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Titleist introduces next-generation T-Series irons



After much anticipation since tour seeding started in June, Titleist has introduced its latest iteration of the T100 iron with four models: 2021 T100, T100S, T200, and T300, coming to retail on August 26.

The new T-Series iron family features new materials, processes, and refinements designed to provide exacting precision, performance, and unmatched feel, with a model for every golfer’s needs, according to the company. 

“The new T-Series irons represent another step forward in Titleist iron design and technology. With these new irons, across the board, every detail matters. They provide the best precision and performance in their respective iron category with stunning aesthetics and feel. Golfers don’t buy an iron ‘line’, they want specialization, and that’s what each of these models offer.” – Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing

2021 Titleist T100 iron: ‘The Modern Tour Iron’

The “player’s iron” of the new family, the T100 iron features an all-new Tour-designed sole, which was inspired by discussions with both the tour staff and the Vokey wedge design team. It features a new variable bounce sole design, which provides less bounce in the heel and more bounce in the toe to facilitate better turf interaction and improved feel.

The new T100 face features a continuous cradle construction that aims to provide a seamless striking surface and a more uniform leading edge than its predecessor.

A fully forged, dual cavity supports the face construction, and the faces on the 3-7 irons have been redesigned to impart slightly more spin for improved shot-shaping and increased control. The 8-PW are forged with one-piece 1025 carbon steel.

In addition, by utilizing a denser version of tungsten (D18) weights in the heel and toe of the 3-7 irons for greater mass efficiency and a brazing process used in aerospace construction, Titleist engineers were able to eliminate weld points and be even more precise with CG placement to produce the highest MOI in a “players iron.’

Jordan Spieth put the new T100 irons (4-9) in his bag earlier this month at The Open Championship, and speaking on the new clubs said

“The sole just glides through the ground so nicely. With the added bounce off the toe and the reduced bounce in the heel similar to the wedges that we have on those grinds, it just allows for some consistency when you get a little bit off. The idea that you can be on uneven lies and have it kind of make up for that, and then if you get in the rough and have it not drag as much, but instead slide through just as easily, that’s where we see the improvement in these irons.”

Jessica Korda is another high profile player to put the T100 irons (5-9) into play recently as well as a T200 4-iron, and said on the new irons from Titleist:

“They’re just really pure. It’s like I’m hitting blades, but you’re not. I loved how solid they felt. The height on them is incredible. It’s exactly what I’m looking for, especially in the longer irons.

“The consistency is what I look for. Because when I’m standing over the ball and I need this thing to travel a number that I have in my head, and I can rely on that and just be like, just make a good swing, it takes so much of the guesswork out of it and it makes you commit to the shot more. I don’t change often. It has to beat what I have, and this is really nice. To be even better, to help me hold greens like I need to with the longer irons, especially going into par fives, it’s really, really nice.”

Specs & Pricing

The new Titleist T100 irons are priced at $186 per club and $1,299 per 7-piece set (steel).

2021 Titleist T100S irons: ‘The Faster Tour Iron’

Aimed at players who want the feel of a tour iron but who want added distance, the new T100S head dimensions exactly match the specs of the T100, except for being engineered – not bent – two degrees stronger.

The iron also features the same fully forged face, backed by an innovative Muscle Channel designed to add both speed and launch. 

Like the T100, the new T100S face features a continuous cradle construction designed to create a seamless striking surface and a more uniform leading edge.

A fully forged, dual cavity supports the face construction, with the 3-7 iron faces redesigned to impart slightly more spin for improved shot-shaping and increased control, while the 8-W are forged with one-piece 1025 carbon steel.

In addition, utilizing denser D18 tungsten weights and a brazing process used in aerospace construction, the T100S irons feature the exact precise CG calibration as the T100 irons.

Weight savings from the Muscle Channel are shifted to produce even lower CG and higher launch, resulting in improved MOI and increased ball speed from a solid, fully forged design.

“The uniqueness of the T100•S comes from the fact that we engineered the 2* stronger loft into the iron rather than just bend them. The reason for this is to keep the integrity of the sole and optimize its performance through the turf. That would be lost by simply bending a T100.

“In addition, the ‘S’ represents ‘speed’ and the new Muscle Channel delivers it through the long and mid irons by providing longer distance, tighter dispersion and higher angle of descent for greater consistency and scoring opportunities. It has the same look and feel of the T100 but longer flight for those who want it.” – Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D

Specs & Pricing

The new Titleist T100S irons are priced at $186 per club and $1,299 per 7-piece set (steel).

2021 Titleist T200 irons: ‘The Tour’s Distance Iron’

The retail T200 doesn’t have the hotmelt port pictured on the tour version.

With 10 different patents utilized, Titleist is calling its new T200 iron its most advanced iron ever.

The improved Max Impact Technology (Max Impact 2.0) in the T200 iron now includes a core support design and an enhanced high resilience polymer core designed to improve both off-center speed and mass efficiency at impact across a forged, high COR SUP-10 L-Face Insert.

An engineered muscle plate seeks to contribute to precision sound tuning and saves weight, which is optimized in the new, streamlined 17-4 chassis.

A shorter blade length, less offset (same as T100), narrower topline and thinner sole provides a tour-inspired look and feel while still aiming to provide maximum speed and distance.

As with the other clubs in the T-series family, Titleist utilized denser D18 tungsten weights in the 3-7 irons of the T200 irons for greater mass efficiency and a brazing process used in aerospace construction allowed engineers to position the CG more precisely for maximum benefit in every club.

“Many golfers want the benefit of advanced technology in an iron –and the T200 is our most advanced iron yet – but they don’t necessarily want to see it. All of that ‘Max Impact’ technology-and more-is now ‘under the hood’ in the new T200, so it looks and feels like a Tour-played iron but has the game improvement qualities preferred or required by this golfer.

“With the evolution of Max Impact, we were able to include an Engineered Muscle Plate that allowed us to free up weight and add lightweight polymer and over 100g of high-density tungsten to the design. The result was extremely high MOI properties at Tour inspired blade lengths which allows the iron face to return more energy to the golf ball on off center shots and produce tighter dispersion and more consistent distance.” – Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D

Specs & Pricing

The new Titleist T200 irons are priced at $186 per club and $1,299 per 7-piece set (steel).

2021 Titleist T300 irons: ‘The Ultimate Game Improvement Iron’

Aimed at those seeking high launch along with long-distance and forgiveness, the new T300 iron features Max Impact technology which seeks to maximize speed across a new variable face thickness (VFT) design.

The Max Impact 2.0 technology in the T300 irons is hidden under the badge. A cantilever core support structure features a new high resilience polymer core in design to deliver maximum speed and distance control.

The T300 now employs a High COR Variable Face Design that is thinner towards the heel in the long and mid irons to improve performance at what is traditionally one of the least effective strike points.

The high-density tungsten (D18) weights are utilized in the heel and toe of the 4-7 irons for greater mass efficiency. In addition, Titleist engineers were able to add 40 percent more tungsten than was in the previous generation T300 through a brazing process applied from aerospace construction usually reserved for Tour-played irons.

The size and shape of the T300 is designed to provide confidence, while a new chrome-plated finish offers a premium look.

“The T300 is the ultimate Titleist game improvement iron. It is for the golfer who wants high launch, long distance and forgiveness, and wants to see the technology they are using. This model utilizes the Max Impact 2.0 technology which is featured in a sleek, clean package at addres sfor which Titleist irons are known.

The design team retained the offset, shape and size, but was able to add 40 percent more tungsten to this iron, precisely lower the CG and meet the performance needs of this golfer.” – Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing

Specs & Pricing

The new Titleist T200 irons are priced at $143 per club and $999 per 7-piece set (steel).

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  1. Don O'Brien

    Jul 30, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    Please take political commentary with racial overtones to sites that dwell on such fodder

  2. jgpl001

    Jul 30, 2021 at 6:04 am

    These look good and I can’t wait to try the T100s, but the T300 are ugly looking brutes

    • Don O'Brien

      Jul 30, 2021 at 11:57 am

      Granted, the T300 won’t beat the others in a beauty contest. But for performance it is a brute. Even with a stronger loft, I did better with the new T300 over my current T400. Loved the T200 but the distance was not there. So if anyone needs more forgiveness (I.e. handicap over 15), look past the beauty for the performance. I had a sneak preview fitting, so the T300s are on order and I can see the T400 following the T-MB into history.

  3. Moses

    Jul 29, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    T100 irons are STUNNING

  4. Carolyn

    Jul 29, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    Best part of golf making tee time, second playing the clubs you want…if you can afford them no way they are not worth it…just remember those $1,300 or more irons are going to be worth about $185 dollars in two years even if you only hit them twice.

  5. R Sanders

    Jul 29, 2021 at 3:44 pm

    Will they come in black?

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Whats in the Bag

Justin Thomas WITB 2021 (August)



Driver: Titleist TSi2 (9 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60 TX

3-wood: Titleist TS3 (15 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue 85 TX

5-wood: Titleist 915 Fd (18 degrees @18.75)
Shaft: Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 9.2 Tour Spec X

Irons: Titleist T100 (4), Titleist 620MB (5-9)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design Raw SM7 (46-10F @47.5, 52-12F @52.5), Vokey SM8 (56-14F @57), Titleist Vokey Design WedgeWorks (60T @ 60.5)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (46), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 (52-60)

Putter: Scotty Cameron X5 Tour Prototype
Grip: SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour

Ball: 2021 Titleist Pro V1x

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord

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PXG launches new 0311 ST Gen4 blade irons



PXG has unveiled its new 0311 ST Gen4 blade irons crafted for the low handicap golfer who craves greater workability, enhanced control, and exceptional feel.

The new additions from PXG are triple forged from a strong 6280 carbon steel and are engineered to offer players a varied clubhead design supporting extreme workability in the scoring irons and more forgiveness in the long irons.

Speaking on the new 0311 ST Gen4 blade irons, PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons said

“We spent a lot of time working with our tour players and other talented golfers to understand how we could pack more performance into our solid-bodied blades. We’ve integrated everything we learned into our new PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Blades. 

And, while these beauties might not be for the faint of heart at address, they certainly deliver total control for those who can swing them.”

With less offset throughout the set compared to its predecessors, PXG has introduced a varied blade length across the short, mid, and long irons with the new tour player-inspired designed irons.

The 3 through 5-irons present a slightly larger profile and small cavity in design to boost the moment of inertia (MOI) and forgiveness.

The 6 and 7-irons offer a thin topline and moderate blade size in a bid to provide exceptional face control and maximum workability, while the 8-iron through gap wedge feature a thinner topline and shorter blade length engineered to get the ball out of the rough with ease and accuracy.

In addition, the PXG 0311 ST Gen4 Blades also incorporate the brand’s Precision Weighting Technology, which leverages a large weight located near the center of gravity (CG) on the back of the clubhead, offering golfers various head weight configurations during a fitting. 


“New PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Blades have cleaner lines, more forgiveness, and have increased my distances shared. They gave me the confidence to shoot my lowest score ever – 60 – at the 2021 Barbasol Championship!” – PXG tour professional and PGA TOUR winner James Hahn

PXG’s 0311 ST Gen4 Blades are available in Chrome or Xtreme Dark. The Xtreme Dark provides a matte-black aesthetic leveraging a Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Coating, which significantly increases the surface hardness of the finish in design for improved wear resistance over time. 

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Ping i210 vs Glide gap wedge – GolfWRXers discuss



In our forums, our members have been comparing and contrasting Ping’s i210 GW with the brand’s Glide GW. WRXer ‘Joe40’ is on the hunt for a 50-degree wedge and says:

“I recently bought a set of i210 irons 4-W. I’m now thinking I might like to add a 50* wedge (next wedge is a 54/8 Mizuno T20). Not sure whether to go for the set U wedge or the 50* Glide 3.0? I have the AWT 2.0 shafts in the irons.

Any thoughts on what, if any, differences I might notice?”

And our members have been sharing their thoughts in our forum.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • nostatic: “Bounce is different by a degree (i210 has more), my hunch is the perimeter weighting is more on the i210. It looks like the elastomer insert area is smaller on the Glide 3.0, at least compared to my Eye2 grind. But I think they’d be more alike than different, at least compared to other wedges.”
  • ilikegolf26: “I’d go with the i210. The glide is a little inconsistent for me in terms of distance control, plus 12-15 years ago that loft was almost a PW anyway and would have been part of the set.”
  • jbandalo: “I went with Glide’s for my PW and up as they are more versatile. If just using the gap wedge for full shots only, I’d go with the set wedge. If you need to flight shots down, chips etc., I’d go to the Glide.”
  • Tupperwolf: “I have the U-wedge in my i210 set, and it’s one of my favorite clubs. I agree with the above that it’s basically a traditional loft PW, and I treat it as such.”

Entire Thread: “Ping i210 vs Glide gap wedge – GolfWRXers discuss”

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