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TaylorMade did the smartest thing possible by not trying to reinvent the wheel. With the R11 being one of the the most successful drivers in the history of golf they decided to do the best thing possible, make it better. I’m a firm believer in the motto “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” and TM did just that. They took the R11 and improved upon it by making minor tweaks to increase both distance and accuracy. Good news for us average joe’s, they suceeded as the R11S is a homerun and yes it’s better then the R11.

The white paint seems to have become a love it or hate it topic. If you want traditional black this obviously isn’t the stick for you. Another con is something that I see as a postive but not everyone will, adjustability. You have a lot of options with this driver and that could overwhelm some players.

Bottom Line:
TaylorMade took an already successful driver and made minor tweaks that will give you more foregiveness and a tad more ball speed. You also have the infamous white paint that looks great when lined up behind the golf ball. Now is it enough for you to upgrade? Read below and be the judge for yourself.


When it comes to looks, TaylorMade has it down. The shape of the crown along with the white matte finish looks great behind the ball. Something else that often gets overlooked are the graphics on the crown. They actually frame the ball nicely giving you confidence when facing that narrow par 4. I also want to point out the improvements to the sole of the club. The matte black looks great and really stands out when compared to the previous version. Now the sole of a driver doesn’t matter much on the course but when it’s sitting on the rack it definately stands out. TM is king in this department.

The R11S really shines here. The R11 was one of the best drivers I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning so I was skeptical about the R11S being a rebadged R11. In fact I even tried to dethrown my R11 this year by trying the new offerings from Callaway and Ping. What I accomplished was further cementing my R11’s spot in the bag so in my mind I was all set! Well next thing I know I was asked to try out the R11S and naturally I said yes. As of now I’ve played 3 rounds and 5 range sessions with the R11S and I am extremely happy. There is a noticeable difference in forgivenss on off center hits. Even when struck on the heel which is my miss the ball still goes. Trajectory is outstanding in fact my R11 is 8* and theR11S is 10.5 and i’m extremely glad I got the 10.5. Right now I’m playing it at 10* and Trajectory is perfect and I’ve gained an average of 8yds!!!!!!! while eliminating the left side with the ahina 63x which is a stellar shaft.

To confirm my on the course experience I stopped into a GG on my lunch break to jump on the LM (guys there are great and let me do whatever i want) and numbers showed it averaged about 300rpm’s less spin then my R11 8*!!! Ball speed increased on average of 1-2mph. Again the best part about this is ball speed is MUCH more consistent across the face then my R11. I used impact tape to confirm my mishits and it allowed me to really see the true beauty of this club. Taylormade made real world improvements with the R11S while maintaining everything I like about the orginaal R11. WELL DONE!!!!

Great sounding driver which most TM drivers are. Sounds and feels the same as my R11 which I personally like. No tings and not muted more of an in between sound. Very pleasant. One thing I did noticed is the 63g xflex shaft works really well with this head which is surprising as I’m usually a 75-76g xflex guy. Tried with a 70g shaft and the club feels a bit heavy. I”m going to mess around with the weights to see if that makes a difference but I don’t want to touch the spin as it’s perfect. We’ll see.

It has everything you would want in a driver. Great shape, a lot of forgiveness, and TONS of adjustability to fit virtually anyone. Combine that will the ability to swap shafts on a whim and what you have is a real winner. A quick tip is go higher in loft then what you normally play. I’ve found the lower spin does lower trajectory some which again is why I’m really glad I got a 10.5 (i’m usually a 8-9* guy. All in all have to say I didn’t think it would take the place of my original R11 but it did. My R11 now sits shaftless in my golf workshop collecting dust while the R11S is dropping mid to high flat BOMBS. Those other drivers are all sold at this point and the R11 is now the backup. If you are on the fence about upgrading your previous driver whether it’s an R11 or not give this driver a shot it surprised me as usually a larger head means more spin. Not in this case. TM somehow got around it and gives us more room for error while lowering our spin rates. Kudos to them.


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2012 TaylorMade Golf R11 S Driver Video Review with Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade’s director of product creation (metal woods)


Additional information:

The new R11S is bigger, faster, more tunable and longer than the original R11 driver. A 460cc matte-white finish head is powered by a new 5-sided ASP plate, new 1.5º FCT sleeve and movable weights. With 3D Tuning, you can independently tune loft, face angle and flight path your swing.

Adjust the loft up or down (±1.5 degrees) with Flight Control Technology (FCT)
Adjust the face to one of five angels (±3 degrees) with Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) Technology
Adjust the center of gravity toward the heel or toe with Movable Weight Technology (MWT)
Maximum-sized 460cc titanium head with Thick-Thin Crown design for lower CG
Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) promotes more ball speed on off-center hits
White crown and black face makes alignment easy and eliminates glare on top

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  1. Recently purchased this club used at golfsmith, I got it in 10.5 and the regular tp shaft, that shaft was far better than the standard shaft model I also tried, it kept the ball flight lower and I had more consistent carry and control. I never knew how much the right shaft could do, my swing speed is 93-95 with the driver. I also tried the R-1 as well just went with the R11s due to sound and feel. This is by far the most consistent driver I have owned, no need to replace it for some time

  2. The R11s is a very good driver in my opinion with all the technology I have been gaining yards just by changing some settings so I would say to everyone looking for a new driver they should get this one

  3. Now you know this is the real deal. The R11 for some of my friends is still their favorite. I personally prefer the R11 S. They cant get to understand the difference. Definitely what I expected from TaylorMade.

  4. R11S ( great ) it replaced a callaway FT3 10.5 driver.

    I featured in the prizes first day out with a very pleasing 38pts .

    I feel very comfortable using the R11S.


  5. R11s is the best driver on the market. I traded my rbz driver in for the r11s and i hit the r11s so much straighter and about 8-10 yards further than my rbz. R11s is the real deal. Just like the rbz 3 wood that club is also worth th money and hype love them both.

  6. I love the driver but have one issue with the adjustable sole plate. Played 30 games with it so far.
    When using wooden tees, if the tee broke at impact sometimes the bottom of the broken tee or a chunk of it became lodged in the gap between impact side of the sole plate and the driver. Because the plate is made of such light material, the face of the plate on the impact side would be dented inward and then more and more debris would get lodged in it. I have had the plate replaced once but it continues to happen. I had my swing analyzed by a Talormade rep to make sure it wasn’t something that I was causing. I have to replace the plate yet again. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this?