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Iron Shafts and grips from UST

For the past two years, I have played that ATTAS T2 in my driver, and have found it to be the most consistent shaft for my game, round after round. As I have said in the past, it really is the perfect combination of launch and spin. Additionally, the T2 is the longest shaft I have played to date. It’s not coming out of the bag anytime soon.

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Last year, when I saw spy photo’s of the ATTAS 3, I was naturally curious and eager to put it to the test. The ATTAS 3 is said to be longest and straightest shaft ever developed by UST Mamiya. The shaft series continues with the use of ultra-high modulus, low resin content to create the signature ATTAS feel player have come to expect in this third offering. It also incorporates the constant taper design to promote better energy transfer from the shaft to the ball for distance. The ATTAS 3 differs from it’s predecessors. On the ATTAS 3, they have made the flex softer and tightened up the tip end torque wise. Which should launch higher and spin less than previous ATTAS offerings.

Although this shaft will primarily be marketed in Asia, I believed the provided specs would produce the ultimate three wood shaft. A club that has been absent from my bag for quite some time, replaced by a lone 17* fairway wood set-up. Added to this, it seems as though the focus of equipment OEM’s in 2012 seems to be on the three woods producing the same or similar distances to drivers. With a tighter tip section and decreased spin, I feel this would pair well with a distance oriented three wood that flies high off the deck while remaining on my intended line. I am really looking forward to having this installed. Now, to find just the right three wood head to pair it with…there are a lot to choose from this year.

SPECS: Model 5270, Stiff Flex, 75g, 2.5 Torque, High Launch, .335”

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I first saw the UST Mamiya IS900 series shafts when easyyy (Richard) posted them last year. He said, “There is talk about UST working to solve an old problem with graphite shafts in irons. Heavy, thick walled graphite shafts deform differently than thin walled steel shafts. This provide a dull, dampened feel and inconsistent energy loading and release during the swing. UST is working to develop new iron shaft designs with lower hoop stiffness similar to steel shaft deformation. The result is said to have improved accuracy through consistent transfer of energy and enhanced feel and workability.” UST reports “Low Hoop” technology brings the feel back into heavy graphite irons shafts. They position 19 different layers within the shaft to create a shaft they say outperforms the best steel shafts on the market. These are constant weight designs, with balance points adjusted so there will be no drop off in swingweight when replacing existing iron shafts.

I learned about these at just about the same time I was thinking about something I have no business thinking about. Playing blades. I really like the look of most of the offerings today, but as an 11 handicap, I would be better suited sticking with game improvement varieties. Curiosity got the better of me, and by 2012, I had a brand new set of PGA Tour Issue Callaway 2009 X-Forged irons. I felt as though having these shafted in the IS 990 Prototypes from UST, would assist in producing shots that resembled those struck with my old heads. The silver iridium plated finish on these shafts look really nice, and are indistinguishable from steel by appearance. Really excited to see these shafts perform in my new heads.

SPECS: Model: 990T, Stiff Flex, 122g, .355”

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Finally, no UST shaft would be complete without UST grips! I went with the Pro DV2 Torsion grips this season. The grips feature dual compound technology with cord. With the cost of dual compound grips from other manufactures going through the roof, I felt these were at a better price point, and they felt well in the hands. Looking forward to putting these through the paces this spring as well.

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