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Kadin Mahmet has a passion for golf. He has coached at the collegiate level and has worked as an instructor specializing in youth athletics. You can follow Kadin on Twitter @BigKadin. "Like" Growing Up Golf on Facebook @ facebook.com/Growing.Up.Golf for more content.


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  • SuperStroke Flatso, Flatso Mid and Flatso Ultra putter grip revie

    Review: SuperStroke Flatso, Flatso Mid and Flatso Ultra putter grips

    Pros: The wide, flat section on the front of the grips helps fill up a golfer’s hands, which can add stability to their stroke and help relieve tension. The pistol-style backing provides more “reminders” for hand placement than...

    • Posted 365 days ago
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  • photo copy 3

    Review: Kenny Giannini G-4 “No-Neck” putter

    Pros: The slightly thicker body and single sight line make the G-4 easy to square up to the target line. The glare-free PVD Black finish is easy on the eyes. Cons: Off-center hits are not as forgiving...

    • Posted 422 days ago
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  • photo

    Shop safety: An often forgotten part of club building

    The more I read forum threads in regards to club building, the more I see topics such as: How do I get started in club building and repair? What are the basic tools needed for club building and...

    • Posted 442 days ago
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  • grip care

    A golfer’s guide to grip care

    If you have played golf for any length of time, you probably have reached a point where you had to regrip your clubs. In doing so, you may have noticed that grips are not very cheap these days, especially...

    • Posted 453 days ago
    • 10
  • 566fc5415d377e2023a50452e5771779

    How to remove an OEM adjustable sleeve for later use

    Most golf equipment companies offer metal woods with adjustable features that allow golfers to change the loft, lie and face angle of the clubs. These clubs are made to be easy to adjust, but there are hurdles...

    • Posted 472 days ago
    • 27
  • Regripping

    Getting started with basic club repair, with tips from Tom Wishon

    My journey into tinkering with golf clubs started small. A bottle of nail polish, nail polish remover and a simple “how-to” video on how to add new paint fill to a golf club. Soon after, I found...

    • Posted 542 days ago
    • 18
  • AMP CELL Junior Driver

    Cobra brings the AMP Cell driver to junior golf

    Rickie Fowler’s impact on junior golf has been overwhelming to say the least. The massive amount of flat brims spotted on children at PGA Tour events are proof of that. Maybe that’s why Cobra has announced a...

    • Posted 597 days ago
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  • Growing up golf

    Growing Up Golf: My Best Advice

    All good things must come to an end at some point and time. This will be the last installment of “Growing Up Golf.” Not to worry, I have plenty more to write about and there will be...

    • Posted 623 days ago
    • 10
  • Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

    Growing Up Golf Part 11: Mini Golf

    I remember the days of when I was a serious bowler back in the 1990s and glow-in-the-dark bowling was introduced to spark revenue after league play on Friday nights. Glow bowling was the same as regular bowling...

    • Posted 662 days ago
    • 2
  • Growing Up Golf 10

    Growing Up Golf Part 10: Mixing It Up

    As you learned in “Growing Up Golf Part 9: The Aggravation Factor” my daughter decided she wanted to leave half-way through her golf class last week. The reason for her early dismissal: she wasn’t having any fun....

    • Posted 674 days ago
    • 2
  • Growing Up Golf

    Growing Up Golf Part 9: The Aggravation Factor

    For you parents with little golfers ages 3 to 5 and maybe even beyond those ages, we need to talk about parent aggravation and frustration. There is going to come a time when your little golfer is...

    • Posted 687 days ago
    • 6
  • PING Phelps

    Phelps can swim, but he hopes to “sink” with Ping

    Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps can swim — he has 70 medals in international competition that confirms it. But recently, he’s been spending more of his time learning how to sink — sink putts that is. Phelps...

    • Posted 689 days ago
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  • Talent is Overrated

    Growing Up Golf Part 8: Deliberate Practice

    Up to this point, I have been writing on topics that are geared towards the early stages of golf introduction and development for children. I would like to switch gears on this installment and discuss some interesting...

    • Posted 690 days ago
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  • Youth Golf Clubs

    Growing Up Golf Part 7: The Right Club

    Let’s journey back to my daughter’s third birthday. If you recall in Growing Up Golf Part 2, my wife and I ran into a minor problem with our daughter’s first set of real clubs. “The day of...

    • Posted 699 days ago
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  • Growing Up Golf

    Growing Up Golf Part 6: The Right Ball

    Click here to read all the articles in Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” At the beginning stages of your child’s development, you really don’t need to fuss about what golf ball your child uses. For the most...

    • Posted 702 days ago
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  • junior golf

    Growing Up Golf Part 5: Structured Play

    There will be a time when your child is going to cross over from “play time” to what I like to call “structured play time.” In the beginning stages of your child’s golf career you have been...

    • Posted 714 days ago
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  • junior golf, kids golf

    Growing Up Golf Part 4: Lesson Time

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” As my journey continues with my children and their golf careers I have started the search for the right instructor for when the time comes....

    • Posted 734 days ago
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  • Snag

    Growing Up Golf Part 3: “Golf Association”

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” Cold weather has reached Northwest Indiana. Though I have no issues going out and playing in 40 degree weather, most of my children’s adventures in...

    • Posted 764 days ago
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  • kids golf

    Growing Up Golf Part 2: Play Time

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” As our daughter approached her third birthday, my wife and I thought it was time to move towards purchasing her some real golf clubs. Now...

    • Posted 793 days ago
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  • Girls' golf

    Growing Up Golf Part 1: Introduction

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” Like every parent who plays golf, I too want my children to love the game as much as I do. Besides the obvious benefits of...

    • Posted 802 days ago
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