Pros: Big forgiveness, low spin. The ball speed, launch angle and spin rate are very consistent, even on mishits.

Cons: Not as low spinning as leading drivers with low, forward CG designs. Golfers looking for a compact head shape won’t find it here.

Who’s it for? Those who need less spin or more fade bias than the G30 offers, or any high-spin golfer seeking the ultimate in consistency.

The Review

Ping’s G30 LS Tec driver is only slightly different than the company’s widely acclaimed G30 driver, but for the new driver’s target market – high-speed, high-spin golfers – it’s the little things that make the difference.

Ping’s G30 (left) and G30 LS Tec.

At address, the LS looks nearly identical to the G30. It’s the same size and shape, and has the same matte black crown and turbulators – six ridges on the front of the crown that help improve its aerodynamics.

“Under the hood,” so to speak, is where Ping made its changes.


The sole of the LS was shortened slightly from front to back, which moved the driver’s center of gravity (CG) lower and more toward the face. That’s the main reason the LS launches with about 350-to-400 rpm less spin than the G30, according to Ping, with a marginally lower launch angle as well.

The lower, more forward CG, combined with the driver’s 1-degree more opened face angle, also gives the driver slightly more fade bias than the G30.


Like the G30, the body of the LS is made of Ti 8-1-1 alloy. Its T9S face material is the same, but it has a bit rougher texture than the G30’s face.



So how do you know if you’re better off with the G30 or the LS?

  1. Try the G30 if you want to maximize distance and accuracy on shots hit across the face.
  2. If the G30 spins too much for you, or you want more fade bias, try the LS.

I played the G30 for about 10 rounds this summer – very happily, I must say – and was interested to see if I could get a few more yards from the lower-spin design of the LS. I’m also a good candidate for the LS — a high-spin player who’s willing to trade some consistency for the possibility that I can hit my best drives a little farther.

Three G30’s: Ping also makes a G30 SF Tec driver (right), which is designed for golfers who need help with their slice.

What stood out during my testing was how forgiving the LS was, even when I compared it to the freakishly forgiving G30. I hit both drivers on Trackman and saw only a slightly lower launch angle (less than 0.5 degrees) and about 350 rpm less spin with the LS.

Like the G30, Ping’s G30 LS Tec has the company’s new adjustable hosel with a 2-degree loft range and five different settings. 

On mishits, my ball speed rarely fell below my average and peaked 2 mph faster than I’d ever seen with the G30. The lower spin was giving me a little more carry and roll, and for that reason I was able to hit the LS about 10 yards farther than I’d ever hit my G30 on a Trackman.

What shaft? Most golfers who are a fit for the G30 LS Tec will prefer the company’s stiffer Tour 65 or Tour 80 shafts, which carry a $30 upcharge.

My results, however, are simply that – my results. If you’re a low-spin player or struggle to hit the sweetspot consistently, you’ll likely hit your longest drives with the G30. You probably won’t even want to consider the LS unless you’re looking for more fade bias.

The Takeaway


If you read our reviews, you know that we think the G30 was the best performing driver of 2014 (and possibly 2015).

Think of the LS as more of a fitting option within the G30 driver family instead of a completely different driver. It’s a needed extension of the G30 line for golfers who need less spin than the G30 can provide.

There are lower-spinning drivers than the LS, but none that offer the same level of consistency.


Lofts: 9 and 10.5 degrees (RH or LH)
Head Size: 460 cc
Shafts: Ping TFC 419D (45.75 inches — SR, R, S and X flexes), Ping Tour 65 (45.25 inches — R, S and X Flexes), Ping Tour 80 (45.25 inches — R, S and X Flexes)
Swing Weight: D3 (head weighs 206 grams)

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  1. Had to find this thread to leave review. In the last four years since my return to golf (8year layoff) 34 yo 5.2 hdcp 107 SS play a fade, I’ve gamed: Taylormade 09 Tour Burner, SLDR, SLDR-S, RBZ, Callaway Razr Fit, Razr Fit Tour Authentic, Razr Fit Xtreme, X Hot, X Hot Pro, Nike Covert, Ping Anser, I25, and G25. The LS Tec is hands down the best driver I’ve ever played. I always roll my eyes when I read things like, ” it just wants to go straight”. This is true of the LS Tec compared to what I’ve played in the passed. So easy to hit. It goes as far as my SLDR which was my longest club to date. But so forgiving it’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong this club doesn’t make the game easy, but it sure helps.

  2. Thanks for the great review. I just played my 9*LS Tec head to head against my 915 D3 this morning. I thought the PING was more forgiving and just as long, if not longer. Looks like my 915 will be up for sale. I was orgininally a little turned off by the turbulaters, but the sound and feel made up for it in my experience. Plus the results speak for themselves.

  3. There’s a fantastic new way to turn ANY 440cc or bigger driver into a high launch, low spin MONSTER. Hit the high center of the face with a positive angle of attack, BOOM baby. It’s gonna fly.

  4. I’ve had the LS for about a month. Amazingly long and even more so…. straight! With stock ping shaft offering it’s really not anything to talk about. The cheapest of them, like the blue shaft, it is very weak. I also hit the Tour 65 as well but just didn’t have the feel and pop I wanted. I went the distance buying several shafts from low, mid and high kick and from 57 to 72 grams. I settled on the lightest shaft, surprisingly, because I played a 74 gram shaft for many years. Also, very important is figuring out what setting to play this club at. I started with the 9*, then went up to 10 and the spin was way too much. I adjusted all the was to 8* with not much luck but the 8.5 setting, I never thought the lower setting would still launch the ball like this but with the shaft combo I found this is nothing but amazing. I hate to sound like a commercial but this is the longest straightest driver I have ever hit. I hit up on the ball just slightly so at the 8.5 setting the launch angle looks far more like the 9.5 setting I had on my ANSER with the Ahina shaft. The high launch low spin effect has made me a longer driver and straighter than ever after 30 years of golf at a low handicap. Almost impossible to hook but does have some workability too. I get noticeable yardage loss and more spin when I hit a fade but the high launch straight shot just towers, goes and runs out. Put the ball back a little and close the stance and a low powerful running draw can be achieved. Yes, it is a big ugly head but with the correct shaft it is a monster that puts out long drives and especially on mishits.

    G30 LS: 9* @ 8.5/FUBUKI Z 50 (57 GRAMS)/ 45.5

  5. Played the draw bias G30 last year and it hooked too much. The blue shaft sucked but I hit a few really long drives but only a few. I had to hold on to keep from hooking so I have the G30 now. If it hooks I’ll try the LS. Wish the head was 200 grams instead of 206. Still have my Rapture V2 diamana though. Awesome club

  6. I sent an e mail to ping and they said the G30 LS is not fade bias.Dont know where wrx got this information but if you right ping they will correct this for you.Also the tour shafts are made buy ust for ping and I have not found anything that is as good with the G30 LS head.

        • @theo. I mostly agree. 1* of face angle will have very little affect on directional bias. With that said, I don’t think any of us know the exact CG difference between the two heads. PING is most likely going to only describe the difference in layman’s terms. I suppose it’s possible to categorize both heads in the neutral category with the LS having a slightly more toe side CG. Depends on who you ask and what question you are asking.

          What we do know for sure is the CG is more forward. This creates more workability, less squaring effect, and less stability. It will be easier to hit fades with the LS because of this more forward CG, but it will also be easier to hit draws with it as well.

  7. Got fitted by a Ping rep at my club. Hitting real balls etc. According to the rep I was carrying the ball 20 yds further than I was with my old 909. No mention of different variations of the club etc. As far as I was aware I was getting a G30 with the 65gm tour silver shaft.
    The club duly arrived and it was a SF Tec 12 degree. I could only play a massive hook with this club. It feels like the balance is wrong and I keep flipping my hands or something. Also there is no sweet spot, when you hit this club anywhere on the face it feels the same. I’m back with the 909 and my pro is selling a cheap G30. I have also lost any faith in these company reps. I cannot understand the difference between the club I was demo-ing and the results I was getting compared to the piece of dog poo I bought and paid for.

  8. Ok, the Ping stock shafts are such worthless junk, and as the goober kieth mentioned, that ping stock shafts are really good, I just wanted to say this. No, sorry, the ping shaft is scrap and the upgrade of 30.00 for the “SO CALLED TOUR SHAFT” is just another way to make money.

    I will say this, the LS driver is very nice with a super solid feel and very long. A pretty low penetrating flight with the 9* set at 9.5* or 10*. I Just put in a UST V2, tipped .5″, and I think I gained at least 30 yards over that crappy blue shaft thing that comes stock.

    I have several shafts that are very good and went through them all. I have always like the UST V2 in fairway woods. I figured for the price I would try it and think it might be a done deal. I used an Aldila Ripd NV, NV, Ahina, Fubuki and now the V2. The Fubuki is a close second but a little higher flight.

    Anyway, ping stock shafts do suck!

  9. The Ahina shafts that came with the Anser were very good shafts. NO WAY do the stock shafts even compare to the junk that came after. If so why are the tour gnads not using them. I see a couple do but that’s likely just bs to promote those shafts. I have used Ping for years and always started out with the stock driver even irons and HAD TO RESHAFT because the stock shafts are absolute garbage!
    I see several ping staffers going back to older models, westworld g10, jason gore went back to the anser and some stayed or went back to g20. Hate to get screwed by these new spinney hacker clubs because some techie says they work better. And the new Ping shafts also stink with a lousy span of swing weights. The stock shaft is junk, upgrade for 30.00 and the swing weights are low 60 g’s and the next option is the high 70+ gram weights……. weird!

    • First day on the range with the new G30 LS-
      Coming off over 3 years of playing the ANSER I was skeptical. Still am. Not as low spin, or as sweet a sound as the Anser, but they are close. I went to the range with my new 9* G30 LS set @ 9.5. I realized the lower priced blue whatever stock shaft was a comedy act and the ball went nowhere, and I figured so , that’s why I didn’t upgrade to the higher end stock shaft that’s sucks. I installed a fubuki S 50 W/ 1″tip and Kaboom! Hit a few more w/ close to the same result. Screwed in my Diamana Ahina that came w/ my Anser. Not the same result as it’s tendency is a low flight, and it was, but w/ epic amounts of roll. The Ahina weight was noticeable w/ the G30’s heavier 206g head. I have never used a shaft as light as the Fubuki and am EXTREAMLY surprised how well it felt and performed.

      Played 18 holes today. I discovered that on the course, this is noticeably longer than my Anser. The other remarkable thing was the ability to work this both directions. I’m not sure that this is not a “new club fantasy” and only works for a round or 2…. so I do not have a sustained boner at this point. I have only found 2 that went onto my hands and were keepers immediately. The Ping Anser driver and my G25 3 wood w/ a UST shaft in it. I hope this is my next weapon for the next few years…… otherwise I’m back to Viagra!

  10. lee westwood one of the best golfers on the planet is still using a g10.So the latest and greatest gizmo driver isn t always the best but of course the oems wouldn t want you to know that or they wouldn t sell as much.

  11. I still play the anser/ahina combo and not changing until the head caves in or I find something better. I hit the g30 and it spun like a top and fell out of the sky! The mid/low roping flight of the anser is nice. Maybe the LS will have that flight but need the right shaft. Stay away from RD santa ana. Guaranteed the sales hack will not fit you correctly!

  12. […] Here is a sneak peak of the soon-to-be introduced Ping G30 LS (Low Spin). The Ping G30 was the best performing and best selling driver nationwide (and I also believe in Europe) for good reason – forgiveness & distance. Typically Ping would introduce the next I series of driver (I-30) as the I series is typically geared towards the lower handicap golfer looking for less spin. Well this time around Ping has decided to tweak the G-30 by introducing the low-spin version which will debut next week at the PGA show. From what I’ve seen it basically looks Identical to the G30 but under the hood it offers lower spin along with a lower more penetrating ball flight. I will post more information from the show next week.  Here is a link to Zak’s article on the G-30LS […]

    • yea yea yea i m hitting a i20 project x ..3 years old and today got to hit the g30 with tour ad shaft my i20 was longer each time.maybe could have been fitted better who knows .So those of you who are hitting their 2-3 year old drivers well dont worry too much of new snazzy drivers it really is hype.

      • The I series was made to spin less than the G series so its no surprise you were hitting it “longer” but I bet only by a few yards. Now the real story between the I and G series is forgiveness and accuracy (dispersion). I bet the dispersion was much better with the G series and off center hits were better. Thats the real difference, its not a matter of which does the best when we hit it on the screws, its a matter of forgiveness and dispersion. The same matters even to the pro’s.

  13. I like it for the “fade bias.” No comparison between the G30 and I25, I hit the G30 further with less effort and also carry it further. I’m gonna use my 90 day and get the new Ping when it comes out.

    WRX story in the future”
    Low spin is not the way, we want more spin. We have found through countless trackman and flightscope test that more carry is better. You want more spin so you can carry the lake or the bunker or the creek for God’s sake. Low spin is fine if your fairways are hard as a rock but do you think the fairways give a rat’s butt if your ball is spinning 2700 or 2400. This spin stuff is all marketing and yes, you can have too high spin but that is because of too much loft or way to soft a shaft. You get low enough loft or stiff enough shaft and even Bill O”Reilly couldn’t spin it.

    • Sorry, Bill O”Reilly can spin anything. He is the spin-master on all things the Dems try to accomplish. Back to Golf: Agreed we need spin, its finding that fine line for max carry with no ballooning.

      • Wrong, Bill O may be a arrogant dude with his opinion but he’s not a spinner. You want spin? Keep believing in the Dems. You’ll be lost forever. The truth is out there, you just can’t find it.

    • quick you should tell the long drive guys who want to spin it 1500rpm and launch it high that they should actually be launching it lower with 2700rpm.
      you sir, are a muppet i’m afraid.

    • Check out Rick Shiels youtube video on this driver. Not only did his spin drop by 3-400 RPMs versus the G30, his carry was 6 yards longer with the G30 LS Tec. So your contention that you need MORE spin is incorrect.

    • You want a driver that will not balloon on you and will take off at about a 45 degree angle and the less spin you have while doing this will give you the most distance. Just because you hit it high does not mean it will carry farther.

  14. Would love to see a head to head review of this and the i25. I would be interested in actual #’s like X number of rpms and X percentage of MOI differences. Even if minute, would be fun to know.

  15. 45.75! that’s hilarious. So a guy walks in who’s 5′ 4″, buys it, comes back and says “I keep chunking it” and has no idea why. So Ping will say “lets fit him for his wrists to floor” and cuts the thing by an inch. Is it the same club? Heck no! Now the swing weight is at C7. He says he can’t hit it it feels too light, shaft a bit stiff? Spraying it everywhere. Not forgiving at all! Are there any adjustable weights?

    • Get properly fit a qualified fitter.
      Those weights are available in a large variety of values.
      If you order a properly fit club the proper weight to achieve the swing weight of choice the proper weight is installed at the factory.
      Stop buying off the rack and then complaining when the club does b not feel right because some hack salesman cuts an inch so it “fits you”.

  16. I would love to see a side by side comparison to the the i25 and the ping anser (<- cause I own one). But I can't remember the last time I saw a side by side comparison because with wrx its all about every one being good.

    • I have had the anser, the anser is better if you hit it in the middle 95% of the time. The ping g30 is so forgiving and i feel it is just as long. I hit up on the ball so i get good spin numbers especially high on the face 1800 to 2200 range. My ss is 105-110 so i feel the turbulators have helped a touch also. I would rather be in a fairway then 10 yards longer in the rough. The g30 is so straight, i have had it in the bag since it came out, and i love to tinker. Go try it with some shafts that work for you, i think you will like it.

  17. My G30 driver is only a month old. I always thought the G range fit every golfer from bubba to club golfers. I would have waited for this low spin version if I knew it was coming out. I am disapointed.

    • I am a little disappointed also as I just got my G30 about a 2 months ago. But I do love my Driver and will just open the face and go from there. Can’t spend another $350!!! LOL!!!

        • Ping doesn’t sell golf products to make money. They sell them out of the benevolence of their souls to make the game a pure endeavor.

          This site cracks me up… Ping and Titleist can do no wrong, but TaylorMade and Callaway are literally the killers of the game all by themselves.

          Rapid product release cycles have REALLY killed Apple, Samsung, Amazon. Oh no wait, that’s right, they’ve fueled an innovation war that brings the best products to market and consumers get to choose! And those choices, gasp, could even include older models cascaded down the pricing pyramid! Lord, could you imagine making equipment affordable and accessible to the masses and maybe growing the game? God forbid…

    • PING has the best stock shaft offerings in the market. The same quality and R&D goes into their stock shafts as many 3rd party companies. All are specifically designed to very specific and high tolerances by either Aldila and UST. Also, no “made-for” shafts like other OEM products. Most people would be very surprised to see how much better a stock shaft is for their performance vs. some $300 shaft. But hey, at the end of the day, it’s your money and golf game.

      • that is LITERALLY the funniest joke I’ve read every day. Their shafts are the very definition of “made-for,” a shaft company makes them and prints PING on them. their stock shafts are no better than TM (horrible)

        • I think what he is trying to say is that the Ahina you got in your Anser driver is the same one you would buy directly from Mitsubushi whereas the one that comes in a 913 is not.

          I could be wrong though, that’s just how I read it.