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2020 Titleist CNCPT irons (CP-02, CP-03, CP-04): Pushing iron technology to the limits



Advanced engineering, advanced materials, and the endless pursuit of creating the most technology-packed irons in golf—these are the new 2020 Titleist CNCPT irons.

It wasn’t that long ago the perception of Titleist, along with its woods and irons, was of a company that stayed the course and delivered incremental advancements to product lines—solid performers, but by no means class-leading or innovative. Another way to say it is for a long time, the perception was, Titleist liked to play it safe and deliver what its core audience (generally better players) expected.

But Titleist now vs. Titleist then is a very different beast, and the CNCPT irons are part of that evolution.

Titleist’s technology evolution

Before we get into the details of the new CNCPT line, we have to take a look back at what the line represents. For Titleist and its team of engineers, it’s the ever-changing challenge to push manufacturing and material technologies in clubs without concern for cost—it’s the “if we build it, they will come” philosophy, and it’s proven to be a willing formula. It’s no different than car companies offering limited run concept or supercars for those most concerned with peak performance over trunk space and fuel efficiency.

It started with the C16, and has evolved to where it is today with the CNCPT CP-02, CP-03, and CP-04, clubs designed for any level of golfer looking for the absolute best performing irons possible.

This “new innovative Titleist” is no accident either. When talking about the evolution of their golf club R&D department, since 2008 they have gone from 13 engineers and designers to over 70—that’s a lot more brainpower to focus on individual projects and clubs which in turn results in more people time per product. You might also note the almost-7X expansion of R&D started in 2008, just before the release of the iconic AP series of irons, which went on to become a juggernaut brand for Titleist and has now evolved into the T-Series, the next evolution of Titleist players performance.

The CNCPT materials story

This line is built around the use of exotic high-performance materials, some of which can take up to eight months of lead time to source as per Titleist. Although Titleist continues to be hush-hush about the exact metal used in the construction of the CNCPT faces, they are willing to say the materials are sourced in the U.S. and sent to be manufactured overseas.

“The material is so strong and resilient that we’re able to forge iron faces thinner than we once thought possible. It’s difficult to obtain and extremely challenging to implement into the manufacturing process, but the benefits to the overall construction in terms of ball speed, launch, distance, and trajectory are just astounding.” -Marni Innes

Whatever the exact material is, I would be willing to bet ATI (Allegheny Technologies Incorporated) has something to do with it since the ATI logo and initials can be found on the new TSi drivers.

To add some additional background ATI is a massive specialty materials company with sales that surpassed $4 billion dollars in 2019. Materials they have designed are used in jet engines, nuclear submarines, wind turbines, deepsea mining, military aircraft bodies, and other defense applications.

Each part of the CNCPT irons have been forged, cast, and processed to the limits of manufacturing precision to create irons that generate supreme ball speeds with ideal launch alongside unmatched forgiveness.

The technology

  • Forged super metal L-face insert – This is the thinnest unsupported, constant-thickness face in golf. The “L” shape moves the weld line away from the leading edge for greater compliance (engineering term for flexing) at impact resulting in supreme ball speeds with increased launch.
  • Multi-material, hollow body design – The materials used for each part allows for optimized forgiveness and precise center of gravity placement in every club in every model.
  • High-density tungsten – This heavy rare earth metal makes up nearly 50 percent of the total head mass in the lower lofted irons in each model.  A minimum of 100 grams of tungsten on average is used in the mid to long irons in each model to produce the most generous sweet spot possible.

2020 Titleist CNCPT irons: The models

The new CNCPT series expands on the previous two models by introducing three distinct irons to allow players to build their perfect blended combo set. The shapes, lofts, and profiles of each set transition seamlessly to make sure looks, feel, and performance match perfectly.

Titleist CP-02 irons

Maximum performance in a traditional blade sized head, with minimum offset, and a progress muscle design. The CP-02 mid-to-long irons (3-8) average 113g tungsten per head.

Titleist CP-03 irons

Designed to balance effortless power with control, and forgiveness. This is a blended head shape that will remind many golfers of the T100 or 718 AP2. It still offers minimal offset in a small to midsized muscle back design. With the slightly wider sole the CP-03 mid to long irons (3-7) average 104g tungsten per head.

Titleist CP-04 irons

These are the big bad ball speed monsters, built to provide maximum speed all over the face with enhanced forgiveness. They are the largest CNCPT model but do not look out of place in the “players distance” category. They are a midsized design with progressive and moderate offset. Since they have the widest soles of the three models they average of 100g tungsten, from the mid to longest iron (4-7).

CNCPT Specs, pricing, and availability

New Titleist CNCPT irons will be available for custom fitting beginning September 24, through Titleist fitting and Trial events being held nationwide.

The irons will be available with any shaft option, steel or graphite in Titleist’s custom shaft matrix and all 3 CNCPT irons ( CP-02, CP-03, and CP-04) are priced at $500 each, or $3500 for a 7 piece set. To find an event, or book a CNCPT fitting with a Titleist Product Specialist visit the website here.


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Ryan Barath is part of the Digital Content Creation Team for GolfWRX. He hosts the "On Spec" Podcast on the GolfWRX Radio Network which focuses on discussing everything golf, including gear, technology, fitting, and course architecture. He is a club-fitter & master club builder with more than 17 years of experience working with golfers of all skill levels, including PGA Tour players. He is the former Build Shop Manager & Social Media Coordinator for Modern Golf. He now works independently from his home shop and is a member of advisory panels to a select number of golf equipment manufacturers. You can find Ryan on Twitter and Instagram where he's always willing to chat golf, and share his passion for club building, course architecture and wedge grinding.



  1. Howard Hayden

    Sep 27, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    Specs are kind of hard to read but is that 41 degrees for the CP-04 PW? If reading correctly, that suggests the magic technology is nothing more than strengthening the lofts. What was it P.T. Barnum said?

  2. grat702

    Sep 25, 2020 at 6:19 pm

    13 designers and engineers to now over 70….
    No wonder they are 3K a set ???????????

  3. Jo Momma

    Sep 25, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    $500 AN IRON?!?!?


  4. golfraven

    Sep 25, 2020 at 9:58 am

    Those have been introduced two years ago back in September 2018. They added now the CP-04 to the mix but obviously still looking for poor/rich suckers who will buy those. I ain’t one of them. You get an entire new set of AP3s from 718 line for the price of one club of the CNCPT. I know what I would do.

  5. JD

    Sep 25, 2020 at 9:15 am

    Over-priced marketing hype… it’s so hot right now.

  6. Archie

    Sep 25, 2020 at 12:33 am

    Will they take my car as a trade ?

  7. Tom

    Sep 24, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    I mean, whatever. I’m sure the technology is good.

    But why can’t they use vowels when they name things? Is CNCPT edgy? Is this a golf club or a NYC night club?

  8. dat

    Sep 24, 2020 at 9:12 pm

    Hilariously overpriced

  9. Joey5Picks

    Sep 24, 2020 at 4:40 pm

    $500/club, so a set of 5i-PW is $3k. That would buy A LOT of lessons, which would actually have more effect on lowering your score. You could even spend time with Butch Harmon and get more bang for your buck.

  10. JerryCrl

    Sep 24, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Overpriced mumbo jumbo. Ive hit the previous CNCPT models and they are nothing to write home about. Heck nobody even pays attention to them being in the bag.

  11. Ahsjcirosnan

    Sep 24, 2020 at 10:57 am

    Ooooooh no vowels. So edgy.

  12. brian

    Sep 24, 2020 at 10:22 am

    Save yourself $2000 and wait for this tech to find its way into the next T100/200/300 release. They’re likely to look much more pleasing to the eye than these CNCPT monstrosities, to boot.

  13. JD

    Sep 24, 2020 at 9:26 am

    This is cool and all, but when i can buy a TSi driver?

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Justin Thomas: What makes him an elite wedge player



It might be easy to say that a player like Justin Thomas is near the top of the leaderboard because

  1. He hits it the best
  2. He drives it long and relatively straight
  3. He is having a good putting week

I would agree and disagree with all three. Yes, they are definitely factors, but in my opinion, it’s his wedge play that has been the most notable part of his game—especially in 2020.

If you look at the stats, you will find a player who is not only damn-near deadly from 150 yards and in, but also a player who gets out of trouble about as well as anyone in the top 10 in the world.

We are talking about 2020 as a whole FYI.

(Stats via

Now strokes gained wedge stats have multiple variables affecting the ultimate stat, fairways hit, where a player misses it, out of the rough vs out of the fairway, putting, yada, yada, yada….

At this point, if I had to pick a player to get it done around the greens it would JT or Jon Rahm. True artists. Go back and watch some of the shots from the FedEx at TPC Southwind or even Kapalua this year, it was the reliance on his wedges that became the secret sauce. Like the putter, good wedge play can be an equalizer when anything else is falling short. And when the rest of the bag is decent, for a player like JT, good wedge play equals wins.

I wanted to dig in a little deeper, so I asked my old friend, Vokey’s Aaron Dill a few questions on what makes JT unique with a wedge in his hands…

JW: As far as technique, what in his action makes JT so good? And if you could compare him to someone who would it be?

AD: Justin’s technique is really something to watch. His ability to stay loose, calm, and maintain effortless speed while delivering the wedge accurately really shows his comfort with a wedge in his hands. Justin keeps the club out in front of him and he has mastered the ability to control his golf ball’s flight and spin.  I could compare him to many, but I sometimes feel he is in a league of his own.  

JW: Beyond the great shots we see on highlight reels, where does JT really get it done from an SG perspective? What do you see that the average person wouldn’t? 

AD: Justin does it all very well. You know this because he is 9th in SG around the green and this is partly due to his spotless technique but his ability to scramble in difficult situations. Something he does that amazes me is his creative vision of shots. There are times when he is in a situation where he hits a shot we don’t expect or think of. His comfort with a wedge is fun to watch, he makes all short game shots seem like they are no big deal and you can see this by his free-flowing, loose and speedy wedge action. You can tell he feels at peace with his wedge technique.

JW: He has an interesting set up for his wedges that has been well covered, but since you first met him, how has his understanding and approach to his wedges and wedge play evolved?

AD: Justin’s wedge set is unique, however, a lot of thought and intelligence has gone into crafting this matrix. Since the first time I met him, he has worked hard and he has always had the desire to want to improve and push himself. You can see it in his strength training, his increase in ball speed, and his general approach to competitive golf. His knowledge of his short game has improved over the years and it shows in his success. You can see how comfortable he feels when a wedge is pulled from the bag, you can bet he will be landing the ball close to the hole setting himself up for a makable putt.

Justin Thomas’ wedge specs 

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design Raw SM7 (46-10F @47.5, 52-12F @52.5), Vokey SM8 (56-14F @57), Titleist Vokey Design WedgeWorks (60T @ 60.5)

Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (46), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 (52-60)

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