FROM NIKE The Nike VR Pro Limited Forged driver utilizes a new Nike innovation, the NexCOR face technology. NexCOR face technology maximizes distance for the widest range of players through a new speed-expanding multi-face thickness design. The NexCOR infinity design creates a bridge for an ultra-thin, ultra-hot face and unmatched ball speed.

The sole of the Nike VR Pro Forged Driver features Nike’s recognizable variable Compression Channel technology. The Compression Channel extends the entire length of the sole and helps to increase speed at impact at more spots on the face, delivering greater distance on all the go-to shots athletes use to work the ball. The full-length Compression Channel combined with the variation in the thickness in specific locations, allows the consumer to generate more ball speed which translates to greater distance.

Built through a true four-piece forging process, the face, crown, sole and hosel are combined to mazimize the NexCOR face and center of gravity location for optimal distance and control.

The VR Pro Limited Edition driver was designed for the golfers who prefer a more traditional 430cc pear-shaped head, and who demand Tour-level performance.


PRO’S This one’s easy, the TRUE pear shape and size inspires confidence the moment you address this driver. Nike’s patented Compression Channel flat out works offering above average consistancy. The fit/finish deserves attention as its the best I’ve seen in 2011 by a decent margin.

CONS For some the lack of adjustability will be a drawback. I would recommend a traditional driver fitting paying close attention to the shaft choices and loft. I’m personally not a fan of Nike’s VR marketing campaign, you have the swoosh guys get over it! The symbol on the center of the club face doesn’t fit the drivers target market, keep it simple.

BOTTOM-LINE I’m admittedly bias towards the traditional brands and haven’t strayed to far away from the conservative norm. I’ve always taken the time however to fairly assess all brands and haven’t found a Nike product which appealed to my eye UNTIL NOW. The size, shape, forged feel and Compression Channel come together to produce a whopper of a stick that any club snob would be happy to own, well done Nike!

REVIEW First I would like to thank WRX for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to review Nikes new VR Pro Limited Edition Forged Driver. Getting right to it, the moment I removed this driver from the box I was struck by Nike’s attention to detail, from the paint to the headcover Nike stepped up to produce a product that even the most discreminating eye would enjoy. I hesitate to compare products to other manufacturers and prefer to review based on specific merits however it’s simply impossible not to see the similaries in feel, shape and size to classic Titleist drivers of the past as well as our Japanese counterpart Bridgestone Tourstage. Moving on to play, I’m a huge advocate of equipment fitting MY game and NOT the other way around so it only takes a few swings to know if a club fits my bill. First round out with the VR Pro Limited Editon I hit 13 of 15 fairways…OH YEAH she works. The combination of the compression chanel and four piece forging produce one of if not the most consistant drivers I’ve ever hit. For a product produced for the better athelete player I was pleasantly suprised to find no huge right side bias, the face is indeed open however I did not struggle turning it over or moving both ways. In my twisted mind this again seems to fall back on Nikes compression channel doing its job, good stuff Nike! Feel is incrediblity subjective however I highly doubt any player will find this driver tingy, too my senses it produced a nice solid thwack (if that’s a word!), again another feature geared to the die hard traditionalist. This driver lives up to its billing and produced above average results in feel, consistancy and distance.

LOOKS Top shelf! I’m totally impressed with Nikes attention to detail and I’m extremely picky about this category. Its my rationale that fit/finish correlate too a manufacturers intial design detail and overall quality of build.

PERFORMANCE/PLAYABILITY Above average distance and consistancy, Nikes compression channel really works! Driver indeed has an open face however it doe not struggle with the right side, nice job Nike!

FEEL Solid Thwack, not tingy. Extremely hot and responsive, I did not notice any tendencies or dead spots what so ever. Better players will welcome the sound, hard to beat the feel of a four piece forging in my humble opinion.

OVERALL The new Nike Pro Limited Edition Forged driver has it all, I simply could not find a single issue with perfomance. The look, shape and size inspire supreme confidence the established golfer will appreciate. Simply put, DO NOT purchase your next Tour caliber driver without giving this model a good workout.

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  1. hi people, i have tried ,owned and hit just about everything you can get your hands on short of the tour pro’s proto types that we never see, and that includes most shafts you can get your hands on as well,i bought this driver because of some reviews and went through some 12 shaft changes and was ready to throw it in the bin as a dud , i actually play to drivers , my relaxed gamer tietliest 910 d2 with miyaziki shaft and bomber absolute beast , nothing comes close not even house of forged with krank head turned out to be this driver nike vr pro tour limited edition, with new limited edition diamana x70 shaft, the last 3 games of golf i played i shot 3 to 4 , 300+ drives in each round , it is beyond words for me , now my ss is 115 to 125 off a launch monitor , this shaft in this head gives a low boring flight that just doesn’t seem to stop as far as you can see it , remarkable , this is driver love, r 11 is not driver love i gave mine away , no matter how hard i swing on it it wont stray and when you do hit it a little off , and it feels bad the results are no where near as bad as you thought it is a weapon, but it didnt come alive until i found a shaft to fuel its fire ,

  2. I am very picky when it comes to replacing my golf clubs. The club has to look right at address (the head shape, how the club sits on the ground, and face angle has alot to do with it), it as to have a nice balance throughout the swing and it has to have a nice solid crack when I hit the ball. I tried nearly every driver on the market over and over again and I wasnt truly satisfied with anything that I had hit – there was always something that I didnt like: the look at address, the feel in the swing, or the sound and feel at impact. I had avoided trying this driver due to a lot of poor reviews but one day I figured ‘why not’. When I first setup with this driver it felt very familiar to me. I loved the way the club looked at address and felt during the swing and I immediately fell in love with the sound it made at impact. It’s funny that the author of this review mentioned that it felt like the titleists of old because I grew up playing a 975D and later a 975J, and this club feels, looks, and sounds nearly the exact same as those clubs did which explains the familiarity. I ended up buying it on the spot. After spending a full season using it I can honestly say its one of the best drivers I have ever owned. I can easily turn the ball over both ways, it hits high and low drives with minor adjustments, I can dail it back to 280 and hit fairways with ease, and I can crank it up to 320 and blast away without much fear of the ball straying too far off line. It has been fantastic!

  3. Nike VR Pro limited Edition Driver is Awesome,great feel,nice sound,with a good swing, comes good distance. I usually play with a stiff shaft,but this year I switch 2 a x stiff, should have done that a long time ago,But grandma always had said u live u learn,Overall great Feel a since of Control and good Distance……..Thx Nike.

  4. VR LE replaced my 9064LS(Adams)..If you do not “need” many of the GI features on most of today’s drivers(even some Tour models,ie., head size), you owe it to yourself to hit this club..I consider myself a traditionalist(whatever the hell that is) & could never see myself hitting a Nike club, much less owning one…This club’s an exception..Simply put, it’s a BEAST!!…& I hear that the fairway metals are even better…Fairways & Greens 4ever…