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A good blend of forgiveness and workability, the V2 Irons are designed for the golfer wanting it all. The 8620 forging gives a player’s feel while the cavity construction provides added forgiveness. The rounded topline, soft leading edge and weight distribution around the cavity encourages the weekend warrior to play like a pro. Stock KBS shaft is just fantastic and conforming grooves.

While their stock shaft option is the KBS Tour, the standard length is slightly longer than other manufacturers. Traditional forged players will not like that it is 8620 forging. The higher bounce will turn off sweepers and the shiny chrome can be glaring in certain sun light conditions. A slightly larger club head for a player’s iron.

Bottom Line-
I have played everything from Super Game Improvement to pure butter blades and these Wilson Irons will beat them all to the bag. The V2 Irons are one step closer for Wilson Staff being back to their glory days and no longer viewed as a K-Mart special.

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FG Tour V2’s are forged from 8620 mild carbon steel, but don’t let that fool you into thinking these are cheaply made. These irons scream detail from their precise weight distribution to the extra padding behind the sweet spot to enhance the feel and are accented by KBS Tour shafts and Lamkin Crossline grips.


These irons are three shades of pretty. The sleek silver and black look is a mixture of class and simplicity. While other irons tend to get busier and busier, the V2 irons have that perfect blend of technology without slapping you in the face with gaudy colors. A thin topline, minimal offset and rounded leading edge make the Wilson FG Tour V2 irons a stellar looking iron for the traditionalist. They offer a slightly higher bounce than some other player’s irons creating a larger sole which might turn some players off, but they are great to reduce excess digging.

The stunning look of the blend of silver and black really goes well with any bag colors. With the irons being forged from 8620 mild carbon steel, the cost is lower than other forged clubs. The heads are on the larger side of a player’s club, but would fall in line with the Titleist AP2 or Ping I20 irons.


I tested the V2 against my current irons (Callaway X-Forged ’09) and was blown away by the tighter dispersion with the Wilson Irons. A bit about my swing; I am taller and have a step angle of attack (am a digger for those whom use that term), SS was 89 with 6 iron. My launch angle was 2 degrees higher with the Wilson (16.9*) versus the Callaway (15.1*), and the back spin was 5600 versus 5200 in favor of the V2’s again, but what really surprised me was the dispersion. I was constantly tighter with the Wilson Irons and every guy likes it tight (am I allowed to make that joke?).

I only play a 5 iron as my longest iron, but for testing, I hit the 3 and 4 as well. Even the 3 was easy to get air born with control. The irons are pretty traditional loft (47* PW) for a player’s club and are easy to flight. If you like to move the ball up and down or left and right, you should have no problem with these irons. The slightly larger club head also encourages confidence when you set up behind the ball.

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Feel is very subjective so just believe that these things are fantastic. If Fabio hit these irons, he would say “I can’t believe they’re not blades” then flap his hair across his chest. A strategically placed hunk of mild carbon 8620 steel right behind the sweet spot doesn’t hurt either. When you hit these things in the center, you have to look down to make sure you actually hit the ball. I really liked the sound as well. While not Muira forging, the V2’s have a muted sound through impact while still giving solid feedback on off center hits as you would expect from a player’s club. Accented with KBS Tour shafts as stock, these irons just belong in your bag.

Overall bottom line-

Some people just really want the game to be much harder than it has to be and if you are that person, stay away from these. However, if you want a player’s iron with GI characteristics that help you take money from your playing partners…give these a try. I played the FG Tour irons for a while and these are definitely a step up. To put it simply:

Wilson Staff? SERIOUSLY!

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