One of the most popular and recognizable iron shafts in golf is True Temper’s Dynamic Gold, a 130-gram steel shaft that has been a staple in the bags of weekend golfers for decades. It continues to dominate shaft counts on the PGA Tour, and current users of the shaft include Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Patrick Reed and Tiger Woods.

As golf technology has progressed in recent years, however, golfers are finding that lighter-weight iron shafts can be beneficial to their games. True Temper has been a leader of the charge by creating lighter-weight alternatives to the Dynamic Gold line, most notably its XP 95, 105 and 115 shafts. But with their lighter weights, those shafts are generally higher spinning and higher launching. The same is true of the progressively weighted Dynamic Gold AMT shafts, which by design includes lighter-weight long and mid-iron shafts to help golfers hit higher shots with those clubs.

With its new Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue line of shafts, True Temper sought to create a lighter-weight version of the Dynamic Gold that offers the same tour-level performance. The shafts are 10-14 grams lighter than the original, but provide a very similar trajectory. In fact, True Temper says the Dynamic Gold 120’s are “slightly lower spinning.” That means that even with their lighter-weight design, they can hold up for the fastest swingers. The new shafts also offer the same balance point as the original Dynamic Gold, so swing weight will not be affected. For comparison, see the specifications of both shafts below.

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 and X100

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.58.04 AM

Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue S400 and X100

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.59.57 AM

The Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue shafts are available in two flexes: S400 and X100, and are available exclusively at True Temper Performance Fitting Centers.

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  1. I was on the verge of selling my Mizuno mp-25’s with kbs tour shafts when I came across these bad boys! Despite the feel of those KBS shafts, I generated to much spin with a ballooning effect on my shots. These new tour issue 120 are phenomenal!! Picked up 5-10 yards with a beautiful trajectory! Spend the money and game these shafts. They are as smooth as a KBS tour shaft with the lower spin of the dynamic gold s400 in a Project X weight! It just feels like a rocket coming off the face.

  2. Looks like they are just trying to copy what Nippon is doing now that they have started to gain some traction in the market place. Really original idea, but it will sell because it says True Temper.

      • Yes, I think referencing KBS would have been more accurate if this shaft was set to release a few years ago when KBS was first starting to make its mark. Although KBS does not compete with True Temper in market share, they have carved out its customer base and those numbers will not change much unless one of them do something groundbreaking. I think True Temper sees the traction Nippon is starting to gain in the mainstream marketplace as yet another company who can take market share.

  3. S400 and X100 TT DG shafts that will produce higher launch and more spin and a lighter weight steel shaft are going into my Miz musclebacks. You know what they say — “if you can’t get it up you can’t get it in”. I want the feel of tour-level performance in my clubs, that satisfying stiff feel.