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When he is not obsessing about his golf game, Kane heads up an innovation lab responsible for driving innovative digital product development for Fortune 500 companies. He is also the co-founder of RoundShout and creator of Ranger GPS, the free iOS GPS app for the driving range.

On a quest to become a scratch golfer, Kane writes about his progress (for better or worse) at and contributes golf technology-focused articles on


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  1. My observation is this. Club manufacturers put out new product on a regular basis always claiming improved performance. I can’t believe that technology moves so fast that I am going to be able to take an average of multiple strokes off my rounds just by upgrading clubs every couple years. Ultimately, it’s still me that has to hit the ball. Would a purchase like this (or any others new model) take me from my current handicap of four, down to one? I really doubt it.

  2. Just curious, did Honma give you these clubs in exchange for the review? If not, why would you pay that money for clubs before you test them out? Not criticizing, just want to know. I play the rsi 2s as well and hit it low (recovering sweeper). interesting to see how they compare.

    • Hi David – Yes Honma did provide the clubs for me to review, which is very typical. You’re right, it would (almost) never make sense to buy a new set of clubs without testing them first. I’ve swapped out the RSi2 for these already. Not sure if you’ll have the same impression, but I would definitely give them a hit when you’re testing new clubs.

  3. Not a very convincing review and the reason it lacks the most important thing, how do these compare to other forged offerings from Mizuno, Miura, BStone, etc…..
    The review keep driving the feel aspect of the clubs while not comparing to similar feel biased brands like Mizuno or Miura
    Like how is this set different than the JPX-900s, Z765, Z565 etc…

  4. What a silly club design only intended to suck in the sad geerheads. There is no relevant technology in these clubs that will improve performance. Clubheads are just pieced of dead metal that have little to no influence on swing performance or even ball flight. Only neurotics who fall in love with clubheads will claim fantastic performance by the clubhead. Sad.

    • You’re right. They moved most of their TW line outside Japan. Only clubs stamped with Made in Japan Sakata are still produced at that facility. The set I received was not so I didn’t focus on that aspect. They claim to use the same materials and have moved craftsmen from Japan to the new facilities to continue to provide the same level of quality. Whether that is true across the board or not we will wait and see.

      • If your clubs are not made in JAPAN ,they are HONMA by the name ,not by the quality .
        It’s like a TOYOTA not made in JAPAN .I have one which is 20 years old ,it runs like a Swiss Watch :nothing to do with the TOYOTA’s made outside of JAPAN .
        I know the JAPANESE manufacturing very well ,I was CEO of OTIS and SKF :the factories we had in JAPAN produced better products than those we had in USA or EUROPE .I have visited all the Toyota factories in JAPAN :what a difference with their German and US counterparts .
        Remember MITSUBISHI produced the ZERO fighter which outclassed every isngle US British or German fighter of the time !

        • Japanese quality = Dr. Deming + no obese factory workers + no unions.
          Golf club so-called ‘quality’ is well subordinate to golf swing ability.
          IOW…. ability > quality …. in golf performance.
          Just look at Bobby Jones swinging a hickory shafted primitive design clubhead and hitting whacky golf balls.

        • Well, at least irons like these don’t have mechanical or electronic parts to them, so I’m sure the quality is fine, being made in Taiwan as they are, like the rest of them in China. Not a big deal

  5. Thanks for the thorough review. I will argue that the feel isn’t there. I hit these up against the MP18 series, the Srixon 765, Bridgestone J15CB. Not even close as the Homna suffer a harder impact feeling. And with those blocky cavity design characteristics it better feel good or it’s got very little going for it.

      • Honestly such a true fact. I work in a golf shop and everyone has different opinions. I have had people say the M2 irons feel amazing. Kinda have to take a quick walk and have a laugh. Some people hate the feel of Mizuno. Personally I play Miura irons, which many people debate are the softest in the world. When I hit them they feel more “solid”. That may be what this guy is feeling. I feel like this is what this gentleman is feeling. It is a soft feel once you get used to it but it does feel solid.

  6. They look great, and as much as I hate beating a dead horse, those lofts are insane, and unless there is a mechanical issue in the tester’s swing, which I’m guessing there’s not, then that 9i isn’t spinning nearly enough. With lofts this strong, the clubs will legitimately become less accurate.

  7. Pitching wedge way too strong and a 3 iron that is probably close to un-hittable at 19*. Cost is listed as a Con, but this model is only $10 per club more than Titleist AP1s, a cast club. Titleist AP2s, which are forged also are listed at $185 per club on Titleist’s website.
    My usual tirade;when are manufacturers and players going to come to their senses. Irons are for accuracy, not distance. As lofts continue to get stronger how many gap wedges are going to be needed? Also, as gaps between clubs get smaller (2*), why do we need to carry a full complement of clubs?

    • Hey Anders – The 3 iron felt great and these numbers are based on solid shots. Sadly, my long iron swings with any club end up with narrower gapping than they should on average. Its a limitation of my own swing and not the clubs and something I’m working on.

        • Your point is spot on. Usually it wouldn’t make sense. I will likely not keep the 3i in the bag, at 19º in a smaller package and with less distance than I hit a hybrid, it doesn’t make sense for me. This review was about the set as a whole though. I’ve actually tried clubs designed for higher launch and haven’t found one that fit my eye or game. Probably because I’ve dealt with a lower trajectory for so long. These fit nicely with similar on course performance, but better feel, so they’ll go in the bag for now.

  8. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than spam/troll these forums with your nonsense?
    You must have a word-of-the-month calendar, and for September it was “infantile”.
    If you don’t like the price of the clubs, then don’t buy them and get on with your life.