• Open at address
• Nice swing weight with stock shaft offering (D3)
• Full face scoring lines
• Lack of alignment aid on crown
• Price
• Headcover is cool

• Stock grip seems skinny
• Designed for shaft ( Mitsubishi Ahina 75g)
• Being called a NIKE Homer

Above average fairway that is very playable from a variety of lies. However I did not find it head and shoulders above other fairway woods that I have played recently which include ; R11s, Superfast 2.0, F11 and Octane Tours. I got a little tiny bit of turf drag a couple times, but still managed to hit a couple shots 245 against the wind, which is fine by me. If you like a smallish traditionally shaped head, this one is worth having a look.



LOOKS ( 4.5 Stars)
What can I say? I am a sucker for old school. The head is stylish, compact and traditionally shaped all wrapped into one neat package. I love the full face scoring lines, the lack of an alignment aid and the nice slightly metallic flakey black paint job. From address the club is all business and that’s what I like.
Now on to the sole. Well who sees it anyhow, but yes VR Pro, LTD Edition, compression chamber, etc, etc..Lots to look at and read. The front toe has a nicely positioned NIKE swoosh which I am sure you will see on the slo-mo cams during PGA Tour 2012 coverage.

The Tee. I’ve never really struggled with 3 woods off the tee and this club is no different. Very good distance ( I hit some around 265-270ish)and control The slightly deep face makes it a breeze to just give it a rip with no worries.

The Turf. Honestly I’d like to hit it more off the turf before giving my final opinion but I’ve hit worse. As previously mentioned I had a touch of turf drag a couple times, even so I managed about 245y in a headwind which is more than acceptable for me.

Direction. I generally don’t worry about working the ball off the turf, but off the tee I was able to hit the draw and a slight fade when I needed too. The draw was a little easier to hit because I don’t think the shaft was as stiff as I usually prefer.
Forgiveness. I tried to look at the face after every strike to more of less see where I was hitting it. I never really was too far off center, but impact on the toe side gave me a predictable draw and the one time I stuck it towards the heel produced that 245y I mentioned earlier, so it’s not too shabby.

Ball flight. I’ll start with that I have been searching for a 3w I can hit with nice high trajectory; well in short I am still searching. I have only hit the REAL Ahina previously in a driver and the ballflight was low, I believe this “Designed for Ahina” is still a high kickpoint shaft and the ballflight reflects those shaft specifications. Spin wise the Ahina shaft is low spin be judging the roll out I was getting off the tee.

FEEL ( 3.5 stars )
So much of feel for me is attached to the sound and this club does not disappoint in that regard. It’s not loud, it’s not overly muted..Just very very solid sounding. The ball shots off the face and you know instantly where you hit it. Definitely one of the better feeling and sounding fairway woods I’ve hit in recent memory.

Now on to the shaft, the club comes stock with a designed by Ahina in stiff @ 75g. Honestly I felt the shaft was on the weak side of the stiff rating and also felt despite the middle weight status of the shaft, I did lose track of it during the backswing sometimes. However in my opinion it does play to the low launch and low spin characteristics of the real Ahina and if the flex ratings work for you, it should be a solid performer.

OVERALL (4 stars)
Despite my overall dislike for the stock stiff shaft offering, this fairway wood has a lot of positives about it. Looks and feel are top notch, forgiveness is excellent and distance and workability are also well above average. At roughly $230 dollars I believe this club to be an excellent all around bargain. People have different needs from a 3 wood and I personally prefer max carry with a little more spin, but for those looking to lower their trajectory and roll out , look no further.

An addendum to my review has to be my opinion of it with a shaft installed more to my specifications. The second day I put in a Graphite Design Tour AD DJ-8X in at 42.75 inches in final length and now it’s a changed club. Gone are my worries of low ball flight, lack of shaft feel during the swing and now the club would easily get 4.5 stars overall in my scoring.

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