TaylorMade MB Iron Review

Pros: The first thing I did with these irons was check the lofts, lies, and legths. And the good news is they were all spot on perfect, which is rare. The grips were on perfectly straight also. The two best things about these irons are that they look perfect at setup and feel wonderful!

Cons: If I had to be perfectly honest, I may have made a mistake. I should have ordered the MC’s in the 3,4,and 5 iron. Obviouisly these are blades therefore they are not super forgiving.

Bottom Line: The bottom line for me is that these are a beautiful set of irons. I played 300’s for many years because they were a great feeling iron. I am very happy that TaylorMade has once again built a forged iron because these MB’s feel like butter on a well struck shot!


Look: To me, this is a great looking set of irons. I really like the slightly rounded toe. They have a very classic topline and leading edge. Some people were concerned or have commented on the weight in the back. But to me it looks cool, and if it helps them to swing weight the irons perfectly whats the big deal? And its not like you can see the weight at address anyways.

Performance: Prior to this set I have been playing R9 TP’s. The MB’s give me a slightly lower,more penetarting ball flight which is nice. I like to play a little bit old school by shaping my ball. I like to hit fades and draws, and it is very easy to hit all the shots with these irons.

Feel: Once again I am happy that TaylorMade has chosen to produce a forged iron again. To me a forged iron feels a bit better and these feel like butter with a well struck shot. These feel as good as my TM 300 Miura forged irons, and I am not kidding. I am not sure which forging house produced these but they did a great job.

Bottom Line: I would like to once again state the obvious that these are blades. They are not game imporvement irons, but they are a great performing set that help to produce your desired shot. Meaning that they are easy to work the ball with. I really do like these irons and they will be knocking my R9 TP’s out of the bag. I think I may have to order the 3, 4, and 5 MC. I would feel comfortable highly recommending these irons to any of my students that are looking for a classic forged blade. They will not be disappointed because they look, feel, and perform great!

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  1. Hitting shots – shaping the flight, moving the ball. That is a very fun aspect of the game that clubs like these can give mid-hdcp’ers. You may find your score is better than you thought because even when you only occasionally hit them right they are like darts at the target and you’re putting for birdie. They pure out your swing too. Easy to adjust loft/lie etc. so they can fit better over time. Hmm…I think I’ll dig out those ’96 Titleist
    Tour Model heads and build a new set for the new season. Life is short – hit some great shots!