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Let me start of by saying that I’m a 1.2 handicap and a golf ball junkie. I love to use 4-5 different golf balls on each hole of my country club and tee off with a driver and compare which balls goes farther than the other – paying attention to how the ball launches and how it rolls out after it hits the fairway.

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Background: Current golf ball is either a 2011 Pro V1x or a Callaway Tour IZ. I love them because they are super long off the driver and give me adequate spin into the greens. The callaway lacks a lot to be desired coming off the putter so that’s why I mostly play with the Pro V1x now. My putting has improved since making the switch too, so that “clicky” sound everyone talks about on this forum. My swing speed is around 115 MPH and I’m very good with the driver. I played college golf a long time ago and for almost a decade I used the Titleist 975 driver with a steel shaft and could belt it out there 280 yards. Currently, i average about 290 yards or so depending on the conditions of the course and the weather.

I played 18 holes today with the new Penta TP5. On every par 4 and 5 I teed off with a 2011 Pro V1x, a Penta TP5, an older Penta ball, and a Callaway Tour IZ. I was the only person on the golf course practically – temperatures were around 70 degrees and very calm.

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Distance with the Driver: The Penta TP5 is noticeably longer than the previous version. I was very impressed. A couple of drives it flew longer than my Pro V1x, and that was surprising because usually my Pro V1x is the longest “tour” golf ball of the bunch.

Overall, it was still shorter than the Pro V1x and the Callaway Tour IZ but only by a yard or two at the most. Keep in mind the older model Penta was sometimes as many as 10 yards behind the Callaway and the Pro V1x off the driver, so I really noticed more distance off the tee. The Penta seems to fly a little bit lower with less spin and it was rolling out nicely. One of my biggest drives of the day was with the Penta!

Iron Distance/ Spin:
Here is where the Penta really excelled over the other balls. I set myself up a perfect 6-iron shot and hit a sleeve of each golf ball into a very fast green at my country club. What I found is that the Penta TP5 spins way more than the Pro V1x and Tour IZ (not too surprising). I pulled out a sleeve of the 2011 Pro V1 and compared the two and found them to be almost identical. This little test I did led me to get quite upset with the 2011 Pro V1x. All of my iron shots with the Pro V1x seem to be hitting the green and take one or two hops and then stopping. Even the Callaway Tour IZ is spinning more than that on approach shots! The IZ would hit the green and then come back about 2 feet. The Penta TP5 and Pro V1 seemed to have much more control into the greens. The would hit the green and come back and spin 3-5 feet easily… Very nice feel too!! As a matter of fact, my 3rd shot with the Penta I landed the ball just behind the flag stick and it came back and rested about 12 inches away from the hole. I was a good 175 yards away from the flagstick with a 6-iron.
In terms of DISTANCE, the Penta TP5 seemed to fly farther than the Pro V1x and the existing Penta. It seemed to be neck-and-neck with the Callaway Tour IZ – although it blew it away in terms of greenside spin.

Wedge spin: Now to the bread and butter of this review. I set myself up a perfect 54 degree Vokey wedge shot into a fast, sloped green. I hit a sleeve of each ball (Tour IZ, Pro V1x, Pro V1, Penta, and Penta TP5). Honestly, all the balls spun very well with the wedge. The Tour iz and the Pro V1x spun noticeably less – backing up maybe 10-15 feet. But the Pro V1, the Penta, and the Penta TP5 were all 3 spinning like crazy! In many cases they spun off the green. The course has cold, firm greens here in January so it’s seriously possible to spin a wedge shot off the green if you land it in the right spot. Honestly, I didn’t notice a big improvement or change between the existing Penta and the Penta TP5. They both seemed to spin almost identical with a wedge in my hand and a full swing.

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The Penta TP5 does not feel any softer to me than the previous Penta. The packaging on the box indicates it is “softer” and “longer distance” but I didn’t find this to be true when it came to the feel of the ball. Perhaps the ball has a softer cover – I don’t know for sure. But it was not noticeable to me in either putting or chipping with the Penta TP5 vs. the old Penta. I still prefer the Pro V1 over all of these balls when it comes to precise chipping and the soft feel for putting.

The Penta TP5 is just a durable as the old Penta. After a full round it had the same signs of wear and tear as the older Penta. I don’t think they have improve durability at all. The good news is it hasn’t gotten any worse.

Overall, the new Penta TP5 is longer off the driver (by several yards) and was carrying longer with mid to long irons. It was spinning better than the Pro V1x and Callaway Tour IZ and felt great around the greens. I’ll have to give this golf ball a few more rounds but i’m strongly considering switching over to this ball. Especially, when you consider that one of my best friends works for TM and can get me them for *cough *cough *cough a “great” price. :clapping:

I attached a photo of the box of the new Penta TP5. I forgot to snap a photo of the actual ball itself – let me know if you want to see the ball and i’ll add one later tonight.

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  1. I have gamed the tp5, nike 20×1 x and pro v1 x a lot recently switching it up. The pro v1x is a great ball but the tp5 is longer off the tee and much much cheaper.. The nike is hard feel good spin and extremely loud!!
    Tp5 all the way

  2. Thanks for your review. I love the TP5’s, even more so than the new ProV1.s. I was curious if there were others who felt the same way so did a goggle search and stumbled across your review. Keep up the good work.

  3. I switched recently to the TP5. More distance and better control, especially on to the green. This ball will stop on concrete!. As for durability – one ball has lasted me 4 rounds so far!!!. I found the ball to be better when driving into wind as it does not vere off too much. I have been playing for 32 years and now a 13 handicap.

  4. I’ve been playing for 33 years, tried almost all of the name makes/models over the years. Scored my first ever double eagle and broke par/70 for the first time (both of the latter in one round!) using a penta tp ball. I guess you could say I’m sold.

  5. I have switched over to the Penta TP5’s. I’m around a 12 handicap and have noticed so much improvement in scoring with this ball! They FLY off my irons, great control. Every iron shot feels like butter hitting these balls. Chipping I feel they have great control as well vs any other ball I’ve played. I can attest to the improved driving yardage as well. I don’t know why others say this, but I find the durability of these balls to amazing. I have played the past 36 holes using the same ball without any scuffs or ripping of the outer shell. I gave a sleeve to a friend of mine to play for the first time, shot his first round ever under par (-2) on 18 holes and said this ball feels amazing. 2 converters over from Pro V1x’s

    • Actually that is false, every golf ball has a different type of color and dimple pattern than another model. A dedicated golfer that has played many different types, plays enough, and has been playing long enough can tell that. Do your homework next time you try to insult someone.

    • for example the ProV1 has smaller dimples and a slightly more off white color than the ProV1x which has larger dimples and is much more of a bleached white color, and they are about as similar as two balls can get and they still have differences

    • I love the looks of B330’s because of the dual dimples. You can really tell when looking down at the ball giving it a different appeal.
      But I understand where you are coming from. To snubs like me there is a difference! haha

  6. I disagree on the durability. I think the new TP5 has a much softer, therefore less durable cover. I can use the ball for one round and by the end it is junk. The old TP5 while not as soft, was much more durable. I could hit wedges with that ball all day and not rip the cover off as i do with the new TP5