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2021 Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 drivers: Rebound Frame Technology for maximum energy transfer



The new 2021 Srixon ZX7 and ZX5 drivers may be the ones that gets the company a steady seat at the head table.

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to “pound for pound” performance across the board, Srixon is quietly as competitive as anyone in the game. Ask any fitter across North America, and when mentioned, the Srixon driver constantly brings a nodding of the head and knowing smile. Why? The product is always good.

If there is one area that Srixon hasn’t quite busted loose yet, it would be the metal woods—not for lack of competitive offerings—more so awareness, and Tour presence, which yes, does make a difference.

2021 Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 drivers: The details

New 2021 Srixon ZX7 driver – sole view

New 2021 Srixon ZX5 driver – sole view

The Tech Story: Rebound Frame Technology

In simple terms, Srixon Rebound Frame Technology optimizes points on the clubhead that can maximize energy transfer and direct it back exactly where you need it: into the golf ball.

By tuning in the flexibility and rigidity of regions of the ZX drivers, Srixon can now take the 1.21 Gigawatts of energy powered by the speed of the head, and give the golfer a club that wants to release it—almost like pulling back a slingshot cemented into the ground with elastic made out of Spider-Man Web (best analogy that came to mind).

More photos and discussion in the forums.

Make sense?

Both models have a strong, yet lightweight, carbon crown (15 percent larger than previous models), which allows Srixon to place more weight down and around the clubhead stabilizing the face, creating higher MOI.

Flex Zone 1: Club face built with very strong and flexible Ti51AF titanium 

Flex Zone 2: Ring of flexible material behind the clubface

Rigid Zone 1: Directly behind the clubface 

Rigid Zone 2: Strong but light carbon fiber crown

“Rebound Frame is a speed-enhancing technology. Our objective is to have the best ball speed of any driver available – especially for high swing-speed, better players. We’ve engineered regions of stiffness and flexibility into the face and clubhead, producing a driver that returns an unprecedented amount of energy into the ball.” -Jeff Brunski Srixon R&D

More photos and discussion in the forums.

Srixon ZX5 vs ZX7 driver: Tale of the Tape

Breaking down the two models is quite simple as most OEMs follow this tried and true method

  • ZX5 is your high MOI, rear weighted, fairway machine. Comes stock with an 8g back weight but can be replaced for the desired launch with 4g, 6g, 10g, or 12g depending on the desired swing weight
  • ZX7 is your fine-tuned, forward CG, low launch players driver although both will see action on TOUR. Comes stock with an 8g and 4g weight system to fine-tune shot shape preference. The heavy weight in the toe helps it fade and vice versa.

New 2021 Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 Drivers


ZX7: Compared to the ZX5, the ZX7 has rounded shaping and a flatter crown to give better players that square-to-open flow at address.

ZX5: Has a more triangular shape with a higher crown to inspire a bit more confidence for the player looking for forgiveness.


TG2 host Brian Knudson had a chance to test the ZX Drivers and this is what he had to say on the feel of each

ZX5: “The ZX5 slightly shallower face and longer heel to toe than the ZX7, giving you confidence in the club at address. At impact, the ZX5 offers you the feel of the golf ball compressing and then firing off the face for great ball speed. The impact sound is slightly louder than I expected but was a low pitched tone that is far from hollow or tinny.”

ZX7: “The deeper face and more compact, rounded shape of the ZX7 is going to appeal to most better players. Offering great responsiveness the ZX7 allows you to really feel the difference between center contact and slightly missed shots. Ball speed across those hits is very high and met with a similar low pitched bang that the ZX5 offers.”

The Tour

I had the chance to chat with Srixon Tour Rep Michael Jolly on the new 2021 Srixon ZX Drivers and this is what he had to say:

JW: What has been the overall reaction to the new driver on TOUR and what specifically have the players responded positively to?

MJ: Across all tours, the ZX drivers have been more widely adopted than any Srixon driver we’ve introduced. We really built on the positives of the Z85 series driver.  In the Z85 series, we had WAY more adoption than the Z65 series with countless wins across all tours, including a British Open win. We had a driver in the Z85 that was very fast, and continues to be played and liked by the guys—most just felt the misses needed to be better. There was less dropoff in ball speed and tighter dispersions when struck off-center.  The rebound frame is a really cool technology that we have seen first-hand make a difference.  Tour Pros are finding this driver incredibly fast while seeing mis-hits stay between the lines with less distance dropoff.

JW: With Major Champions on staff like McDowell, Lowry, and Bradley, how much input do you get from them in regards to shape and performance?

MJ: Quite a bit, really.  The three you mentioned are wonderful brand ambassadors that genuinely want to see us make the best equipment possible. The performance input/evaluation part is constant.  There isn’t any time that their feedback, input, and testing results whether qualitative or quantitative isn’t documented and relayed to the R&D team.  In terms of shape, that falls into the greater process of product development.  These guys will see very early (not hit-able) prototypes of future products and we ask them to identify what they like and do not like about what’s in front of them. As we move through that process and testing begins, taking into account their feedback (performance or cosmetic), the product evolves into that final form. These guys are definitely a valuable resource in our product development.

srixon zx7-left-srixon-zx-5-right-comparison

Srixon ZX7 (L), Srixon ZX5 (R)


General Info

The ZX7 driver comes standard with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black Shaft, while the ZX5 driver features the Project X HZRDUS EvenFlow Riptide Shaft.

Every model in the new ZX Woods family features the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip.

Retail Information

ZX7 driver: $529.99

ZX5 driver: $499.99

Retail Launch Date: January 15

More photos and discussion in the forums.

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  2. Luis Dix

    Dec 7, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Has anyone won with a Srixon driver?

    • Brad Wall

      Dec 7, 2020 at 9:22 pm

      Graeme McDowell and Shane Lowery (British Open). Their irons are the best in golf. These new drivers are the real deal.

    • JWM

      Dec 9, 2020 at 11:24 am

      X7 has 3 wins on the corn ferry tour this year.

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