Pros: Callaway’s uDesign allows consumers to create custom color combinations on the sole and crown of the Razr FIT Xtreme driver. It also adds the ability to choose custom grips and shafts, as well as personalized engravings on the sole.

Cons: Razr Fit Xtreme fairway woods can not be customized to match your driver.

The Takeaway: The Razr Fit Xtreme is a front runner for the best driver of the 2013. Adding this customization platform makes it even better. This is a victory for equipment gear heads.


Callaway uDesign Platform gives golfers the ability to design their own Razr Fit Xtreme driver. It’s about time a company takes the initiative to allow golfers to pick not just one, but a variety of color options, grips, shafts and personalized engraving to create a driver that is truly their own.

uDesign features an innovative and easy-to-use online interface (click here to check it out) that allows more than 70,000 unique versions of the award-winning RAZR Fit Driver, giving golfers the ability to express their individualism on the course like never before. 

The udesign by Callaway process begins with the selection of a right-handed or left-handed clubhead and a range of loft and color choices. After making a color selection, advanced customization options detailing the choice of stock or after-market shaft, its flex, length, grip model and wraps follow. When finished, each user can view multiple angles of their configuration and also send their unique Razr Fit design to friends and contacts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email through a dedicated share function.

Callaway’s Xtreme Razr Fit Driver has a retail price of $399 and the uDesign personalization and customization adds an additional fee of $50. Certain after-market shaft and grip choices may entail additional costs.


To design Callaway’s latest driver, the 2013 Razr Fit Xtreme, company engineers broke down the key ingredients of its most successful drivers models, realigning them with new technology that makes the Razr Fit Xtreme lower spinning, more forgiving and deliver more ball speed than its predecessor, the 2012 Razr Fit driver.

Click here for more discussion in the “Tour/Pre-release equipment” forum.

callaway udesign

The original FT9-TA was a development on tour back before the FT Tour driver came to retail. Even today you can look on eBay to see the 5 year old FT9-TA “tour authentic” sell for well over $700.00 each. These heads have recieved a cult following for the underground tour issue golf equipment crowd. Lessons learned have bleed into this 2013 Xtreme Driver. Sound and speed feel like a modern day FT9.

The Razr Fit Xtreme is also Callaway’s widest ranging driver offering according to Evan Gibbs, manager of performance analysis and club configuration for Callaway. This is because the lower-lofted Razr Fit Xtreme drivers (8.5 degrees, 9.5 degrees and 10.5 degrees) have different performance characteristics than the higher-lofted drivers (11.5 degrees and 13 degrees).

“We took a step back and looked at how each loft was going to be played,” Gibbs said. “We saw that better players wanted a smaller footprint and a more penetrating trajectory, while higher-handicappers wanted larger, more forgiving footprint and more spin for optimum distance.”

The lower-lofted Razr Fit Xtreme drivers are modeled after Callaway’s FT Tour drivers, which were extremely popular on the PGA Tour. While the Razr Fit found its way into the bags of many better players and tour players, Callaway received feedback that many preferred the lower-spinning FT Tour drivers to the higher-spinning Razr Fit.

In order to lower the spin rate of the Razr Fit Xtreme, Callaway engineers needed to lower the driver’s center of gravity (CG), which they did by removing weight from the driver’s “Forged Composite” crown. Engineers also thinned the perimeter of the “Speed Frame Face” that was used on the Razr Fit driver. The thinner face, combined with Callaway’s updated “VFT” and “Hyperbolic Face Technology,” adds more speed to mishits according to Gibbs. The face also has more curvature than in previous Callaway drivers, which helps straighten out off-center strikes.

The weight saved from the face (about 3 grams) was moved to more optimal positions such as the rear toe section of the sole, where it deepens the center of gravity and makes the Razr Fit Xtreme’s adjustable weights more symmetrical, adding stability to the head.

These changes have resulted in more distance and less spin for Callaway Staffers like Luke List, who led all tours in driving distance in 2012. Gibbs said that during testing List picked up 16.6 yards with the new driver compared to his Razr Fit, adding 0.6 mph of ball speed and reducing his spin rate by almost 500 rpms.

Like the Razr Fit, the Razr Fit Xtreme driver allows golfers to adjust the face angle to one of three settings: neutral, open and closed. But the lower-lofted and higher-lofted models have two very different appearances at address.

Check out the photos below of a “murdered” Udesign where we choose to go black on black with a black shaft also.

xtreme driver2Y9G45822Y9G45792Y9G4589

The lower-lofted models measure 440cc and have a 1-degree open face angle at the neutral setting. Changing the Opti-Fit Hosel to the open setting on these drivers will open the face another 1.5 degrees, resulting in a face that is 2.5 degrees open at address. If they are adjusted to the closed setting, the face will rest 0.5 degrees closed.

The higher-lofted drivers measure 460cc and are longer heel-to-toe than the lower-lofted versions. This places the sweetspot of the club closer to the hosel, which increases draw bias. The higher-lofted models also sit in a square position when set in neutral, meaning they can be adjusted to either 1.5 degrees open or closed.

On both the lower-lofted and higher lofted drivers, changing to the face angle will also change the loft of the club. The closed setting adds 1 degree of loft to the neutral setting (a 9.5-degree driver becomes a 10.5-degree) while the open setting subtracts 1 degree (a 9.5-degree driver becomes an 8.5-degree). According to Gibbs, Callaway’s testing showed that better players had a tendency to use the Opti-Fit Hosel to adjust loft, while higher handicap players used it to correct a hook or slice.


udesign specs

GolfWRX and Callaway Golf held a contest (located here) where we had members design their favorite combination of colors, shafts, grips and engravings. There were five winners and the 1st prize also won a signed Callaway staff bag. That winner was picked by PGA Tour player Tommy “Tow Gloves” Gainey pick the winner. Click here to see the original thread in the forums.

GolfWRX Giveway Video: See ‘Two Gloves’ Pick the Callaway Udesign Grand Prize! – Tour and Pre-Release Equipment – GolfWRX.

[youtube id=”B11nZUusDCU” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Below are some of the entries from our members. (located here) Inspired by their college, favorite school, sports team or other. Here are some options…


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  1. Just purchased the 440 with the stock stiff shaft, the ball jumps off the face and tends to hit it high, I am still tweeking it now, if you like the light feel you will love it, also seemed to be and inch longer than my R1 but if you like looking down at traditional clubs you will love this club. I havent played enough with it yet only two rounds to say if it is longer, very wet here, but I will say I am carrying the ball 10 more yards so it seems like I will be longer in the end .

    • Evan is lost. Every club manufacturer will have a color customization program soon. I have a Red Udesign and am certainly not a tool. See you down the middle Evan. Way to go Callaway.

  2. These drivers look unbelievably cool from Callaway. The different combinations of colours will take the driver market by storm I feel.

    I think it’s a great idea from Callaway which I have no doubt will now be copied from the other leading manufacturers.