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TaylorMade launches new 2022 Stealth UDI and DHY driving irons



Back in January 2022, TaylorMade launched its new Stealth family of golf clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. The most glaring omission from the Stealth lineup at the time was driving irons.

The company’s exclusion of driving irons wasn’t surprising, though, since TaylorMade typically waits until around The Open Championship to release its driving irons. And, right on queue, TaylorMade has officially announced its new Stealth UDI (Ultimate Driving Iron) and DHY (Superior Driving Hybrid) driving irons on Tuesday ahead of the 2022 Genesis Scottish Open.

Most golfers, in their 14-club bag setups, use a driver, at least one fairway wood, and then some kind of long iron (such as a 3, 4 or 5-iron). The space between their 3-wood and longest iron, however, is a bit more player-specific and open for interpretation. Some golfers fill that gap with higher-lofted fairway woods or hybrids. Others, however, prefer to utilize a driving iron.

Driving irons, especially modern day designs, provide golfers the look and control of a long iron, but with a bit of added speed and forgiveness. For the most part, driving irons fly slightly lower than their hybrid or fairway wood counterparts, offering a more penetrating ball flight that’s particularly effective in windy conditions; no wonder TaylorMade waits until Open Championship season to release its driving irons!

2022 Stealth UDI, DHY driving irons: The details

TaylorMade’s new Stealth UDI and DHY options are each packed with SpeedFoam Air to fill their hollow-bodied constructions; the bodies are made from 450 stainless steel, while the faces are forged from 4140 (the same material used in P790) and come with Inverted Cone Technology to boost overall speed and forgiveness. SpeedFoam Air, compared to the company’s previously used SpeedFoam, is 69 percent less dense, which helps save mass and reposition weight to help achieve better launch and more forgiveness.

There’s also a Thru Slot Speed Pocket in the sole sections of the Stealth UDI and DHY to provide flexibility across the face for higher ball speeds, especially low on the face (where golfers tend to miss their iron shots).

Between the two new Stealth driving iron options, the UDI has a sleeker profile and more traditional iron look with narrower soles, less offset and it offers a slightly lower trajectory. The DHY, on other hand, has a beefier profile, wider sole, lower CG (center of gravity), longer blade length, and produces a higher ball flight with more forgiveness. Between the two options, the Stealth DHY will be slightly easier to launch from tight lies in the fairway, or from hairier lies in the rough or first cut. The Stealth UDI will offer a more penetrating ball flight for windier conditions, and for players who already achieve high spin rates and high launch.

Compared to TaylorMade’s previous SIM DHY, the new Stealth DHY has undergone a few changes to the look. For example, the new DHY has a slimmer profile, and according to TaylorMade’s manager of product engineering Matt Bovee, the Stealth DHY has a softened curve in the rear section to reduce the “blocky nature” of the previous DHY.

CAD image of SIM DHY at address

CAD image of SIM UDI at address

TaylorMade’s new Stealth UDI (18, 20 and 23 degrees RH, 18 and 20 degrees LH) and DHY irons (17, 19, 22 and 25 degrees RH, 19 and 22 degrees LH) will come stock with Aldila Ascent Black shafts and SuperStroke S-Tech club grips. They’ll be available at retail on July 15 selling for $249 each.

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He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



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    Jul 7, 2022 at 2:11 am

    So….. nothing has changed since the Adams’ model. LOL

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New Mizuno JPX923 irons: Everything you need to know



What you need to know: Mizuno is launching the successor to its JPX921 series. Engineers leveraged the company’s custom-fitting program — including data from 350,000 golfers — in the creation of the JPX923 series, which includes five models: JPX923 Tour featuring a new V-Chassis and thinner topline, JPX923 Forged with features Mizuno’s third generation of chromoly forging, JPX923 Hot Metal, JPX923 Hot Metal Pro, and JPX Hot Metal HL all featuring new, faster 4335 nickel chromoly, which is 35 percent stronger than Mizuno’s original chromoly.

Mizuno JPX923 irons: What’s new, key technology

JPX923 Tour

Featuring a copper underlay for “Mizuno feel,” the JPX923 Tour is one-piece Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel. Narrower top line and sole in tandem, more rounded trailing edge for cleaner turf interaction.  Features Mizuno’s new ‘V-Chassis’.

“The goal was to engineer a compact, players cavity back that looked and felt like a muscleback at impact. With the copper underlay and new topline, the JPX923 Tour is right there,” says David Llewellyn.

JPX923 Forged

Mizuno’s third-generation of chromoly forging places a wider milling slot heel to toe in the 4120 chromoly 4 through 7-irons as well as well as a thinner clubface. JPX923 Forged are mid-sized, full body Grain Flow Forged irons with a thinner topline and bevelled sole throughout. The scoring irons (8-GW) also feature more compact design and are forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel.

“The new JPX923 Forged pulls off two impressive achievements. First it feels more solid even though it’s faster from the face. Second, it looks sleeker with a thinner topline and narrower sole even though it plays more forgiving,” says Chris Voshall, Mizuno’s Director of Product.

JPX923 Hot Metal, Hot Metal Pro, Hot Metal HL

With the JPX923 Hot Metal, Mizuno introduces “4355 nickel chromoly,” which is 35 percent stronger than the original Hot Metal material and allows for an eight-percent thinner clubface. Cup face construction works in tandem with a deep center of gravity for high launch with stopping power.

Mizuno developed Hot Metal Pro, Hot Metal and Hot Metal HL (High Launch) from 175,000 real golf swings recorded via Mizuno’s Swing DNA system and describes the three models as follows.

  • JPX923 Hot Metal Pro is a player’s speed cavity that’s compact, with minimal offset for confident ball-strikers seeking maximum ball speed. It’s suitable for low to mid handicap golfers.
  • JPX923 Hot Metal is a forgiving speed cavity suitable for mid to high handicap golfers. It features a full speed, high stability cavity for straight flight and distance.
  • JPX923 Hot Metal HL is a high launch speed cavity delivering a higher launching option for players with moderate swing speeds or aggressive shaft lean, it’s suitable for mid to high handicap golfers.

What Mizuno says

“The new JPX923 series was planned out with Mizuno’s custom ethos at its core” says David Llewellyn, Director of R&D for Mizuno. “We already offer more than 50 unique shafts within our custom program, by expanding to five iron models, there’s an ideal combination for every type of player.”

“We’re constantly evolving the JPX series based on more than 175,000 unique swings we capture every year on the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer,” says Bill Price, Mizuno’s Director of Fitting. “Recently we’re seeing an increase in the number of players with slightly slower swing speeds being fitted – and a trend to more shaft lean. Hence a slight increase in bounce angles through all the models and the introduction of the Hot Metal High Launch.”

Resident Club Junkie Brian Knudson’s take

Note: GolfWRX has not yet gotten an in-hand look at the JPX923 Tour or Forged irons. 

Mizuno’s Hot Metal HL irons look easy to hit and high flying with their larger sole and longer heel to toe shape. You can see some of the tech that is packed into these irons around the badge like the Harmonic Impact ribs and the Stability Frame. Like you would expect from Mizuno the finish quality and badging all look very good and catch your eye without the need for wild colors.

The Mizuno Hot Metal irons look to be the bread and butter of the lineup. The Hot Metal features a little smaller footprint than the HL, less offset, thinner top line, and narrower sole. The look from address will please most golfers and it is still packed with the technology for easy distance and effortless launch.

Hot Metal Pro irons are the smallest of the three but should still offer a great combination of looks and performance. They are still a little longer from heel to toe while offering the least offset and thinnest toppling of the group. The short irons are shaped really well and the whole set flows great from 4 iron down to the pitching wedge.

What they look like

JPX923 Hot Metal Pro

Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal

JPX923 Hot Metal HL

Pricing and availability

JPX923 Hot Metal Pro: 4-PW RH and LH
JPX923 Hot Metal: 4-LW RH and LH
JPX923 Hot Metal HL: 5-SW RH only

Tour, Forged will hit retail in February of 2023. Hot Metal models at retail late September.

  • JPX923 Tour/Forged – $187.50 per club
  • JPX923 Hot Metal/Hot Metal Pro/Hot Metal High Launch – $137.50 per club

Loft comparisons to JPX921

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Mizuno introduces new JPX Fli-Hi



Mizuno has today introduced the JPX Fli-Hi in a bid to meet every golfer’s demand for greater playability and easier ball-flighting potential at the longer end of the bag.

“We see a lot of players with moderate swing speeds who hit many of their longer irons the same distance – they just don’t have the clubhead speed or consistency of strike to launch the stronger lofted clubs. The JPX Fli-Hi is designed to give those players more practical distance gaps and consistency of flight.” – Chris Voshall, Mizuno’s Director of Product

The new addition features a 17-4 stainless steel face and 431 SS body in a bid to deliver an upgrade in ball speed, while the bendable hosel allows for adjustments in lie angle.

The clubs feature a lighter crown which allows for a higher ball flight, while a re-engineered Wave Soleplate is designed to increase the effective high ball-speed area of the Fli-Hi’s clubface to deliver more consistent ball speeds.

The JPX Fli-Hi is designed to slot seamlessly in to a set, with the models from #4 to #7 designed to correspond directly to the irons they have been created to replace.

The JPX Fli-Hi range features a graduating profile from fairway wood to hybrid to maximize playability. The 20 degree (#4) has a wider fairway type profile, moving towards a tighter hybrid type shaped 29 degree (#7) with a deeper face.

With a deeper center of gravity than the replaced iron, the JPX Fli-Hi is designed to produce more predictable launch and spin rates, thereby more reliable distance gaps between clubs.

The JPX Fli-Hi hits retail this month and costs $137.50 per club.

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Whats in the Bag

Taylor Pendrith WITB 2022 (September)



Driver: Ping G410 LST (9 degrees @8)
Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Small Batch 70 6.5 TX

3-wood: Ping G425 MAX (14.5 degrees)
Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Small Batch 80 6.5 TX

Irons: Srixon ZX (3), Srixon ZX7
Shafts: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 100 6.5 (3), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

Wedges: Cleveland RTX ZipCore (46-10 Mid, 52-10 Mid, 56-10 Mid, 60-10 Mid)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (46-56), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 (60)

Putter: Odyssey O-Works Black 3T
Grip: SuperStroke

Grips: Golf Pride MCC, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord

More Taylor Pendrith WITBs

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