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19th Hole

Photo showing devastating extent of Tiger’s leg injury leaves fans in shock



Tiger Woods is preparing to tee it up at next month’s final major of the year, having decided against competing at Brookline.

The 150th Open Championship will take place at the relatively flat Old Course at St. Andrews, which will be a welcome to Woods, who struggled with a persistent limp on his last outing at the PGA Championship.

Following his single-car accident last year, the condition of Tiger’s right leg has been the source of plenty of chatter amongst golf fans, and a new photo has emerged showing the devastating effect the horror crash has had on his leg.

@ZireGolf posted a photo of Woods posing with a young golf fan on Sunday, with the picture revealing the injuries and the effect the crash and surgery have had specifically on his right calf.


Comments ranged from “Incredible he can still play” to “This proves he is the GOAT”, while fellow Tour pro Dylan Frittelli responded to the post, saying: “Now maybe people will give him the props he deserves for walking around Augusta and playing as well as he did this year!!”

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  1. Lowe

    Jun 22, 2022 at 9:05 pm

    So far he ain’t no Hogan.

  2. Joe Duffer

    Jun 21, 2022 at 6:22 pm

    CLICK BAIT! – it’s getting worse here than on YouTube! C’mon guys, give us honest reporting/headlines!

  3. Hooded 4-iron

    Jun 21, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    Tiger had one of the best runs of golf in the history of the game. But I don’t get the brave/hero/GOAT comments regarding all of his “comebacks.” They’re all from self-inflicted injuries that can be all traced back to his bad decisions. It’s hard to root for a guy who keeps hurting himself and the people closest to him over and over again due to bad decisions.

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  5. O

    Jun 21, 2022 at 1:21 am


  6. Rich

    Jun 21, 2022 at 12:16 am

    Hes a bum.

  7. Dave R

    Jun 20, 2022 at 6:45 pm


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  9. Greg McNeill

    Jun 20, 2022 at 11:16 am

    People do not give Tiger the credit for his sheer willpower. Yes, he has elite talent and yes, his total devotion to and focus on the game produced, IMO, the best stretch of golf that has ever been played at the professional level. But what he’s been through since 2008 in order to still compete and win is nothing short of remarkable: the injuries, the surgeries, the crash, etc would have convinced the vast majority of golfers to call it a day. I mean, by the mid-2000s, he had already accumulated more wealth than he could ever need.

    I’ve been through post-surgery rehab- it’s hell. I can’t imagine going through that multiple times in order to compete without there being any guarantee that I would ever be competitive again.

    • IR

      Jun 21, 2022 at 12:48 pm

      Nothing more than Woods sycophant rantings. What a joke. There have been many athletes that have been through worse and won championships.

      • Joe

        Jun 26, 2022 at 11:56 am

        bohooo nothing worse than a Tiger hater. I bet you cried in your mommy’s pillow when he won 2019 masters.

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19th Hole

Freak incident leads LPGA pro to finish round putting with her wedge



Golf viewers have seen plenty of tantrums on the golf course.

Go back to the likes of John Daly and Jon Rahm for not exactly hiding their frustrations with a bad shot, whilst the list of players throwing or damaging clubs is manifold. Indeed, just five days ago, recordings showed Grayson Murray snapping a club over his knee after a wayward approach at the US Open in Brookline.

It’s a bit more unusual on the womens’ tours, although Brooke Henderson put up a show at the 2018 KPMG PGA Championship when throwing her club on to her bag and snapping it, rendering it impossible to play with.

LPGA player Emma Talley isn’t in that league and usually takes it out on her putter by rapping it against her left foot. On Thursday, however, she damaged her flat stick on the 6th green at Congressional, scene of this season’s KPMG event, some four years after Henderson’s misdemeanour.

The former US Women’s Amateur champion admitted it surprised her, as she hadn’t rapped the club with that much force:

“I hit my putter on my toe, but it wasn’t even that hard. That’s why I’m so upset because I wish I would have broken it out of madness, but it wasn’t even that hard. That’s what sucked.”

TV coverage showed viewers the 28-year-old putting with a wedge from that moment on whilst Todd Garry of the PGA of America explained:

“So, Emma, on the 6th green, missed a short putt and kind of hit her foot with her putter, and she loosened the clubhead. She could continue to use it throughout her round but she decided to use her wedge, so she must replace….she has to get that fixed before starting her round tomorrow, but she could have kept using her putter.”

Coverage then showed Talley in tears after missing a gettable putt on the 8th, her 17th of the day, and finished 6-over, some four shots off the cut line.

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19th Hole

DP World Tour announces sanctions for LIV golfers…including heavy fines



In a dramatic move by the DP World Tour, all players involved with the LIV Golf Series will be fined and banned from entering the Scottish Open in July.

With the highly-regarded tournament set to take place at the Renaissance Club for the fourth year in succession, many of the top players will have planned to use the event to prepare for The Open Championship, set to have its 150th running at St. Andrews, just a week later.

Whilst the R&A, the organisation with control of the final major, is allowing LIV players into the event, this seems to be a European version of the twists and turns in the United States, where LIV players were welcomed into the PGA Championship but shunned by the PGA Tour.

The DP World Tour will fine members that played at the opening LIV event at the Centurion Club to the tune of £100,000 and suspend all from both the Genesis Scottish Open and Barbasol Championship, held from July 7th-10th, and from the Barracuda Championship, taking place as an ‘opposite’ event to what should be a classic final major.

Keith Pelley, Chief Executive of the DP World Tour, has not ruled out further action, his statement confirming that participation in further conflicting tournaments without the required release “may incur further sanctions.”

The Scottish Open is an event that has often enticed many of the live candidates for The Open, and can list both Phil Mickelson and Graeme McDowell as previous winners, the pair now banned from the event because of their participation in the inaugural LIV event.

The 2021 running saw Collin Morikawa finish down the field before coming on from the experience to win the Claret Jug, whilst joint runner-up Matt Fitzpatrick subsequently won the Andalucia Masters and, of course, the recent US Open at Brookline.

Whilst the amount of the fine is peanuts in comparison to the millions that has been offered to the likes of Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, this will go down well with players with the same mindset as Morikawa, Max Homa and Rory McIlroy, all of whom talk of history and tradition.

Indeed, the last-named and recent Canadian Open winner has labelled some of the breakaway players as “duplicitous”, a reference to the talk of ‘loyalty’ to the PGA Tour and a quick backtrack to signing for the Saudi-backed series.

Pelley was clear in his statement made earlier today:

“Every action anyone takes in life comes with a consequence and it is no different in professional sport, especially if a person chooses to break the rules. That is what has occurred here with several of our members.”

“Many members I have spoken to in recent weeks expressed the viewpoint that those who have chosen this route have not only disrespected them and our Tour but also the meritocratic ecosystem of professional golf that has been the bedrock of our game for the past half a century and which will also be the foundation upon which we build the next 50 years.”

Pelley concludes, “Their actions are not fair to the majority of our membership and undermine the Tour, which is why we are taking the action we have announced today.”

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19th Hole

Xander Schauffele reveals why he turned down ‘obnoxious’ LIV money



Xander Schauffele has been one of stars on the PGA Tour who’s been rumored to be a target of the LIV Golf series.

According to his interview with The Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio, he’s been steadfast in turning down the proposals of the Saudi-backed golf league.

“Yeah I’m here,” he said. “I met with Jay, we had a player meeting today. I met with Jay myself yesterday and I see myself right now trying to find a way to keep guys on the Tour versus being one to bail.”

“I’m very happy with what’s going on the Tour for the most part and I feel like there’s enough here. I know we’re competing against a big pot of money that’s sort of never ending, you can strike out a million times but there’s still gonna be on that plate swinging so it’s a hard competitor to go up against but I feel like there’s enough on this Tour and enough talent to make it the best in the world and keep it the best.”

“I’m not the first one to sit here and lie to somebody, the numbers being thrown around are very obnoxious. There are certain numbers that even fans of mine, if they looked at it and sit it they’d tell me I’m an idiot for not going, but right now, I’m 28-years-old, I want to win Major championships, I want to win PGA Tour events, and I really think we can make this product on the PGA Tour, it’s been the best and now there is competition, and we can keep it the best with the talent we have, we just kind of need to unify and keep it together.

“So to any one of my fans, words are words, and actions speak louder than words, and right now my actions are to stay on the tour and you’ll see me out here competing on the PGA Tour circuit.”

Of course, Brooks Koepka and others have said they were staying on the PGA Tour and ended up going to LIV anyway. Some users on Twitter pointed out Schauffele’s careful wording when answering the question.

@ToeTagginTambo pointed out that he used the words “right now” when describing his intentions to stay on the PGA Tour, but Xander has, at the very least, committed his immediate future to the PGA Tour.

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