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Review: Adidas Climawarm+ Jacket



Pros: Unbelievably lightweight for the warmth it provides. It’s loose in the shoulders for mobility, but tighter around the midsection. That keeps it out of harm’s way during the swing.

Cons: The sleeve cuffs fit a little loose. Traditionalists won’t love its athletic vibe.

The Bottom Line: The Climawarm+ jacket gives golfers more warmth and movability than they’ve likely experienced from a jacket of its weight and thickness.


It’s common sense. When it’s cold outside, people stay warm by wearing more clothing. But as anyone who is or knows a serious golfer might expect, it’s another common-sense rule to which many golfers don’t subscribe.

In this case, however, golfers have a good reason for not practicing sound judgement. To many golfers, bundling up for a cold-weather round is like a surgeon performing an operation while wearing a pair of boxing gloves. That’s the same loss of touch many golfers feel they lose when they try to play in several thick layers of clothing.

Adidas’ new Climawarm+ jacket should help golfers solve some of their cold-weather problems. It is constructed from an extremely thin, lightweight fabric that’s surprisingly warm. The fabric, made from hollow-fiber yarn, was inspired by the fur of a polar bear and naturally retains body heat. Check out the promotional video from Adidas to see what PGA Tour players Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Martin Laird are saying about the jacket.

[youtube id=”lQcW77ZoRhA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The Climawarm+ technology isn’t unique to golf. It will be used in several other Adidas products designed for different sports. But it might be most important for golfers, who unlike other athletes spend most of their time standing or walking: not exactly movements that get the blood flowing.

According to Davide Matucci, director of global product marketing for Adidas, the biggest difference between the Climawarm+ jacket and Adidas’ previous Climawarm products is the new jacket’s extremely light weight and the full range of motion it provides.

“In golf, it’s all about freedom of movement,” Matucci said. “So the problem we wanted to solve was how to keep golfers warm without having to bulk them up with thick, heavy layers that can restrict [their] swing.”

The Climawarm+ full-zip jacket weighs a mere 12 ounces, and is made from 95 percent polyester and 5 percent elastane. It is available in three colors: Vivid Blue/Black/White, Black/Lead/Solar Blue and Light Onix/Light Onix/Hi-Res Red in sizes small to 2XL and costs $80.

It is also available in a half-zip pullover ($75) and a quarter-vip vest ($70). Women have the choice of a Climawarm+ full-zip vest ($70) and a quarter-zip pullover ($75).


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 7.25.37 PM

Above: The black-and-gray Climawarm+ jacket was brightened up with blue accents on the Adidas logo and on the seams on the chest, shoulders and arms. 

The first thing golfers will notice when they pick up the Climawarm+ jacket is how light it is. It’s much lighter than similar jackets golfers are used to wearing, which might trick them into thinking that it can’t possibly be warm. But it is very warm, even when worn over nothing more than a standard golf shirt.

The first time I wore the jacket was an experience much like the first time I wore a cold-weather compression shirt. My hands and face were bitten by Detroit’s November cold, but my body and arms felt toasty despite the mid 40-degree temperature.

No matter how warm an article of clothing is, however, is has to be functional to be worn by serious golfers. Three-time PGA Tour winner Martin Laird said that he likes his outerwear to be fitted, but that it can’t be restrictive for him to wear it on the course.

“The sleeves can’t tighten up your arm and I can’t be restricted in my backswing,” Laird said.

The Climawarm+ jacket, when properly sized, will do neither of those things, laying loosely over a golfer’s shoulders, arms, back and chest. But the midsection of the jacket fits a little slimmer, keeping the “sag” of the stomach area to a minimum. That’s especially important to Laird, who uses a 45-inch counterbalanced putter that tends to get caught in baggier-fitting outerwear.

“I lot of times I don’t like wear zip-up jackets because they sag, but this one fits really nicely,” Laird said.

One of the few problem with the jacket is the sleeve cuffs, which fit loosely in my XL sample. If anything, I prefer my cuffs to fit slightly tighter than normal in a golf jacket. That allows me to pull the cuffs up a few inches, anchoring them to the thicker parts of my forearms. But since the cuffs of the Climawarm+ Jacket are loose, they take a little more maintenance. They will stay in place for most shots, but golfers will likely be pulling them up a little before every shot just to make sure they’re not going to slide down their arms in mid swing.

The two pockets of the jacket are a nice touch, as many jackets that are the thickness of the Climawarm+ don’t have them. They’re large and sturdy enough to hold hand warmers, and have the same cozy cotton-like feel as the inside of the jacket.

Looks and Feel

Screen Shot1 2013-11-18 at 4.19.21 PM

Above: The Climawarm+ Jacket in its most understated colors, gray and red. 

The Climawarm+ jacket is offered in three colors, all of which have an Adidas logo on the front left chest, as well as three large Adidas stripes on the back of the collar and high-contrast seams on the jacket’s arms, shoulders and back. Those not-so-subtle designs reinforce the athletic look of the golf jacket, which is enough that gym-goers likely wouldn’t get a second look if they were seen working out in it. That gives the jacket versatility in that sense, but when I think of versatile golf clothing I think of apparel that can be worn for a night out with friends, not at the gym.

The Climawarm+ is an extremely comfortable jacket, however, which will likely have golfers reaching for it more than they should. The fabric on the inside is peached (think fuzzed), giving it a plushness that golfers might expect from a less technical fabric.

I also found that the textured finish on the outside of the jacket handles light rain reasonably well, which was unexpected. The Climawarm+ is by no means a rain jacket, but water seems to bead off the fabric rather than absorb directly into it. I certainly wouldn’t want to get stuck in a rain storm while wearing the Climawarm+ as my outer later, but if it was tucked under a true rain jacket on a cold day, the Climawarm+ jacket would be an ideal middle layer, radiating heat inward as the rain jacket moved water away.

The Takeaway

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 7.22.07 PM

Traditionalists likely won’t go for for the Climawarm+ jacket, but those who can handle its athletic styling will enjoy its combination of warmth and light weight, which will be useful in a variety of different weather conditions.

In Detroit, for example, the jacket would work great for the cold, wet weather of the early spring, either as an outer layer or a layer underneath rain gear. On a warm fall day, it might be paired with only a golf shirt underneath, while on a cold fall day I might add a cold-weather compression shirt underneath and a wind breaker over it to help cut the chill of the wind and seal in even more heat.

There are a lot of similar items on the market, but few are as versatile or inexpensive ($80) as the Climawarm+. That makes it one of those apparel items that golfers who are short on outerwear should seriously consider adding to their closets.

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  1. Don Pablo

    Feb 3, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    I picked one of these up because of all the positive reviews on it. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet though.

  2. John

    Nov 25, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Got it not loving it. Anything thing over a slight breeze cuts right through it. And on a non golf note it it so stretchy that anything in the pockets (like an iPhone) cause it to really droop. Prefer the UA Infared line.

  3. Blopar

    Nov 24, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    What makes it warmer than other similar articles of clothing by other brands ?? Not much info here!!

  4. JnRadioActive

    Nov 21, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Got one waiting for me when i get home (fedex says it was delivered) Will be trying it out tomorrow…

    • Brian Wilson

      Nov 22, 2013 at 6:31 pm

      wow a review of a jacket…this takes gear lust to a really lame level.

      • John

        Dec 9, 2013 at 7:37 pm

        GolfWRX does these reviews to get the free stuff …… That’s why they do these reviews ….. No other reason

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Puma has a lot more polos on offer in 2019 than its Paradise shirt though, and one of the most visually striking shirts of theirs is the Aletknit Radius Golf Polo. The shirt comes in three vibrant colors (blue, white and green), and its camo inspired pattern is subtle and discreet which gives the shirt a cool look without being distracting. Also a lightweight polo, the Aletknit Radius Golf Polo features a clean three button look, as well as a very comfortable fit, and its dryCell technology means you won’t be drenched in sweat this summer.

Then there’s the Rotation Golf Polo which comes in both solid and stripes styles. The shirts offer a very modern feel and look, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with the selection of colors which the shirts come in, with an abundance on offer.

On the throwback front, Puma has you covered with their Nineties Golf Polo, with a striped shirt style and color. There are five different color blocks to choose from which are about as representative of spring/summer as I’ve seen, and the shirts also come with Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is a nice summer touch.

The Faraday Polo is according to the company itself “one of our best”. Lightweight and one of the softest shirts they provide, it’s hard to disagree with them in terms of comfort level. The only off-putting feature of this shirt for me is the odd unfinished lining around the pocket.

The exhaustive selection of golf polos provided by Puma is impressive, and they’ve covered everything you’d want in a golf shirt in each of their styles. Prices range from $50-$70, and no matter what your taste, you’re bound to find a great summer golf shirt to add to your collection from their 2019 lineup.


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Our take on 2UNDR underwear

There was a lot of big news made this year when Rickie, you know THE Rickie on tour, changed balls, switching to the all-new TaylorMade TP5, and winning only a few events later. BUT another switch for Rickie this year flew way under the radar…and under his fitted Puma pants. It had everything to do with balls, but nothing to with urethane or five layers: I’m talking his 2UNDR Performance Underwear.

From desk jockeys to runners, and everything in between (including golfers) we all want down there comfort. With 2UNDR you get exactly that, thanks to their JoeyPouch technology, which keeps everything together yet spaciously separated for comfort and moisture wicking. I know it seems silly, but speaking from experience: after switching to 2UNDR over six years ago, I have never looked back to the days of plain old cotton, for both day to day and especially on course.

There is a lot of technology packed into each pair of 2UNDR. That, along with some serious attention to detail, make sure you are comfy all day long. The tech in each pair of 2UNDRs includes a reinforced and roll-resistant waistband, precisely placed seems around the garment to prevent any “rub zones,” and, of course, the patented JoeyPouch to keep the precious goods (OK, fine I’ll just say it, we’re all adults: testicles) right where they should be.

For the sake of argument I think having used a product for more than 6 years puts this into the category of “long-term review,” and from this 2UNDR loyalist I have nothing but glowing things to say. The durability I have experienced from the many pairs I have has been excellent, and I take ZERO special care of these; washer and dryer every time and they are the same fit and comfort wear after wear, including a nice fit around the thigh where undies usually lose shape the quickest. The only complaint I could have had was tweaked a few years ago from their first iteration which had the tag on the front sewn on in a little patch. It it now built right into the waistband so it has zero chance of ever falling off.

On the course for me is where these stand out. I’m a Swing Shift user and can’t begin to tell you how many times on a hot summer day my 2UNDRs make that last walk up the 18th hole just a comfy as walking off the first tee four hours earlier. To be real frank they hold everything in place and eliminate the need for that layer of baby powder that you may be used to applying with traditional boxers. The waistband never bunches, even with a shirt tucked in with a belt, which might seem like a small thing but with all the twisting and bending we do as golfers around our midsection, even if you are a cart rider, gives you one less thing to worry about.

Speaking of worrying, just like with so many things with not just golf, but in life, its often the small details that can make or break any product — the expensive shoes that just rub your heel the wrong way, the hat that doesn’t sit “just right,” the location of the second button on a dress shirt (please do yourself a favor and watch Seinfeld if you don’t get that reference). It’s only the things we never think about that are really the most comfortable; like your favorite pair of jeans, or in my case wearing anything but 2UNDR Swing Shifts. The only thing you’ll have to think about is which colors or patterns to choose — there are A LOT!!!

I don’t really say this about too many products, but if aren’t wearing 2UNDR undies, you might need to seriously take a look in the mirror and evaluate your underpants situation. You can find 2UNDR available at most golf shops that know what’s up, or online through their website.



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