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Spotted: Titleist 718 T-MB Irons



The two photos of what appear be Titleist’s yet-to-be-announced 718 T-MB irons landed in our forum after being posted on Instagram by TourSpecGolf, an online retailer that specializes in Japanese golf equipment. The photos are the first indication that Titleist might release an updated version of its 716 T-MB irons, which were launched in October 2015.

The 716 T-MB irons are a first-of-its-kind set from Titleist, using a three-piece, hollow-body construction that merges a high-strength steel face with an average of 80 grams of tungsten in each cast iron head. We gave the 716 T-MB irons 5 Stars in our review, saying golfers will be “wowed by the distance and forgiveness they get from their stunning, compact design.”

Full sets of the 716 T-MB irons are sold through Titleist’s Made-Only-To-Order (MOTO) program for $1599 per set, with 2-5 irons being sold at retail for $199 (steel) and $229 (graphite). The irons have been used by several PGA Tour players, both as full sets and as long-iron replacements.

The 718 T-MB photos show a look that’s highly similar to the 716 T-MB irons with a few noticeable differences. For one, 718 is engraved on the hosel of the irons. More interestingly, the anodized bronze finish on the sole and back of the irons has been slimmed, giving the irons a more streamlined aesthetic.

Discussion: See what GolfWRX Members are saying about the photos in our forum. 

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  1. Dave R

    Feb 8, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Wow another new iron . Who knew

  2. Rich

    Feb 8, 2017 at 3:09 am

    The first sign of this was when TSG reduced the 716 model to $800USD, not the pics from TSG.

  3. Michael

    Feb 7, 2017 at 5:03 am

    “…with a few noticeable differences. For one, 718 is engraved on the hosel of the irons….”


    • Jim

      Feb 16, 2017 at 9:53 am

      Substantial improvement in aerodynamics – no doubt 😉
      ….I got a kick out of that too

  4. S Hitter

    Feb 7, 2017 at 1:28 am

    Back to back years of the same excrement colored irons that feel and perform like the color

  5. Jack

    Feb 6, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    I didn’t notice this before, but this is basically the same tech (hollow head) has the Parsons irons?

  6. David Montgomery

    Feb 6, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Agreed on the 718 irons line! I cannot wait for them to come out!

  7. Brian

    Feb 6, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    I’m sure they’ll be overpriced like everything Titleist makes.

    • LD

      Feb 7, 2017 at 6:01 am

      Price is listed in the article, and yes they are overpriced.

  8. Scott

    Feb 6, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Say what u want. Titleist is just a bunch of Jedis. Period.

  9. chris

    Feb 6, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Looks like the tungsten might have a darker tint? Would be great to see a black or darker grey option in 2018.

  10. golfraven

    Feb 6, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Bring on the 718 irons line!

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2021 Virtual PGA Show: Things we loved, Day 1



As promised, we’re checking out all the digital booths at the 2021 Virtual PGA Show for items of intrigue and note, and we’ve found no shortage of interesting items.

Here are a few of our favorites from our first day of browsing.

(More on the 2021 Virtual PGA Show here)

Altaz rangefinder

That’s not a flip screen video camera—it’s an alternative to playing pirate with a telescope to acquire distances. 

Product description: Our rangefinder adds an external 3″ LCD screen which makes it much easier to search the target. No more twitching eye, sunglass in the way, or shakey hand, our rangefinder eliminates all the problems that many golfers experience. It is simple as using similar to digital camcorders, just point, and press. Golf will get the right distance to help them select the right club to improve their scores.


Sik Component Bag

We like this presentation of the buffet of options for Sik putters both for the fitting capabilities and the minimal use of shop square footage for retailers…and of course, if you’re a real gearhead, you just buy the thing for personal use. 

Product description: Become a SIK Golf retailer with SIK Golf’s Component Bag, a complete matrix of interchangeable heads, hosels, and gripped shafts that are ready to assemble into every possible SIK putter combination. The Component Bag also includes multiple standard shaft lengths and Armlock setups for your customers to test drive. Displayed and stored in a classic SIK Golf Staff Bag, featuring organized and compartmentalized drawers.


Custom Golf Bag Hoods

We’ve seen specialty bag hoods before, but nothing on the level that Custom Golf Bag Hoods is doing.

Company info: Custom Golf Bag Hoods was created so that golfers around the world could dress their bag up from the ugly black rain hood you get when you buy the golf bag which eventually you’ll end up losing or miss placing it. CGBH are made of water-resistant nylon fabric with a 24-inch zipper and vinyl leather piping to keep the hood upright and sturdy, velcro straps to secure it to the bag, and DIY button snaps to make your own buttons in the position of your existing snaps on your bag.


Areso Golf: RW Design Wedge

While we can’t speak to the feel or performance, the materials story is compelling and the aesthetics would definitely earn these wedges a test at a traditional PGA Show Demo Day!

Product info: RW Design Wedges are made from forging carbon steel and milled face for maximum spin around the greens. Grooves and face are machined for spin and face variable thickness controlled for performance.

Ecco: Biom H4 shoe

An enhanced, improved, and even more stylish version of one of the most popular designs on the market. What’s not to love?

Product description: The ECCO BIOM H4 is made in durable ECCO leather with a slick, micro-perforated embossing and GORE-TEX waterproof technology to keep your feet dry even in wet conditions. The new ECCO MTN GRIP outsole features our signature FLUIDFORM™ Technology, as well as an eye-catching PU midsole with TPU inserts on either side that securely hug your foot and offer added stability and support while you’re on the green.


Puttist Putting Meter 

We may be biased, as our James Chang covered the Puttist back in November, but this is one of the most unique training aids on the market. 

Product description: Puttist Inc. was established in 2009 for “PUTTIST”, the first putting meter in the world. Don’t practice, just have fun with distance-metering game up to 50ft. Your score will go up so naturally and no more suffering from 3-putt. That is why people call “PUTTIST” 3-putt Killer! Rechargeable and Plug-in model available for meter and feet. Just Putt & Win!


PuttView: The Book

There are plenty of green book vendors, but Puttview’s stylish presentation of the maximum amount of information allowed under USGA rules definitely caught our eye. 

Product description: PuttView’s “The Book” is the component that brings your indoor and outdoor experience together. Every detail of “The Book” was designed to help you save a shot under the most critical tournament situations. PuttView’s technology and attention to detail results in the most accurate book allowable under the Rules of Golf.


Stay tuned tomorrow for more products from the 2021 Virtual PGA Merchandise Show!

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Whats in the Bag

Jimmy Walker WITB 2021 (January)



Driver: Titleist TSI3 (8 degrees @7.25, D1 SureFit setting)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 7 X

3-wood: TaylorMade SIM (15 degrees @13.5) 
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 8 X

5-wood: Titleist TSi2 (18 degrees) 
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 9 X

Irons: Titleist T100 (4) Titleist 620 MB (5-9)
Shafts: True Temper AMT Tour White X100

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM8 WedgeWorks (48-10F, 54-M, 60-04L), Titleist Vokey Design SM8 (64 degrees)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue  X100

Putter: Scotty Cameron GSS Newport 2 Custom

Ball: ’21 Titleist Pro V1x

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Whats in the Bag

Akshay Bhatia WITB 2021 (January)



Akshay Bhatia what’s in the bag accurate as of The American Express.

Driver: Callaway Epic Speed LS  (8.5 degrees)
Shaft: Project X HZURDUS Smoke Green 65 6.5 TX

3-wood: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero (15 degrees)
Shaft: Project X HZURDUS Smoke Green 75 6.5 TX

Irons: Callaway X Forged UT Proto (3), Callaway Apex MB ’21 (4-PW)
Shafts: KBS TG Hybrid Proto 105 X (3), KBS $-Taper Black 125 S+ (4-PW)

Wedges: Callaway MD5 Jaws Raw (50-S, 54-S, 60-C)
Shafts: KBS $-Taper 125S+

Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Armlock 7

Grips: Iomic Sticky 2.3 Black

Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X


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