Update: 8/2/17 2:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, Jason Day was testing a “P-790 UDI” 2 iron on the range at the 2017 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. Check out the gallery below, and see what GolfWRX members are saying about the P-790 UDI iron in our forums.

We spotted Jon Rahm testing a TaylorMade “P-790″ 3-iron at the 2017 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational on Tuesday. Given the “P-790″ stamping on the iron, it may be an addition to TaylorMade’s P-Family, which currently includes TaylorMade’s P-750 Tour Proto and P-770 irons released earlier in 2017.

We only saw Rahm testing a long iron on the range, which could mean the P-790 is a driving iron model. Like the P-750 and P-770 irons, the “P-790″ iron is stamped with “Tungsten,” which is a dense material that’s often used to move weight in a golf club to make it more forgiving.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Discussion: See what GolfWRX members are saying about the P-790 irons

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  1. If the tungsten weight is only in the toe, it will move the COG outside of the geographic center of the club. Pros will have no problem closing the face, hell, I’ve been putting lead tape on the toe of clubs for decades. It slows down my rate of closure and allows me to play a minor draw while making it easier the hit a cut on both irons and woods. I get questions every week about my choice of tape placement, and I tell them what’s what, ussually they don’t understand. I also place tape on the crown of certain FW clubs to raise the COG, usually adding only 3-4 swing weights per club. Similar to putting the heavy weights on TM clubs high or toe biased to achieve desired flight for the current golf balls. Used to be more important with balata covered balls, they spin 50 – 100 % more than current offerings. I loved the double covered Bridgestones of the 90’s. Longer than ProV1’s, cheaper. Would like to see low toe weight biased 3 – 5 irons, split weight tungsten 6 – PW MBs in 730’s, current gamers Nicklaus Muirfieds reshafted in current shafts. Ultimate blades I love more than my two sets of 712MB’s.

  2. Great additions from TM this week! My new set up will be then P790 3 iron added to my existing P770 4-6, and add in the P730 7-PW. Trackman the distances, Tweak the lofts and I’m good to go for the next 3 years.

  3. im not sure they mentioned that Tungsten was just added to the toe did they. if they placed it in the toe and heal of the club would this not make it more forgiving by reducing the rotation of the club on off center hits? AKA AP2 irons