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Backstory: About a month ago I got a set of Ping S56’s and have since fallen in love with them. Prior to this set of irons I had gamed Titleist AP2’s for two seasons, and though I was pleased with them, I was ready to switch things up a little bit. I was looking for an iron that provided a little more feedback and slightly less offset compared to the AP2’s, and the S56’s fit the bill very nicely. Needless to say, I am now a proud owner of what I think is one of the greatest sets of irons on the market.

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Pros: From address all I see are nice sharp lines that scream control and workability. The cavity has nothing “extra”, simply a player’s club. The sole is thin, there is little offset, and though they aren’t forged, the feel is still amazing. From a performance stand point I can work the ball well, high, low, left or right.

Cons:To be honest, it is difficult for me to find any cons to these clubs. The worst I can say about the club is that because they are a players club, there isn’t a ton of forgiveness to speak of. Certainly more forgiving than a typical muscle back, but if your swing is off, you will notice immediately.

I am in love with this set of irons, and they are most definitely going to be my gamers for the 2011 season. Being my first set of Ping irons, I am immensely impressed, and am currently looking for matching Tour S wedges. Their playability is so amazing, it would be foolish for anyone looking for a similar club to not try them out because they aren’t forged. Go try them out, you can thank me later!

The S56’s are real lookers in my eyes. The lines are classic and ideal to to look down upon from address. Nothing about them screams “flashy” or “tacky”, which I love, and are ultimately just a down to earth player’s club. Coming off an iron set that was polished on the heel/toe area, playing on a sunny day sometimes meant glare issues. That isn’t the case with the S56’s, and the tumbled finish also helps to define the position of the ball. Ping’s innovation in the S56 comes in the cavity, with a tuning port that helps control trajectory and tungsten in the toe to help with ball flight. Both of these amazing technologies are designed well in that they do not stand out at you in the form of plastic badges or bright letters. In short, these irons are all about one thing, and that is doing what they are supposed to do.

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Performance/Playability: My favorite part about these irons is easily the performance they allow for. The first time I hit them on the range I was able to work the ball right, left, up and down on command. The leading edge, though on the sharper side, allows for proper turf interaction while the bounce insures a sufficiently sized divot. I found myself over and over again hitting shots more solidly and consistently than ever before. I have always used to have a problem with my irons in that I would hit them a mile high, even though I have always used Dynamic Gold shafts (high kick point which implies I should be hitting them low). Well I was pleasantly surprised when I started hitting 3 iron bullets off the tee, controlled pitching wedges, and flighted 7 irons right at the flagstick. This has helped me not only gain a few more yards, but consistency coming into the green on approach shots. More greens = more birdie putts = lower scores.

As I have mentioned before, these clubs are cast instead of forged. They are also, however, my first set of Ping irons, so I had some misconceptions based on my prior experience with cast clubs. Usually once people go forged, they don’t go back. Well I am having NO regrets about changing to a cast club. These are as solid of an iron as I have ever hit. They aren’t “hard” nor “clicky”, just solid. They provide plenty of feedback as to where on the face I made contact, or if I caught the ball thin or fat. Each swing with these clubs just makes me want to hit them again and again, because who isn’t drawn back to the game after a purely struck iron?

Bottom Line: I am a converted Ping fan. These irons are marvelous and were exactly what I was looking for. They give me 100% control, feel good, and outright perform. Never before have I been so keen to hit a 3 iron off the tee on a short par 4 or been so confident over an approach shot. Time after time after time these clubs have done exactly what I want them to do and then some more. To top it off when I have a question I know that Ping has one of the best customer service departments in the industry, so if I ever have a problem, question, or concern I know I will be taken care of.

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  1. Just got my sr 56’s on Monday, it is now Thursday. I have always had Pings. eye 2’s then i3 Blades (dabbled with some Titleist forged for a moment) and then i15’s. I played with these twice since I got them. I decided to switch from the i15’s. I hover between a 5 and a 7 handicap and the i15’s were a wonderful club but sometimes a well struck 9 iron went 135 and sometimes it went 145 yards. That is a result of hitting that cavity back on the sweet spot. I was a bit reticent when I got the sr56 because although I am a low handicapper I am not confident with a forged club (ergo the dabble with the Titleists). The sr 56 are not forged but are as close as you can get and still have a cast club. I wasn’t sure that my mishits would be okay. Well I don’t want to be to euphoric over these clubs because I just got them, but they are the best clubs I have ever swung. They hit the ball like butter, mishits are not unforgiving. The smaller head compared to the i15 is a leap but now that I have these I can’t think that the i15’s are like tennis rackets . I do love the i 15 and they are a fabulous club, BUT if you are a single digit handicap you can dismiss the i15 and the i20’s and go straight to the sr 56. They are not a club that will intimidate you. They may look like a forged club, they do hit the ball like a forged club (butter) but they are not a clanging forged club. If Ping wants me to stand on a corner and speak the praises of this club, I would do so without reservation. My advice to any 5,6,7,8,9 handicap is to run as fast as you can to get a set. BUT THE BIG THING IS make sure you get the KBS Shaft, they are terrific with this club, a perfect fit.

  2. I just got these as my new irons and love them. I had Wilson Staff Tour blades way back, then started a journey of nonsense. I had Titleist DCIs, Many Wilson Ultra 45’s, Wishon 752tc, and then on to PING Eye2+. My latest was a BeCu version of the Eye2+ – loved the look of them but I could not figure out why everything was left and I could not stop it.

    I then thought I will get new irons and reduce the offset. I was going to go with the i20s and then looked at them and they had too much offset for me. So after I had ordered the i20’s I changed it to the S56’s.

    What a great change. The irons are not hard to hit and very solid. I have the CFS shafts and love them as well.

    Even on off center hits these are solid and pretty long versus a normal shot.

    Being able to work the ball is a nice feature of no offset as well. These are awesome irons and a nice update to my 70’s vintage Wilson Staff Tour Blades.