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Best players distance irons for a ‘picker’ – GolfWRXers discuss



In our forums, our members have been discussing players distance irons for a picker of the ball. WRXer ‘bazinky’ kicks off the thread, saying:

“I’m about to go through the fitting and selection process for a new set of irons this spring and need to try and narrow my choices down to a manageable list. Iron play is generally one of my strengths, but I could use some help with distance and elevation in the 4 and 5 iron slot as my body continues to decay due to age and my current fitness regime of too much beer and too little exercise. 

The Mizuno 223/225, T100s, and Ping i525 are my current top candidates. I would love to hear the impressions of these irons from other pickers or any other suggestions that have worked well.”

And our members have been putting forward their best suggestions in our forum.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Sofia: “I found the original T200 to be phenomenal for a picker like me (of course, I sold them because that’s what we do) and currently have the i525 on order. Hit them on a launch monitor, and numbers were great.”
  • Snowman9000: “I’m a sweeper/picker. I like to look at the lower CG models; it really helps. (Found in MPF sections at The T100 looks good on that measure. Pings are usually very high CG. For what it’s worth, I just tested the 6 iron of the Maltby TS2, and I love it. My set arrives tomorrow. You might look at their TS1.”
  • dmeeksDC: “Mizuno Pro 225. Soles are thinner than others in its class. It also has nice camber. Strong lofts, which will help since you likely add loft. Low bounce in long irons to mid bounce in short irons.”
  • 95124hacker: “Fellow picker here. PXG 0311P is my recommendation.”

Entire Thread: “Best players distance irons for a ‘picker’ – GolfWRXers discuss”

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  15. Don T Facsímiles & Co

    Mar 11, 2022 at 10:06 am

    $10k with magical GSS properties. For more information contact Don T. Facsimile aka Scotty Cameron.

  16. Bruce Bryant

    Mar 11, 2022 at 9:52 am

    What is the average price for a good putter

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Whats in the Bag

George Bryan IV WITB 2023 (November)



  • George Bryan IV WITB accurate as of the Butterfield Bermuda Championship. 

Driver: Callaway Rogue ST Max (9 degrees @8)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Red 6 X

3-wood: Callaway Paradym (15 degrees @14)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 7 X

Driving iron: Callaway Rogue ST Pro (3-iron)
Shaft: Mitsubishi MMT 125 TX

Irons: Callaway Apex Pro ‘19 (4), Callaway X Forged ’21 (5-PW)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 (4), Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 130X (5-PW)

Wedges: Callaway Jaws Raw (50-10S, 54-10S, 58-08C)

Putter: Odyssey Versa Double Wide

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X

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Coolest thing for sale in the GolfWRX Classifieds (11/10/23): Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven S Mallet putter 



At GolfWRX, we are a community of like-minded individuals that all experience and express our enjoyment of the game in many ways.

It’s that sense of community that drives day-to-day interactions in the forums on topics that range from best driver to what marker you use to mark your ball. It even allows us to share another thing we all love – buying and selling equipment.

Currently, in our GolfWRX buy/sell/trade (BST) forum, there is a listing for a Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven S Mallet putter.

From the seller: (@RicAsh03): “Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven S Mallet Putter – New condition (a few putts hit in shop, but no actual play by anyone). Shaft is the red Stroke Lab at 34.5”. Grip is a Golf Pride Pro Only Green with +1 wraps of tape. Amazing putter. $200.”

To check out the full listing in our BST forum, head through the link: Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven S Mallet putter 

This is the most impressive current listing from the GolfWRX BST, and if you are curious about the rules to participate in the BST Forum you can check them out here: GolfWRX BST Rules

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For a limited time only, the Golf Pride V55 grip returns



As GolfWRXers of a certain age remember, back in 2004, for a celebration of its 50th anniversary, Golf Pride released the cult classic V55 grip.

The popular model combined Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet and Victory grips, the latter of which features the iconic-in-its-own-right “Grip Rite Swing Rite” alignment aid.

According to the company the “blend of responsiveness, feel, and a throwback design that helped with consistent hand placement, V55 quickly became a mainstay in golf bags.”

Now, for a limited time, it can be a mainstay in your golf bag again. Available via the company website, Golf Pride is relaunching full cord and rubber versions of the V55.

The non-cord V55 will retail for $11.99, while the cord version will cost $12.99.



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