Champ, best known for being the number one spike brand on the US Tour, has released a range of accessories for those of us getting used to the longer and warmer days and starting to venture out onto the course. Being Champ, they offer accessories to get the most out of your shoes with the Pro Soft shoe brush, the Spike rake and the Max Pro wrench as well as brushes for your clubs and divot repairers that don’t stab you in the thigh.

Obviously Champ are best known for the Stinger, Scorpion and Pro Stinger Spikes. I’m a big fan of anything that makes me more stable when I’m swinging hard and with it’s amazing the difference that new spikes make. The Visible Wear Indicator that Champ have to remind you that your spikes are starting to wear down is a nice touch as I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thinks that if my spikes are vaguely clean then I’m good to go.

The Lady Stinger spikes are a great idea. Anyone who has seen a smaller shoe overladden with full size spikes can appreciate that sometimes less is more and the 15% smaller size of these spikes allows a good level of grip without overloading the shoe. It’s such a simple idea it’s only a surpise that Champ don’t do this in a neutral color so that juniors can use them.

Of course if you are changing your spikes, it’s nice to be able to do it with something more substantial than the free sliver of metal that comes in the box. This is where you might want to look at Champ’s Max Pro Wrench. With a soft touch dual density handle, the Max Pro has a three-position ratchet for insertion, removal or lock in place, and comes with three bits to fit any spike, including standard two-pin, six-point and eight-point bits so it doesn’t matter what spikes you’re replacing you’ll have the tool for the job.

To keep those spikes clean, there’s the Spike Rake and the Pro Soft Spike Brush. The Rake has seven spring loaded tines to dig among the spikes and clean out the dirt while the Spike Brush resembles genetically enhanced toothbrush. The 66 bristles are made of triple hardness fibers and combine to clean the sole, the center of the spike and any excess grass and sand and is surprisingly effective. The connecting carabiner is also a nice touch.

Champ have also made an entry into the club brush arena with the Twin Pro. With interchangeable nylon and brass bristle heads you’ll have no excuse to keep your clubs anything less than sparkling. The spring coil line allows the brush to be attached to the bag so that it is easily accessible without getting in the way.


All conscientious golfers should repair their pitch marks, and Champ’s Flip Fix divot repair tool is perfectly placed to take the effort out of repairing ball marks. The sharp prongs go easily into the turf and the clam shell mobile phone-style closure makes it not only extremely comfortable to use also prevents you impaling yourself as it folds away neatly in to a pocket when not in action. The Flip Fix also has a magnetic ball marker attached to the back of the tool and while I’m not a fan of these type of markers I know many that are and for the type it’s not too bad at all.

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  1. Hello All,
    I use the CHAMP Stinger spikes and they seem to work great. You have to make sure that you you hear the click when putting in new Tri-LOK or Q-LOK System spikes. It sounds like 2 clicks to the right when installing new Tri-LOK Spikes and 1 click when installing the Q-LOK System spikes.

    Hope this helps.

    Great Spikes I love the visible wear indicator.

    – Shawn

  2. Champ has certainly “taken over” the popular choice in spikes from Softspike’s Black Widows. I certainly like them also, especially the Stinger Pro when its wet out. As far as losing spikes I generally have no problems either but I do have a pair of Fast Twist Shoes that take Champ’s Tri-Lock and they dont seem to be as snugg as the other treads, maybe because they slightly differ. Overall great Spikes !

  3. The club brush looks pretty cool, I’ll have to look into it. I love their spikes, but does anyone else have a problem with the spikes staying in their shoes? I’m not sure if its the shoe or the spike, but I always lose 1 or 2 spikes from each shoe within a round or 2 (yes I use the wrench to put them in). Any suggestions?