We spotted Graphite Design’s new Tour AD IZ shaft being tested on the range at the Dell Technologies Championship. Graphite Design has shared the following information about the shaft, which will be available October 2.

Like Graphite Design’s legendary Tour AD DI shaft, the Tour AD IZ is designed to promote a higher launch angle and lower spin rate. IZ stands for “Into the Zone,” and the new shaft will be available in five weights (40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 grams) and five flexes (R1, R2, R, SR, and X).


Construction-wise, the Tour AD IZ is made from 50-ton, aerospace-quality graphite. It also uses Torayca T1100 G pre-preg with “Nanoalloy,” which is incorporated into the tip-section of the shaft to promote increased stability. The stronger, lighter-weight material eliminates the need to use additional graphite material to stiffen the tip section, which promotes a better feel. The shaft will carry an MSRP of $500.

Profile and Specs

Click to enlarge.
  • IZ-4: Soft Tip Section, Medium Mid-Section, Medium Butt Section
  • IZ-5, IZ-6, IZ-7, IZ-8: Firm + Tip Section, Medium Tip Section, Firm Butt Section

Comparison Chart


Graphics provided by Pro’s Choice. You can learn more about the Tour AD IZ from Pro’s Choice Golf Shafts.

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  1. I like the comparison chart at the bottom of the article.
    I just wish that there was something that tells you which profile would be most suitable for various types of swing styles/tempos….

    • It’s hard to recommend a shaft without seeing someones swing, and the way their swing affects a shaft, and the way the shaft affects the swing.

      Everyone is so different that it’s hard to recommend “blindly”, but in everything I’ve tested and researched I’ve found that for myself and my swing profile (Medium-quick tempo, fast transition, mid-late release) that the first part of a shaft I look for is the butt stiffness. If the butt is too soft, then I lose track of the club in my swing, and it affects my release of the club. Tip stiffness is what I look at for launch and spin rates, and mid-shaft profile can make up for one of the other two, depending on the other portions profiles. That obviously wasn’t a scientific explanation, but if you look at your swing, and the way you load the club, and what you’re looking for in terms of launch and spin profile, you can make a closer guess on what might fit you best.

      As far as this shaft goes, it’s reminiscent of the AD-MJ, which is a great shaft.