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Best irons in golf of 2022: The shotmakers



A new set of irons is the single biggest investment you can make into your set of golf clubs. At GolfWRX, to determine the 2022 best irons, we have compiled an expert panel of fitters to help you find out which of 2022 irons is best for your game.

OEMs have again continued to push the engineering envelope of iron design by utilizing new technology and manufacturing methods to create clubs that offer forgiveness, along with faster, more consistent club faces and launch windows. We are also seeing more segmentation of models to help you determine your best set and/or set combination.

Ultimately the best way to find your personal iron set is to work with a professional fitter using a launch monitor. The difficult part is a lot of people don’t have easy access to fitters, launch monitors, and club builders—so at GolfWRX, we have done a lot of the work for you.

We are in the era of not just maximizing distance but also minimizing the penalty of common misses for each player—this applies to irons just as much as it does with any other club in the bag. This is why, now more than ever, custom fitting is essential to help you see results on every swing you make.

Join the discussion about best irons 2022 in the forums!

We want to give you the tools and information to go out and find what works best for you by offering recommendations for your individual iron set wants and needs with insight and feedback from the people who work every single day to help golfers get peak performance out of their equipment.

Best irons of 2022: How we did it

Before starting the process of building our best iron survey, we reached out to our trusted fitters to discuss how they sort through the endless number of iron options available to golfers. The consensus was clear—the best fitters in the world see all the options available in the marketplace, analyze their performance traits, and pull from that internal database of knowledge and experience like a supercomputer when they are working with a golfer.

It’s essentially a huge decision tree derived from experience and boiled down to a starting point of options—and it has nothing to do with a handicap!

Modern iron sets are designed into player categories that overlap the outdated “what’s your handicap?” model, and at GolfWRX we believe it was important to go beyond handicap and ask specific questions about the most crucial performance elements fitters are looking at to help golfers find the best set of irons for them. From overall performance to shotmaking, to helping players achieve better trajectories and speed, we strived to ask the right questions.

These are the best iron categories we have developed to help you the reader determine what rankings are most important for your swing and game.

Best irons of 2022: The categories

Best irons of 2022: Meet the fitters

Nick Sherburne: Founder, Club Champion
Clare Cornelius:
Fitter, Cool Clubs
Eric Johnson: Fitter, True Spec Golf
Shaun Fagan: Fitter, True Spec Golf
Kirk Oguri: PGA Professional/ Club Specialist, Pete’s Golf
Sue O’Connor: Fitter, Cool Clubs 
Scott Felix: Owner, Felix Club Works
Mark Knapp: Fitter, Carls Golfland
Ryan Johnson: Fitter, Carl’s Golfland
Eric Hensler:
Manager & Fitter, Miles of Golf
Brad Coffield: Fitter Carl’s Golfland
Nick Waterworth: Fitter,Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop
Scott Anderson: VP of Sales, Fitter, True Spec Golf
Matthew Sim: Director of Operations, Modern Golf
Shawn Zawodni: Fitter, Miles of Golf
Ben Giunta: Owner,The Tour Van
Matt Decker: Head Fitter and Builder, The Fitting Lab – Baltimore
Jason Bodey: Head Fitter and Builder, The Fitting Lab Pittsburgh
Bradley Harrelson: Fitter, 2nd Swing Golf
Alex Dice: Fitter, Carl’s Golfland
Matt Mora: Director of Club Fitting, Urban Golf Performance
Jordan Patrick: Fitter, True Spec Golf
Gus Alzate: Fitter, True Spec Golf
Carmen Corvino: Fitter, True Spec Golf
Blake Smith: Fitter, True Spec Golf
Marc Roybal: Fitter, True Spec Golf
Shaun Fagan: Fitter, True Spec Golf

2022 Best irons: The Shotmakers

Each one of these irons was designed with a single purpose: to provide the ultimate shotmaking weapon. You don’t have to be a tour player to appreciate the pleasure of hitting a well-struck shot with a club engineered to offer superior feedback. This category is all about control—and that doesn’t mean it “has to be a blade.”

Titleist T100

Their story: The “player’s iron” of the new T-Series family, the T100 iron features an all-new Tour-designed sole, which was inspired by discussions with both the tour staff and the Vokey wedge design team. It features a new variable bounce sole design, which provides less bounce in the heel and more bounce in the toe to facilitate better turf interaction and improved feel.

The new T100 face features a continuous cradle construction that aims to provide a seamless striking surface and a more uniform leading edge than its predecessor.

From the fitters

  • “The T100 and the T100S, for us, is impossible to keep in stock. We fit it a lot. It fits the category of probably 10 handicap or better, but great look, great feel, still forgiving, but lots of ball speed. I call it, it fits that country club golfer that’s probably 40-65 years old that’s a decent player. It’s a jack of all trades iron.”

For more photos/info, read our launch piece and check out this forum thread.

Callaway Apex TCB

Their story: Apex TCB Irons are precision-engineered for forged performance, shot-making, and control in a Tour-inspired forged 1025 players cavity back. It’s a classic compact look and spec package that’s suited for the best players.

From the fitters

  • “It shocked me with how much we’ve sold it, but it shouldn’t when I thought about it. I guess when I first got it I was like, ‘How forgiving is this going to be? How many people are going to fit into it?’ But honestly, instead of a scratch to low single digit, it’s pretty much a single digit golfer who doesn’t want a lot of offset, wants that solid premium forged feel, but still has some forgiveness, still has some ball speed. It nails it. I think it just fit more of a wide range than what we originally anticipated.”

For more photos/info check out this forum thread.

TaylorMade P7MC

Their story: To build the TaylorMade P7MC irons, the manufacturing process incorporates a 2,000-ton pressure forging to ensure the feel and sound is dialed in. This iron is all business, and anyone comparing this to the smaller P7MB (blade) will notice its slightly longer heel-to-toe length, and just a touch more offset which makes it a great candidate for gapping.

It offers a crisp feel at impact and the workability of a blade iron, but in a platform that still offers forgiveness on shots hit outside of the middle. Looks, feel, and workability—it’s all here.

From the fitters:

  • “It’s a great looking iron. Just a basic cavity, not a lot of bell and whistles in it, but that’s not what you’re necessarily looking for from that product….it’s more just putting confidence in the player that could potentially play blades but doesn’t have to.”

For more photos/info, read our launch piece.

Srixon ZX7

Their story: The Srixon ZX7 provides a compact squared-off blade profile with a thin topline to frame the ball and inspire confidence for those who prefer workability over maximum forgiveness. The “tour cavity” construction places mass where it’s needed for feel and acoustics while removing it from other places around the cavity to increase stability in the small forged cavity back.

The other piece of technology, which Srixon is using to maximize performance, is tungsten in the toe of the mid and long irons to condense more mass towards the toe for extra stability without having to extend the blade length. Using tungsten isn’t new, but when the goal is to minimize size while maximizing stability, it’s a complete necessity at this point, and Srixon does a great job utilizing it in the irons.

From the fitters:

  • “Srixon across the board, but really the ZX7, are very underrated. For an iron to look that good, feel that good, and perform so well is not that common. The ZX7 creates great ball speed and is one of the longer heads for the type of iron it is. Not every player is looking for that but if you can get a few extra yards, why not.”
  • “For the guy looking for a pure forged iron that’s still exceptionally forgiving, it’s a great, great iron.”

For more photos/info, read our launch piece.

Mizuno Pro 223

Their story: The Mizuno Pro 223 irons conceal a ball speed-enhancing construction within the frame of a compact players cavity. A completely new technology platform from 4-7 iron combines Mizuno’s tested Chromoly Forging and Flow Micro-Slot – An innovation designed to produce extreme ball speeds from a small tour-ready profile.

From the fitters:

  • “It’s Mizuno. They’re all about look, feel and sound, and they’ve nailed that for sure. That whole line is pretty impressive to be honest and we’ve done pretty well with it. Great look and feel and results.”

For more photos/info, read our launch piece.

Join the discussion about best irons 2022 in the forums!




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  1. Raidernut12345

    May 5, 2022 at 11:33 am

    And no PXG mentioned because fitters can’t fit them. THE most underrated players club is the PXG 0211 ST. I have played Wilson FG4, FG6 tours (used to be my holy grail), Srixon 302’s and the other holy Grail – Clevelend Tour. My 0211 ST blades beat out everyone of these irons listed above, Cause I hit ’em all while deciding… and $ 89 @ with MMT Graphite? You have money saved over for that T stamp XFlex Driver of Golfwrx classifieds you KNOW you can it 310 carry!! LMAO

  2. Eric Draven

    Apr 7, 2022 at 3:17 pm

    You got my boy Matt Mora mixed in with a bunch of theives and retards ?, but he’s a Muira & Mizzy Stan anyway. In reality the best iron head in 2022 is still the MP18 MB, it’ll be the best design for another 10 years.

  3. Mike Honcho

    Apr 7, 2022 at 12:18 am

    Having hit 3… P7mc is basic and not special at all. T100 isn’t a step up from previous generation and Srixon is a lateral at best from previous. Haven’t hit mizuno bc I don’t like their feel. I know weird. That leaves me with tcb. I like their look and shape, performance is as good as anything out there and the customization of the weight plate just makes sense. The issue with the tcb is the transition from hose to head called the par area. It could have been done better.

  4. Tom Kay

    Apr 6, 2022 at 8:35 pm

    Ping must have forgotten to pay off some of the fitters.

  5. Brian

    Apr 6, 2022 at 5:14 pm

    When input is taken from the “Home of the $1,000 Driver Fitting”, Club Champion, forgive me for taking this list with a grain of salt.

    • John

      Apr 7, 2022 at 1:16 pm

      Priceless! LOL

    • PJ

      Apr 9, 2022 at 10:43 am

      Yep you nailed it. I got a full bag fitting from them and the dude told me “I won’t charge you for the driver fitting”. I told him I paid for the FULL BAG fitting. He said “oh yeah I forgot. Well if you didn’t I wouldn’t charge you for the fitting”. I won’t ever go back there.

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Whats in the Bag

Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2022 (June)



Driver: Cobra King LTDx (7.5 degrees @5)
Shaft: LA Golf Tour AXS Blue 60 X (45.75 inches)

3-wood: Cobra Rad Speed Big Tour (9 degrees @10)
Shaft: LA Golf Tour AXS Blue (43 inches)

3-wood: Cobra King SpeedZone Tour (14 degrees)
Shaft: LA Golf BAD Prototype 85 TX (41 inches)

Irons: Cobra King One Length Utility (4, 5), Cobra King Tour MIM One Length (6-PW)
Shafts: LA Golf Rebar Proto (37.5 inches)

Wedges: Artisan Prototype (50 @47, 55 @53, 60 @58)
Shafts: LA Golf Rebar Proto shaft

Putter: SIK Pro C-Series Armlock/LA Golf Proto
Shaft: LA Golf C2L-180
Grip: JumboMax JumboFlat 17

Ball: Bridgestone Tour B X

Grips: JumboMax UltraLight XL

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TOUR REPORT: Bryson DeChambeau’s new “LA Golf” prototype putter, and Collin Morikawa makes a big change



Wow, what a week it’s been for golf equipment so far at the Memorial Tournament presented by Workday at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.

On Tuesday, Adam Scott surprisingly revealed mysterious new custom blade irons with his logo on them, and the Internet collectively went wild. What exactly are the irons, and who made them? Luckily, we spoke with Scott, who clarified everything we wanted to know.

Fellow Aussie Jason Day switched drivers, Carlos Ortiz explained why he continues to play irons from 2013, and we got a look at defending champion Patrick Cantlay’s current setup.

Also, if you like putter switches, this is your week.

Bryson DeChambeau, Collin Morikawa and Charles Howell III each put new putters into play. We also caught up with Brandt Snedeker, who switched out his $40 million-winning putter last week, and Jordan Spieth tested out two new custom Scotty Cameron putters ahead of the event.

Like I said, it was a busy week in the gear world.

Below, we cover the inside information on the noteworthy golf clubs and equipment from the Memorial Tournament. Enjoy this week’s Tour Report, and to see all of our photos from inside the ropes, click here.

Bryson DeChambeau’s new LA Golf putter

Long-hitting Bryson DeChambeau made his official return this week from an injury-induced hiatus. Ahead of the event, he tested out a number of LA Golf putters (which he confirmed are essentially identical to his previous SIK Golf putters) in a variety of different hosel lengths. He ended up switching into the putter pictured above on Thursday.

Not only did we take in-hand photos of his entire setup, but DeChambeau also went through his full WITB in the PGA Tour Twitter video below.

Also, check out his 5-degree Cobra King LTDx driver here. Yeah, 5 degrees.

Collin Morikawa switches to a mallet

Typically, you’ll find Morikawa rolling the rock with a TaylorMade TP Juno blade-style putter. After testing multiple mallet designs this week, though, Morikawa switched into a TaylorMade Spider GT Rollback mallet putter with a single short black alignment line on the crown.

Discussing the change with, Morikawa explained that he wanted his hands slightly higher at address, therefore going to a more upright 71-degree lie angle.

Carlos Ortiz speaks on the metal difference

Ortiz plays with a combo iron set, including Ping iBlade long irons (3-5 iron) and Ping S55 short irons (6-PW).

He’s not the only player on the PGA Tour still gaming the S55 irons, which were released to retail back in 2013; Bubba Watson and Matthew Fitzpatrick also still have the irons in their bags.

Curious to know why he personally hasn’t upgraded to new technology in the short irons, I spoke with Ortiz, who explained that it comes down to the metal.

“I think a lot of guys are still using them, like Bubba. The way they used to make the irons I think were better back then. The (iBlade) long irons, I think they can help you get them up in the air and everything, but the (S55) short irons, you don’t need help getting them up or longer or anything, you just need something reliable…”

“I think it’s the metal, it’s just more consistent. You might not hit it as high or as long, but you don’t need that with the short irons, and I think that’s why a lot of people haven’t really changed. I mean, obviously a lot of guys have used these ones to start, but there’s a big difference between these and the new material. They look exactly the same, it’s just the metal. It doesn’t make any difference. See, the metal they use is completely different…[the iBlade’s], you hit it higher, with less spin, and longer, but it’s not as reliable.”

Read the full story here.

Jason Day goes Stealth

Previously playing a 10.5-degree Ping G410 LST driver, Day had something different in play this week at the Memorial. After early week testing, Day switched into a 9-degree TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver equipped with a TPT 15 Lo shaft on Thursday.

Jason Day WITB 2022

Brandt Snedeker speaks on his $50 putter

I never thought I’d see the day that Brandt Snedeker would switch out of his longtime Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie putter. He’s historically been one of the best putters on Tour throughout his career, all while using his trusty Rossie.

Last week at the 2022 Charles Schwab Challenge, though, he finally benched it for a Odyssey White Hot XG #8 released in 2007. As he admitted, he’s been putting relatively poorly this year (currently 154th in Strokes Gained: Putting), so he wanted to go with something different.

Speaking with GolfWRX, Snedeker explained the entire backstory.

“It’s got the same insert that I always play, which to me is the most important thing. I’ve always dabbled with center-shafted putters at home. It helps me counteract what I do wrong in my stroke. A friend of mine at home has had this putter, and I’ve always grabbed it when I’m around him and hit a few putts with it.

“I’m like, ‘Can I just borrow this for a minute just to practice with it?’

“He said, ‘Absolutely, Sure.’

“That was like 4 or 5 years ago.

“So I’ve had it ever since then. I mess around with it every once in awhile. I’ve been putting terrible with it this year, so I brought it out to do some drills with it. I got my chalk line and it seems to be working. It kind of corrects a few faults and a few things I’ve been doing wrong. I can’t putt any worse than I’ve been putting this year, so I was like, ‘I’ll try it.’”

See more photos of the putter here.

Adam Scott goes deep on his custom Miura irons

Although Adam Scott has been using custom Titleist 681.AS irons throughout the year, he showed up on Tuesday with an entirely new set of mysterious custom irons with just his logo stamped on the back. As he revealed to GolfWRX, the irons were made by Miura to his exact preferences; he’s always opted for irons with more offset, higher toe sections and thin toplines, but he recently desired something with flatter soles that have less bounce than his previous models.

“Really it’s the sole design that’s the difference,” Scott told GolfWRX. “It’s just a little less bounce. They’re a little flatter and wider on the sole.

“My eye for a blade is very different than most of the stock blades that are being made by the companies today. I grew up with offset, which is almost a thing of the past. Even in larger headed irons these days, there’s little offset out here. But I like it, and it’s hard to find. Titleist made me an amazing set of 681.AS irons that had the offset and were pretty much like the clubs I were using (the Titleist 680 Forged). And this set was made with the idea of less bounce than those…

“I didn’t even ask really for them to stamp my logo on them, but they sent them, which is very cool. They probably knew if they stamped (my logo) on them I couldn’t resist. I got them out on the range pretty quick. They went from the box to the range in about 1.5 minutes.”

On Thursday, Scott officially switched into the new Miura irons.

On our most recent Two Guys Talking Golf podcast, Brian Knudson and myself discuss the Adam Scott Miura irons in-depth. Click here for the audio version of the podcast, and below is the YouTube version if you prefer to watch instead:

Check out our full story on the irons over at

Spieth tries out new Scotty Cameron putters

Spieth has used the same Scotty Cameron Circle T 009 putter for basically his entire career, and he’s had tremendous success with it both financially and in the win column.

On Tuesday, though, Spieth brought out two different options to test out, most notably including a Scotty Cameron Tour Only Teryllium TNP putter with a short flow neck. Being that his longtime gamer has a plumbers neck, seeing Spieth roll putts with a flow neck felt a bit odd.

As it turns out, though, the experiments were short-lived. Spieth had only his original 009 in the bag on Wednesday.

Maybe he just needed to scare his longtime putter into behaving better.

Check out more photos here.

Chucky 3 Sticks puts a new putter into play

Charles Howell III is tough to keep up with when it comes to putters. He tests new putters weekly, and he bounces between Newport styles and mallets. In a previous story on GolfWRX, I spoke with Howell III about his testing process and putter philosophies:

“So, for some reason I’ve putted my best historically with more of a Newport style putter with some amount of toe hang, but my eye always wants to go to a mallet putter,” Howell said. “It’s why we’re golfers I guess. We’re strange creatures.”

Ahead of the 2022 Memorial Tournament, I spotted Howell III testing out a L.A.B. Golf Mezz.1 putter. I asked him if he was going to put it in play this week. He said he was unsure, but he liked the technology and enjoyed practicing with it.

On Thursday, a photo on Getty Images confirmed that he did in fact end up switching into the putter. Will he keep it in play next week, or even next round? It’s always a toss up with Howell III. That’s why us gear heads love him.

And with that, we say goodbye to Jack’s Place in Dublin, Ohio. We will not be on grounds at the RBC Canadian Open next week, but I’ll try to provide as much gear news and insight as I can from off-site. The next event we’ll be at is the 2022 U.S. Open at Brookline right outside of Boston. See you then.

For all of our photos from the 2022 Memorial Tournament, click here!

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Giveaway, member testing roundup: Limited edition bag giveaway + more!



Our forum faithful are well acquainted with the incredible giveaways going on in the realm of threads and comments, but we want to make sure front page readers are able to get in on these unique opportunities.

Check out a roundup of our current giveaways and review opportunities below!

GIVEAWAY: NGBA/Golf Headquarters Limited Edition Golf Bag

GolfWRX and Golf Headquarters (powered by the NGBA) have teamed up for an awesome giveaway for our members. Together, we are giving away two limited-edition golf bags designed by Sun Mountain. These truly limited-edition bags will be available only in only select stores. The two winners will be able to pick either design, and if they want a stand bag or cart bag.

Enter here.

MEMBER TESTING: Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

We are looking for five GolfWRXers to test out the Cleveland Golf Launcher XL Driver. It’s called the Launcher XL Driver for a reason. Mainly because it’s really big and so is the sweet spot. That makes it extremely forgiving. Apply now for your chance to be a tester!

Enter here.

MEMBER TESTING: Bridgestone Golf Tour B Golf Ball

Testers will receive one dozen balls to put to the test and review. Released in January, its autonomous ball fitting robot (OTTO) grabbed quite a few headlines at launch, we’ve seen consistent chatter about the Tour B lineup in the GolfWRX forums, and Jason Day signed on to play the company’s Tour B X.

Enter here.

MEMBER TESTING: GolfForever Swing Trainer and App Testing!

With Scottie Scheffler now part of the GOLFFOREVER team, we think GolfWRX members will be excited to try this out! Six members will get their own Swing Trainer and access to the whole GOLFFOREVER library of fitness plans and golf instruction to review and use. Make sure to apply now for your chance to improve your golf game and overall fitness!

Enter here.

The reviews are coming in…

11 GolfWRXers are currently testing Voxx Golf’s mini crew socks.

10 GolfWRX members are testing StrackaLine’s “The Book”, plus their digital GPS and Make Putt feature.

Six of our members are testing the Cobra LTDx Driver.


Three lucky members won a VENTUS TR Shaft from Fujikura!

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