Golfers who use Ping irons can usually describe their equipment needs with a single letter.

“G” Series golfers, such as those who use Ping’s G25 irons, don’t mind larger-sized irons with more forgiveness that help them hit the ball higher and straighter. “S” Series golfers, such as those who use Ping’s S55 irons, prefer smaller-sized irons that offer more workability, versatility and a softer feel.

Somewhere in the middle falls the i-Series golfer, who needs more forgiveness than the S-Series irons can provide, but doesn’t want to play a set of irons as large the G-Series.

According to Marty Jertson, director of product development for Ping, the biggest challenge most golfers face is hitting their long irons high enough. That’s why Ping’s new i25 long irons are designed more like to the G-Series irons: they have longer blade lengths, wider soles and more offset, which helps golfers hit them higher, farther and closer to the target line on mishits. The irons also have thinner, more narrowly spaced stability bars in their cavities that make their faces livelier than their predecessors.

The short irons more closely resemble the S-Series irons, with shorter blade lengths and narrower soles for added versatility and less offset for more trajectory control. The stability bars in their cavities are thicker and wider-spaced, adding consistency and creating a softer feel at impact.


The most noticeable change between the new irons and their predecessors is their vertical Custom Tuning Port (CTP), an thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insert that is positioned much lower in the head, freeing up precious grams of discretionary weight that designers used to fine tune ball flight across the set. In the long irons, the weight was placed low and deep in the head, boosting ball speed by about 1 mph and lowering spin by about 100 rpms.

“Golfers will get more ball speed, more distance and more max height, especially from the 7 iron down,” Jertson said.

In the short irons, the weight was used to move the center of gravity lower and more forward, creating a flatter trajectory for better control.


The i25 irons are cast from 17-4 stainless steel and have Ping’s “Foggy Chrome” finish. They’re available in 3-9, PW, UW, SW and LW and come stock with Ping’s CFS shaft in Soft R, R, S and X flexes. The stock graphite shafts are Ping’s TFC 189i shaft, which is available in Soft R, R and S flexes.

The i25 irons will be available in mid-February for about $99 per club with steel, $125 with graphite.


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  1. Personally I love the looks of the i20 and even more so the i25, PING is and always will be one of the best at what they do….making golf clubs, if you don’t like them, don’t use them it’s that simple you trout mouths

  2. Anyone know how the CFS shaft compares to Steelfiber 80 or 95 – or the c-taper lite? Looking for a somewhat lite shaft with some shock absorption and a slightly lower launch. With the CFS stiff I was launching 7-iron at about 24* with 5500 avg. spin rate. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • That is exactly what I came up with last weekend. Some LA were just over 25*. It really concerned me, despite all the great things I have heard about the CFS. I am a low launch guy normally… Please let us know what you find if able.

    • I just went through a 2 month testing of irons. I am a 1.4 index, 62 year old, with a 95 mph driver SS. I hit various Mizuno models, the new Taylormade tour preferred models, 714’s, Titleist CB’s, the new Adams, all of the new Callaways (Apex, Apex Pro, X2Hot pro), the new Ping models (S55 and i25), the new Cobra’s (Bio+, last years AMP cell pro), etc.. I can’t think of anything from a major supplier that I didn’t hit, other than Wilson. I liked the i25 the most, and it wasn’t all that close. The i25s gave me a high penetrating flight that didn’t balloon, excellent distance, very smooth feel, and good forgiveness on off center strikes. The CFS shaft was OK, although I tended to hit the club left (my frequent miss, due to being a bit handsy). I hit the Aerotech i95, but found it feeling soft and mushy, and the ball did not carry well or fight the wind well. The fitter put me into the ZZ65, which he described as giving me the attributes of a DGS300, but with 109 grams instead of 130 grams (like in the DG). I found the ZZ65 to hit the ball plenty high, without ballooning, and the best distance of the bunch. The stiff tip also helped take some of the left out as well. I ordered the clubs the same day. If you don’t like the CFS, try the ZZ65 (which only comes in stiff). The second best club that I hit, by the way, was the Cobra AMP CELL PRO with a PXI 6.0.

      • Sean,

        I am a 50y/o 4.5 index looking at clubs now as well. I am a Mizuno fan and have MP-53’s (4-LW), Ping driver and 3-wood, Callaway 2-hybrid. Which Mizunos did you try and how did they compare to the Ping irons?


        • Sorry to be so tardy in responding. As I recall I hit the EZ forged and 825 Pro. I don’t recall the shafts that I hit in the 825P’s, but I think I hit the XP 105 in the EZ F’s. I recall thinking that the EZ Forged didn’t really feel all that good, and just didn’t feel very lively.

        • I should have added that I also hit the MP 59’s and I think that might be the best of the Mizuno family. I didn’t delve into the technology of the club, but the sweet spot feels a little springier and a little bigger as well. I know I hit the XP 105 Stiff in that club, but $$$ were a consideration.

  3. Placing my order for the I25’s tomorrow. Hope to have them with in the week being in AZ. Been playing the Adam’s CB1 for years and with age need a little more forgiving club. Will repost as soon as I’ve played them a few weeks.