By Richard A
GolfWRX Staff 7/2012

First off… for those that didn’t know- YOU CAN CUSTOM ORDER A VOKEY WEDGE!!! Here is a link to the Vokey Wedgeworks micro site where you can customize you own. Now this isn’t an advertisement. However this is an article to make golfers aware that we can get the same treatment that only tour pros could historically receive.

In the summer of 2010, launched WedgeWorks, which allowed the masses to purchase Vokey Tour Van Design (TVD) wedges directly from the source in Mr. Vokey’s facility in Carlsbad, Ca. Special grinds, exclusive finishes, limited releases Tour-issue heads and unique engraving became available to all golfers. WedgeWorks is unlike the Scotty Cameron custom shop, in that it is not just a place to send a club for reconditioning or customization, although those services are available too. Through WedgeWorks, is able to release many prototype and special edition wedges to the public, as well as exclusive models that cannot be purchased at most stores.

Click here to see more photo and read the discussion in the forums

Now here is the wedge I just received. This wedge is sick. TVD52 w/ Black Oxide, easyyy (my GolfWRX screen name) stamping, snow no fill. Also Vokey did a special touch for me and added “GolfWRX” on the shaft.

Better than that the finish started to wear like I wanted it to on the face and looks better used. I will add some pics next week. We did an article about the Vokey Wedgeworks were you can get this done for yourself. Click here to see the article. But we don’t hear that much about it on WRX.

I am surprised how many of my friends that are gear heads don’t know that Wedgeworks is available for them. I am thinking of getting a 56* now.

Click here to see more photo and read the discussion in the forums

I wish we could all design our favorite wedge and post pics here in this thread but it is to hard to do for many. I think you have to do a green dump to show the final pic of your design. Then attach the screen dump here.

Anyway I think Vokey did it right. Awesome service and this is not some info commercial. This is me being a equipment ho as I know how to do.

Click here to see an interview with Bob Vokey at the Vokey Factory

Click here to see the Vokey factory photo gallery

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  1. Hi all,
    I am pretty new to GolfWRX but I am loving what I am seeing. I am after a little advice, I was looking to purchase new wedges but I am undecided between sm4 and TVD. As I live in the UK I am unable to try the TVD wedges before I order them from BV USA. Any advice would be much appreciated. Which wedges spin the most? And does anybody know if you can order a different bounce than stated on the form? Many thanks Lewis

  2. Marty-Current Vokey Design wedges do not fetuare grooves that will conform with the new regulation, however, we will offer new wedges that do. Keep in mind, also, that unless you plan to qualify and/or compete in elite-level professional events (i.e., PGA Tour, U.S. Open) in 2010, your current wedges will be legal for play until 2014, and possibly until 2024 depending on the types of tournaments in which you compete.