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Spotted: Ping G400 Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Crossover



At the U.S. Open, we captured photos of Ping’s G400 Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Crossover. We also spotted Ping’s new G400 driver, as well as a custom version that Bubba Watson could use this week at Erin Hills.

Ping isn’t sharing any details about the clubs at this time, but judging from the photos, there are several important changes to the clubs.

Like the G400 Drivers, the G400 fairway woods appear to emphasize low, rearward weighting as evidenced by the copper-colored weights on the back of the sole. Both the G400 fairway woods and hybrids also use “Turbulators” on their crowns, which were said to improve aerodynamics in past Ping releases.

The G400 Crossovers, which are hot-faced, oversized irons specifically designed to bridge the gap in a golfer’s bag between their shortest-flying fairway wood and their longest-flying iron, appear to have been given tungsten weighting on the toe portion of the soles. The additional of tungsten is generally used to lower center of gravity (CG) and improve moment of inertia (MOI), a measure of forgiveness.

Ping G400 Fairway Woods

Ping_G400_Fairway_Woods cd437e226737c4f7e772452d13880fb7 104308cf5fe3c9dffd835c66cc71bb86 9e56af2c4b3263ed6141aaa989f33c37

Ping G400 Hybrids

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Ping G400 Crossover

ac4ec0bf50e6da920ed798dc6a057ccde132b461f542dfd4c0bf22753bdbca1b4d6727ca1fa14cf800d80004c75adc90ebec87812000f8532a83a9e4966d82775a088aa5d346333cacff74103c359727 816088913d5ed2aafc2d8c994efb3145Related: See more photos of the G400 Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Crossovers in our Forum. 

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  1. John

    Jun 19, 2017 at 11:17 am

    Still no adjustable loft in hybrids. Missed opportunity there. I may buy the new driver but doubtful upgrading to the new fairways & hybrid.

  2. nobody2u

    Jun 14, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Why do people come to words about something that has no reason to be argued over. If you don’t like it,,, don’t hit it,, why make some one think they are not as smart as you because you don’t think they are what you would play. I don’t like the Number one Golf Ball in the world but I don’t call all the players on tour stupid for playing them, or tell all of the other amateurs they are brainless for playing them. Just shut up and let people be who they are and play what they want to play. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

  3. Urrlydum

    Jun 13, 2017 at 2:56 am

    So complete wrong about the path-to-toe-weight interpretation, no wonder you keep asking questions about which you know nothing. And that’s OK, keep asking silly questions, it shows you really are a numbskull.
    If Ping believed in the toe weight situation, why create the CTP and place that in the middle of the head at the back of the face for swingweighting purposes, dummy? If good golfers preferred MBs, then why wouldn’t Ping make one without the CTP and have a blade with just tungsten, like everybody else?
    Wow, are you totally mental

  4. Teaj

    Jun 12, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    would be nice to see the Crossover at address. the last one to me seemed to have a lot of offset

    • Chuck

      Jun 12, 2017 at 12:51 pm

      Word-for-word, that was my first thought/question.

    • Urrlydum

      Jun 13, 2017 at 2:56 am

      The Crossovers do have a lot of offset, just like the previous model

  5. drkviol801

    Jun 12, 2017 at 10:35 am


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Mizuno unveils new T22 wedges



Mizuno has introduced its new T22 wedges, which arrive in three new finishes and four grind options for varying techniques and conditions.

The new wedges are one-piece grain flow forged using HD Boron and feature a microlayer of copper beneath the nickel chrome in design to deliver an extra split-second of control at impact.

The T22 wedges feature a slightly more compact, ‘modified teardrop,’ profile with an extensively bevelled top edge to make it appear thinner.

The spin weighted blade design, created by tapering the upper portion of the blade, is designed to create more consistent spin as well as a penetrating trajectory.

Speaking on the new T22 wedges, Chris Voshall of Mizuno Golf said

“I’d look at the T22 as a great balance between the ultra-classic looks of the older T7 and the performance traits of the T20. We’ve managed to bevel the top edge in a way to retain the performance of the T20’s tapered blade. But keep the more traditional look of the T7. Both models had a following for very different reasons.”

Mizuno’s HydroFlow Micro Grooves are designed to deliver excellent performance in wet weather, as they’re laser etched to release moisture and reduce spin drop off. At the same time, the Quad Cut milled and loft specific grooves are cut into Boron infused steel in a bid to provide extra durability.

The T22 wedges are available in three finishes; Denim Copper, Satin Chrome (Left-hand option Chome finish only) and Raw. The Raw finish comes without the copper underlay and will rust over time to provide a look requested by many of the top Mizuno tour players.

Four Grind Options:

S Grind – With minimal sole grind for fuller shots and lower lofts

D Grind – With moderate heel and toe relief, allowing gentle manipulation of the clubface

C Grind – With heavy heel and toe relief designed for more skilled players and firmer conditions

X Grind – With extreme heel and toe relief for experts

The T22 wedges will be available at retail from October 14th and are priced at $159.95 each.  

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Mizuno introduces new ST-G 220 driver



Mizuno has unveiled its next-generation ST-G 220, featuring new adjustability for a super-precise fitting.

At the core of the new ST-G 200 driver from Mizuno is shorter lateral weight tracks which allow for a new center/back weight port.

The combination of three tracks and two moveable weights is designed to allow players to alter the ST-G from ultra-low spinning to a highly playable mid-spinning option, with fade or draw bias in both, depending on preference. 

The evolution to the ST-G 220’s weight locations offers golfers a rare combination of both backspin and fade/draw adjustability options.

Traditionally, adjustable drivers have been more effective at just one of those tasks, while the new ST-G 220 is designed to deliver impressive performance from off-center strikes across each varying weight position.

Speaking on the new driver and its adjustability features, Chris Voshall, golf club engineer at the company, said

“Having that little bit of extra adjustability is especially useful out on tour – where we can fine-tune a player’s flight. Or make an adjustment for a particular tournament when the player doesn’t want the feel of a completely new driver.

The ST-G 220 has so much more effective movement of weight along both the X and the Z axis. We can set it to be very low spin, a more playable mid spin, heavily fade or draw biased and just about anything in-between.”

The new addition from Mizuno also contains a modern player’s profile, with a deeper faced, shorter back to front while using the full capacity 460cc head size.

A new multi-thickness Cortech Face has been constructed to help allow for the maximum return from Mizuno’s SAT2041 Beta Ti face.

Per Mizuno, SAT2041 stands for Super / Alloy / Titanium / 20% Vanadium / 4% Aluminum / 1% Tin and it offers 17% more tensile strength and 8% more flexibility than traditional 6-4Ti.

In addition, an optimized Wave Sole is designed to deliver an additional contribution to ball speed from low on the clubface, while the new dual weight center slot allows two central back weights for deeper CG capability in a bid to provide higher stability, launch and spin.

The driver features 4 degrees of loft adjustability (7-11 degrees) and will be available at retail on October 14th at a price of $499.95.


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How much each player won at the 2021 BMW PGA Championship



Billy Horschel birdied the last to grab victory at the European Tour’s flagship event on Sunday at Wentworth GC to earn the €1,125,951.98 winner’s check.

The American celebrated with West Ham footballer’s Declan Rice and Mark Noble and put his name back into the Ryder Cup conversation should Brooks Koepka be forced to pull out with injury.


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Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Laurie Canter and Jamie Donaldson all missed out by just a single stroke, but each will collect just under half a million euros for their efforts in the UK.

With a total prize purse of just under €7 million up for grabs, here’s a look at how much each player won at the 2021 BMW PGA Championship.

  • 1: HORSCHEL, Billy, 269, €1,125,951.98
  • T-2: APHIBARNRAT, Kiradech, 270, €492,898.93
  • T-2: CANTER, Laurie, 270, €492,898.93
  • T-2: DONALDSON, Jamie, 270, €492,898.93
  • 5: BEZUIDENHOUT, Christiaan, 271, €281,587.15
  • T-6: JOHNSTON, Andrew, 272, €199,532.88
  • T-6: LAPORTA, Francesco, 272, €199,532.88
  • T-6: ROSE, Justin, 272, €199,532.88
  • 9: CROCKER, Sean, 273, €135,124.70
  • T-9: PIETERS, Thomas, 273, €135,124.70
  • T-9: SHARMA, Shubhankar, 273, €135,124.70
  • T-12: FLEETWOOD, Tommy, 274, €111,192.20
  • T-12: SCHWAB, Matthias, 274, €111,192.20
  • T-14: LAW, David, 275, €98,288.51
  • T-14: RAI, Aaron, 275, €98,288.51
  • T-14: SCOTT, Adam, 275, €98,288.51
  • T-17: KAWAMURA, Masahiro, 276, €86,597.98
  • T-17: LOWRY, Shane, 276, €86,597.98
  • T-17: PULKKANEN, Tapio, 276, €86,597.98
  • T-20: FITZPATRICK, Matt, 277, €75,922.11
  • T-20: HANSEN, Joachim B., 277, €75,922.11
  • T-20: HØJGAARD, Nicolai, 277, €75,922.11
  • T-20: WIESBERGER, Bernd, 277, €75,922.11
  • T-20: ZANOTTI, Fabrizio, 277, €75,922.11
  • T-25: GALLACHER, Stephen, 278, €68,841.62
  • T-25: KAYMER, Martin, 278, €68,841.62
  • T-27: BJÖRK, Alexander, 279, €63,878.66
  • T-27: LAGERGREN, Joakim, 279, €63,878.66
  • T-27: NOREN, Alex, 279, €63,878.66
  • T-30: ARMITAGE, Marcus, 280, €55,937.92
  • T-30: BURMESTER, Dean, 280, €55,937.92
  • T-30: HORSEY, David, 280, €55,937.92
  • T-30: JIMÉNEZ, Miguel Ángel, 280, €55,937.92
  • T-30: STENSON, Henrik, 280, €55,937.92
  • T-35: BJERREGAARD, Lucas, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: FISHER, Ross, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: HORSFIELD, Sam, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: LEVY, Alexander, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: LUITEN, Joost, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: MOLINARI, Francesco, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: SENIOR, Jack, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: SOUTHGATE, Matthew, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-35: WALTERS, Justin, 281, €43,431.27
  • T-45: KORHONEN, Mikko, 282, €34,100.90
  • T-45: ROCK, Robert, 282, €34,100.90
  • T-45: STONE, Brandon, 282, €34,100.90
  • T-45: WARING, Paul, 282, €34,100.90
  • T-49: DRYSDALE, David, 283, €27,483.62
  • T-49: HOVLAND, Viktor, 283, €27,483.62
  • T-49: MCDOWELL, Graeme, 283, €27,483.62
  • T-49: ORMSBY, Wade, 283, €27,483.62
  • T-49: OTAEGUI, Adrian, 283, €27,483.62
  • T-49: PEREZ, Victor, 283, €27,483.62
  • T-55: BROWN, Steven, 284, €23,182.39
  • T-55: SMITH, Jordan, 284, €23,182.39
  • T-57: BLAND, Richard, 285, €20,535.48
  • T-57: ELVIRA, Nacho, 285, €20,535.48
  • T-57: HOWELL, David, 285, €20,535.48
  • T-57: MOLINARI, Edoardo, 285, €20,535.48
  • T-57: RAMSAY, Richie, 285, €20,535.48
  • T-57: SAMOOJA, Kalle, 285, €20,535.48
  • T-63: FORREST, Grant, 286, €17,226.84
  • T-63: FOX, Ryan, 286, €17,226.84
  • T-63: ROUSSEL, Robin, 286, €17,226.84
  • T-63: SURI, Julian, 286, €17,226.84
  • T-67: CABRERA BELLO, Rafa, 287, €14,579.93
  • T-67: ROZNER, Antoine, 287, €14,579.93
  • T-67: STALTER, Joël, 287, €14,579.93
  • T-67: WILSON, Oliver, 287, €14,579.93
  • T-71: VEERMAN, Johannes, 288, €10,935.92
  • T-71: WESTWOOD, Lee, 288, €10,935.92
  • T-71: WILLETT, Danny, 288, €10,935.92
  • T-71: WINTHER, Jeff, 288, €10,935.92
  • T-75: COETZEE, George, 289, €10,926.92
  • T-75: KIEFFER, Maximilian, 289, €10,926.92
  • 77: GAVINS, Daniel, 290, €10,922.42
  • 78: McGOWAN, Ross, 293, €10,919.42
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