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Recap: Live Q&A with Cobra Golf



On March 26, the R&D team for COBRA PUMA GOLF joined us for a live Q&A with GolfWRX members.  The experts at COBRA Golf HQ in Southern California gathered in the board room to answer all things COBRA.  Check out the recap below.

Who Was Here
Joining us in the COBRA Golf HQ board room:

  • Vice President of R&D: Tom Olsavsky
  • Director of Product Marketing: Jose Miraflor
  • Director of Research and Testing: Mike Yagley
  • Doug Roberts – Director of Design

This Q&A occurred at 1pm ET/10am PT on Wednesday, March 26


Three (3) GolfWRX members who had their questions answered by COBRA Golf during the Q&A will win BiO CELL Drivers!

A transcript is below.  Enjoy!



(Click here to read the archive of the chat in the forums.)
Cobra Golf:
Hi everyone – welcome to the live chat with the R&D team from COBRA Golf. We are excited to be here to answer your questions. Thanks for having us! Enjoy Golf!

Who’s Here

  • Vice President of R&D: Tom Olsavsky
  • Director of Product Marketing: Jose Miraflor
  • Director of Research and Testing: Mike Yagley
  • Doug Roberts – Director of Design

GolfWRX Member Golfingfanatic: We have seen limited releases for the US Masters & US Open. Any chance the other two majors get something similar?

Cobra Golf: Thanks for your interest in the LE’s. We think they are a nice way to bring some of the excitement around the Majors to the Cobra brand! While we would like to create additional releases, we still want to ensure that they are in demand by golfers. What do you think golfers would be more excited about? An Open Championship or PGA Championship release? BTW- What country to you live in? -Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member NKTKT10: Cobra is advertising Bio-Cell design and the Venollum crown as weight saving technologies designed to allow more weight to be located low and back for increased MOI.  Why did Cobra opt for a low and back CG and not low and forward like some competitors? Also is there any chance of a limited release of solid color heads?  I like the colors, but I’m just not a fan of the two tone look.

GolfWRX Member skylargolf: What improvements have been made in the Bio cell line of woods over last years Amp cell line?  The Amp Cell’s seemed to be a huge success for Cobra as they performed very well.

Cobra Golf: The BiO CELL family of metals features many new, game-changing improvements that result in Distance Gains and Consistency. The New BiO CELL E9 face features Cell optimized areas on the face where our engineers were able to remove Titanium to help the face flex more, which increases the COR Area. This faster COR area will keep your ball speeds up when you hit it off center. This new face area, combined with a lighter hosel structure, frees up over 6 grams of weight to reposition lower and further back in the head to reduce spin, deliver more speed and improve launch. Simply said MORE Distance! A CELL Pattern was utilized in the crown area to free up more weight to contribute to the LOW & BACK CG area.  The BiO CELL+ Driver features the same CELL weighting technologies as BiO CELL with an added multi-material construction. The new VENOLLUM crown is made of a new, lighter alloy that helps to free up even more weight to make this driver the lowest CG driver that we have created. Lower CG = More Speed, Lower Spin, and MORE Distance.  ALL the BC metals feature simple yet effective adjustability through MyFLY8 and SmartPad technologies. MyFly8 adds one more loft setting and one more draw setting for which to maximize you trajectory and distance with. SmartPad which is our patented technology delivers a square face no matter the loft/trajectory setting you choose.  Many may overlook the face that being able to tune your long game (fairways & hybrids) to evenly gap between your driver and longest iron is Key to attaching today’s longer golf courses. You can adjust to any distance, any course, any condition any swing with MyFly8 and Smartpad.- Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member billeht: Will Greg Norman’s return to Cobra be influencing any new equipment? ie any “Shark”-line themed clubs.

Cobra Golf: Since he re-signed with Cobra this year, Greg Norman has been collaborating with our R&D team on product development for a number of our 2015 products – Tom Olsavsky

GolfWRX Member TheMoneyShot: Is CPG any further along with the highend milled putter?  There were rumors that a highend line was in the works and was hoping you could elaborate more on this if you can.  Thanks for taking time and answering our questions.

Cobra Golf: Many of us are passionate about putters and we will continue to investigate where we would like to re-enter the Putter Market with a “Cool” Putter that works really well. Stay tuned! – Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member Oaks: Is there any truth to the rumor that we may see the King Cobra name back in the retail marketplace?

Cobra Golf: [youtube id=”bufTna0WArc” width=”620″ height=”360″] 🙂

GolfWRX Member enis750: Will there be a new AMP CELL Pro irons making a debut next year?

Cobra Golf: Without giving to much away about future products, I can say that we are innovating everyday and Rickie is one of our KEY customers. -Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member CheckJV: I liked my silver AMP Cell so much I bought a Blue AMP Cell driver and fairway wood for my dad (74 years old).  However, the “older” crowd seems to be really turned off by the colors.  The Cell products are just exceptional technology so I was wondering if you would ever think about an all black color to gain more sales with the “conservative” golfers…or is that not Cobra’s target demographic?

Cobra Golf: Hey dude, when is the last time you looked at our website?  Aren’t you on Golfwrx every day? 🙂  It just so happens that we added black as our 5th color this year. -Tom Olsavsky

GolfWRX Member Txstcatman: Thanks WRX and Cobra Golf for putting this on!

1.  In terms of a marketing standpoint, is there any plan to continue towards signing younger tour pros to contracts in order to keep growing the game from a youth standpoint?  It seems that guys like Poulter and Fowler, being young and into the trendsetting subjects of fashion and sports, have attracted much younger fans to the game of golf.

2.  What feedback do you seek out from your tour pros and other individuals when it comes to your product performance and what kind of challenge does it pose in engineering improvements for the next cycle of goods?

Cobra Golf:

1. For us at Cobra Golf it’s not necessarily about age, it’s about youthfulness and finding good players who can cut through the clutter and drive awareness to our brand. We want to sign people that are right for the brand and will help spread our message of Game Enjoyment. -Tom Olsavskythe game of golf.

2. We are continually working with our tour staff on every aspect of club performance from the typical needs (look/ sound/ feel/ distance etc) but also the aesthetics. Our tour staff is very keen and definitely fashion forward, and we greatly value their input at every step of the R&D process.- Mike Yagley

GolfWRX Member WVP: Nice, this should be interesting. Thanks WRX and Cobra…

1. The new Bio Cell drivers look great, and really have my interest for 2014. Can you expand on the differences between the Bio Cell and + versions? Maybe more info than “lower spin and more workable”, if possible. How playable is the + driver for mid to high handicaps?

2. The last few iron releases have had hit or miss responses on WRX, mostly due to cosmetics. However, they all look great behind the ball (better than most OEM’s) from address. How do you balance pushing the envelope without turning off more traditional golfers?

Cobra Golf: A simple way to differentiate between the two families is that BiO CELL was designed to have a higher ball flight with a slight draw bias. BiO CELL+ was designed to fly lower with less spin and features a more neutral to soft fade bias so that the golfer can work the ball.

My Fitting Thoughts:

BiO CELL will fit most golfers. We have golfers from tour to 30 handicaps using these products. Speed and Forgiveness was the goal. The metals feature slightly higher lofts needed with todays lower CG positioned heads. The irons, like the metals, feature a low, deep CG for higher launches and slight draw bias. Who wouldn’t want that? BiO CELL+ will fit the stronger, faster swingers, typically lower handicaps, but of course not limited only to low handicaps. If you are a golfer that luanches it high but would like to control your trajectory or reduce your spin to mazimize distance, these products are for you. If you want to work the ball more in any direction, these products are even more for you. The BC+ family features more compact shapes that were designed with feedback from our Tour staff and better players on our test panel. – Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member deck: Lots of talk of loft and face angles of adjustable drivers. Can you please explain your my fly to us and how exactly it works different from the others?

Cobra Golf: The My Fly sleeve system works similar to other single axis sleeve systems in providing loft and lie adjustments. The Smart Pad is the key to the system, providing a consistent point for the head to sit on the ground. The Smart Pad works in conjunction with the My Fly to provide consistent face angle regardless of My Fly setting. This provides the best way to optimize performance. Tom Olsavsky

GolfWRX Member Kylekoz17: Which driver head is higher launching between the bio cell and bio cell +? Thanks!

Cobra Golf:  Both drivers can be launched high by simply adjusting the MyFly setting. BC can be adjusted up to 12 degrees and the BC+ can go up to 11 degrees.  If both drivers were set to 9.5 the BC would fly higher, have more spin and have a slight draw tendency. -Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member pompjr: I currently have a ZL encore driver.. It is the best driver I have ever owned!! What is the difference between the bio cell and the zl encore besides the adjustability?  Launch? Spin?  Forgiveness ?

Cobra Golf: Relative to the ZL Encore the BiO Cell+ driver:

– is a more compact design (440cc vs 460cc ZL Encore)

– has more efficient weight management through E9 and BiO Cell technology

– has lower CG which gives more ball speed, less spin for more distance

– has a relatively high MOI for its compact size and shape for forgiveness

– comes in more colors

– sounds really good (subjective but a consistent player comment) -Mike Yagley

GolfWRX Member TheMoneyShot: I’d like to see Cobra go back to their roots and offer traditional look drivers, fwys, irons and hybrids with less graphics.  Anything like that in the works?

Cobra Golf: We strive to make classically shaped heads, and offer Attack Black and a very nice Tradewinds Silver. Crown graphics are used on many modern designs and we think our’s are very tasteful. In doing market research with golfers, the majority prefer some design elements vs plain colors. Compare our decals to R1 and RBZ Stage 2 from last year. An obvious example of way too much, that seems to be a mistake from the market leader. We are continuing to create and set many style trends, with some other, larger companies now following suit and even copying elements of our previous designs like racing stripes and button backs 🙂 – All

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: What does Rickie Fowler have dialed in for his adjustable driver head?

Cobra Golf: Rickie is dialed in with a loft of 9.25 degrees, MRC Whiteboard 73X tipped 1″, 44.5″ total length, Tour Velvet BCT Full Cord Round, D3 swingweight and he is very pleased with his new driver and hitting it really Loooooooooong!! – Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member EMgolf: First of all, I’d like to thank Cobra and GolfWRX for doing something like this! To Cobra: I have a lot of respect for what your company has done for golf over the last few years. Grabbing Rickie and going with the bright colors and different designs has really made golf cool again for a younger generation. This is so very important for the long-term life of sport. Cobra deserves more respect from the golf community than they probably get. When you watch golf you see so many little kids dressed in Puma gear for Rickie(Not to mention the little kid dressed head to toe following him around the other weekend!). For this reason and the fact that you guys make a great product is why almost all of my bag is filled with Cobra clubs and I love wearing a Puma hat to the course! Now, onto the questions…

1) Have you guys thought about getting into the high-end graphite iron shaft as up-charge options? Some of the other major OEM companies offer Recoils or Steelfiber or the rare RIP Tour shaft options now as up-charge shafts. I wanted Aldila RIP Tours for my Amp Cell irons and had to go through Aldila after the fact to get them. Just wondering if this is something you’re working on for the future as it seems like they’re getting more and more popular.

2) Do you guys ever toy around with offering something like Callaway does with uDesign where people can design their own driver colors? Seems like some people’s apprehension with Cobra is the bright colors or odd designs. A program like this could solve that for some.


3) Any plans to update the Venom Vault anytime soon? Trying really hard not to pull the trigger on the Masters Bio Cell… But green is my alma mater’s color…

Cobra Golf:

1. As we continue to hear about the demand for higher end graphite custom shafts, we talk about it more and more. What shafts do you have interest in or know are excellent performers?

2. Check out in late April and be ready for our definition of “Cool Stuff That Works”.

3. Absolutely. Be sure to check the Venom Vault daily, because they go quick.  -Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member kobes31: Does Cobra have any plans to produce or release a deep face fairway or mini driver that seems to be trending currently?

Cobra Golf: We launched Long Tom 2 wood in 2011 as an early concept test but it was not a market success. We are always looking at new concepts to make better products but it would be improper to comment at this time on upcoming launches. But really, you need to check out one of the BiO Cell fairways, which recently got 5 stars for performance! If you want a driving 3 wood type club, just set the MyFly sleeve stronger and you will have a real winner off the tee! – Tom Olsavsky

GolfWRX Member Mitchell: First, thanks to CPG for taking the time to answer questions and consider input from membership. Thanks to Golfwrx for providing a positive forum for discussion. My questions are as follows-

1)With all of the refinements done on the tour trusty since first tested on tour, are you starting to see increased change toward tour trusty by tour staff players?

2) Are there plans in the near future to expand available lofts in tour trusty wedge line?

Cobra Golf:

1) Thanks for your interest in the Tour Trusty Wedges. They have been performing outstandingly for us and our Tour staffers.
Rickie Fowler: 47,51, 55 & 59 (He likes off lofts) Jonas Blixt: 53 & 60 Greg Norman: 52 & 57 Lexi Thompson: 51, 55 & 59
Non staffers: We have four non Cobra staffers using wedges as well. Unfortunately, legally I cannot name them. The feel and spin performance is what they depend on and the shape and non offset smooth transition from hosel to leading edge they love to look at.

2) Tour Trusty’s continue to grow in popularity. We are working now on what additional sole configurations would we want to bring from Tour to retail. Stay Tuned.  -Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member oldflgolfer: Hey guys thanks for taking the time here! My only question: Do you see the Bio Cell iron technology filtering down into a players forged version? This,  to me,  seems like the next wave in players irons.

Cobra Golf: We appreciate you submitting questions! Try BiO Cell + irons, you will be very surprised how good they feel and they look great at address! – Tom Olsavsky

GolfWRX Member DirecTVTechGuy: Being the industry standard when it comes to colors and being on the trendy side of the equipment game…Any thought to expand customization? And RF’s new irons are a MUST… Those things are Gorgeous!!!!

Cobra Golf:  Currently we offer one of the largest, if not the largest, custom offerings in our BC and BC+ line of irons. Heads come in Black, Silver, Blue, Orange & Red badges. Grips come in all colors and there is a wide variety of custom shafts to choose from. We feel like we lead in choice in both Drivers and Irons. On April 15 we will push that envelope even further. Check in the next few weeks! BTW – did you know that the BC+ Drivers and Fairways have three choices for stock shafts: Matrix 62 Gram Red Tie, Project X PXv Tour 52 gram and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White Board 72 gram. -Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member tbomb: Cobra’s re-branded themselves and have made a huge comeback in the industry, well done! Love all the stuff from the last 5 years. What are the odds of seeing some COBRA Ferrari themed putters?

Cobra Golf: There is a rare Ferrari Blade putter currently in select golf shops globally. The Putter features a 100% Machined Titanium Body joined to a 230 gram tungsten back flange that delivers both resists twisting for straighter putts and helps to create forward roll sooner. – Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member markjinc: Can the bio cell tip be used in the bio cell+ Driver head? How would you figure out what the loft translates too Thanks!

Cobra Golf: Yes.

BiO Cell (Tip Marking) = BiO Cell+ (Loft)

9.0° = 8.0°

9.5° = 8.5°

9.5° Draw = 8.5° Draw

10.5° = 9.5°

10.5° Draw = 9.5° Draw

11.5° = 10.5°

11.5° = 10.5° Draw

12° = 11.0°

-Mike Yagley

GolfWRX Member saggysag: Will you guys make amp cell pro wedges in higher lofts than “g”?

Cobra Golf: Because our staffers prefer to game the Tour Trusty’s we have not planned to create a “set” sand and lob for the AMP CELL Pro set. Give them a try, you will love the feel and control. – Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member Wall-E: What about the Bio Amp cell technology makes it more advanced than the leading brands of competitors on tour?

Cobra Golf: The BiO (not AMP) Cell has very aggressive E9 and Cell weighting technology that helps deliver the best combination of low CG and high MOI that we have measured. The E9 face technology also incorporates an elliptical geometric bias making it more forgiving on off center hits. Dual roll on the face is a subtle but effective way to increase launch angle and decrease spin on high and low impacts for more distance. Overall, we have several incremental design features you don’t see on competitors’ clubs that add up to noticeable performance gains.- Mike Yagley

GolfWRX Member jcorna01: I love these Q&A threads, so thank you to WRX for hosting them and thank you to Cobra for taking the time to answer our questions! How has becoming a part of Puma impacted Cobra’s equipment business and strategy?  How is it different now (if at all) than it was under Acushnet?

Cobra Golf: When Cobra was acquired by PUMA it really was a mutually beneficial partnership. PUMA benefited by being able to use Cobra’s global distribution model, resulting in an increased presence in accounts worldwide. Cobra benefited by being able to step out from behind Titleist. During the Acushnet days, Cobra was positioned more in the Senior and Women’s clubs categories, but now, under the new CPG umbrella, has been released to create high-performing products for all types of golfers. That is why you now see the full portfolio from Cobra: Ferrari – Super Premium Technology, BiO CELL+ – designed for the Tour staffers/better player, BiO CELL – designed for the Game Improvement golfer & Baffler XL designed for the senior & women golfers. – Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member Old BT: Love the ZL Encore driver! Any plans on continuing this line in the future? +1 on a players forged combo, too. Thanks, Cobra!

Cobra Golf: The ZL Encore was an excellent driver. Great launch conditions with outstanding forgiveness. We are using that driver as an inspiration for upcoming products. Stay tuned. – Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member Goldenhawk: Cobra is quite popular when it comes to juniors.  The Amp Cell Junior Driver was quite a hit.  Will there be an Bio Cell Junior Driver?  Will you be expanding the Junior Line to include fairway woods and irons too?

Cobra Golf: We just released the BiO CELL Junior Driver. It hit retail stores on 3/15. Here is a link to the website It features the same head technologies as well as MyFLY8 and Smart Pad, along with more loft for slower speeds and a Junior shaft to match to age and weights of our juniors. We don’t have plans to create a junior fairway wood or irons line but I can share with you what I built for my son and daughter. Contact our customer service (800) 843-5464 and as for Jose Miraflor  🙂

GolfWRX Member ThatBigBen: Is there going to be a new version of the Amp cell forged or is the Bio Cell+ irons somewhat filling that space with a similar head shape and tungsten weights? Any plans to expand the special edition Masters/US Open colors to fairways/hybrids?

Cobra Golf: The Masters/US Open Limited Edition will only be offered as a Driver. We have some cool new stuff in the works! – Doug Roberts

GolfWRX Member fishstix94: One of the new trends in golf is driving irons and driving hybrids, does cobra plan on releasing their own version of one? Maybe a baffler driving iron? 🙂

Cobra Golf: Since mostly Tour and better players carry these types of irons, it could be a great option to add to the BC+ family. Thanks for the suggestion, maybe we can have you on the test panel? -Jose Miraflor

GolfWRX Member youngwaldo: Any plans to release a 440cc or 430cc bio driver to compete with big names like Titleist and TaylorMade.

Cobra Golf: Another one who doesn’t look at our website 🙂  BiO CELL+ is 440 cc. Please try it out. It offers great low, back CG and for optimum distance with forgiveness, MyFly8, Smart Pad and five colors! – Tom Olsavsky

Cobra Golf: Hey all – thank you so much for joining our chat. Although the “live” chat is over in a few minutes, we’ll continue to answer your questions throughout the day! We really appreciate the participation. – The Cobra R&D Team


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lee

    Mar 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    My bad tipped over the other day and hit the cartpath, leaving me with a large shrapnel-esque scuffed area on the end of the crown (opposite the face) on my Amp Cell driver, 2-3 hybrid and 3-4 hybrid. Is there an authorized Cobra retailer or place that I can send my clubs to be touched up or painted?

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