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    Review: Graphite Design YS NanoReloaded Shafts

    Pros: A high-launching shaft that feels very smooth. Available for woods (50, 60 and 70-gram models) and hybrids (70 and 80-gram models). Cons: They’re cheaper than Graphite Design’s Tour-AD shafts, but they’re still pricy. Wood shafts have an MSRP...

    • Posted 19 days ago
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    Review: Hiskei “Wave” shaft

    Pros: Premium shaft with ripples that create more consistency and reduce vibration. They’re also a great value at $125 each. Cons: The Wave shaft produced a slightly lower launch and higher spin for both testers. Who’s it for? Anyone looking...

    • Posted 118 days ago
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    Review: Basileus Fiamma shaft

    Pros: The Basileus Fiamma is a gorgeously eye-catching shaft with design features that benefit a quick and compact swing. High modulus carbon materials make the shaft one of the smoothest I’ve had the opportunity to test. Cons: Due to...

    • Posted 157 days ago
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  • Loomis golf shafts
    The return of Loomis Golf shafts

    In 1992, Davis Love III installed Loomis Golf graphite shafts in his irons. The subsequent four wins on tour had competitors and aficionados scratching their heads and asking what exactly happened to DL3′s game? It turned out...

    • Posted 157 days ago
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    Review: Garsen Putter Grips

    Pros: A new take on the traditional pistol-style putter grip. Design minimizes wrist breakdown and lays the foundation for a more consistent stroke. Solid construction, comparable to grips from major manufacturers. Cons: The necessary hand position may...

    • Posted 164 days ago
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    Mitsubishi unveils 2015 Diamana shaft lineup

    Few graphite shaft makers can claim the success of Mitsubishi Rayon’s Diamana shafts, which have been used to win more than 100 events on golf’s major professional tours since 2004. That makes it a big deal when the...

    • Posted 182 days ago
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  • Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki J shaft
    Mitsubishi Rayon launches Fubuki J shafts

    Mitsubishi Rayon’s new Fubuki J was introduced to PGA Tour players this week at the FedEx St. Jude Classic, where three players including T3 finisher Matt Every put the new shaft in play in their drivers. The...

    • Posted 197 days ago
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  • Best Grips Review
    Review: Best Grips

    Pros: Best Grips offers classy, hand-crafted leather grips in several designs. They’re unbelievably tacky and durable, and the variety of grip textures will please even the pickiest of players. Cons: The stitches on the bottom of the grip...

    • Posted 234 days ago
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  • Matrix TPHDe shaft
    Matrix TPHDe shafts

    Matrix’s new TPHDe shafts use the latest materials in a new construction that can improve ball speed, feel and stability, according to the company. Like its predecessor, Matrix’s TPHD shaft, the TPHEe uses exotic materials such as...

    • Posted 250 days ago
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  • Fujikura Speeder 757 Masters Shaft Limited Edition
    Fujikura Speeder 757 Limited-Edition Masters Shaft

    Fujikura fans, it’s official. Last year, Fujikura released its popular FUEL shaft in a Limited Edition paint scheme to celebrate the year’s first major. This year, the newly relaunched Speeder 757 receives its special “Masters” green and...

    • Posted 278 days ago
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  • Tour Edge SST Pure
    Exotics to offer SST PURE shaft alignment

    Tour Edge is bringing the the same technology used on the PGA Tour to all its product lines. The company has finalized an agreement with SST Pure to have its shaft alignment technology used on all of...

    • Posted 286 days ago
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  • Graphite Irons shafts
    Should your next set of irons have graphite shafts?

    The days of steel-shafted irons are numbered. That’s what golfers are hearing from graphite shaft makers, who after many years of trial and error have created a new crop of products that are breaking down the perception...

    • Posted 311 days ago
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  • Fujikura Pro Shafts
    Fujikura Pro Series Shafts

    Fujikura’s new “Pro” shafts are mid-launch, low-spin shafts that are designed to help golfers hit the ball farther by improving the “kick speed” they get from their shafts. Jeremy Butler, Fujikura’s director of sales, said the company’s...

    • Posted 336 days ago
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  • True Temper XP 95
    True Temper releases lighter, longer XP family of shafts

    Most golfers are familiar with the advantages of today’s game-improvement irons, which are helping golfers hit the ball higher and farther than ever before. But fewer are aware of the latest crop of  lightweight “game-improvement” shafts, which...

    • Posted 391 days ago
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    Review: Aldila Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts

    Pros: Cool graphics and a smooth feel that’s consistent in both models. Cons: High price ($349). Bottom Line: Need to hit it lower? Try the Tour Green. Need to hit it higher? Try the Tour Blue. Overview The Aldila Tour...

    • Posted 424 days ago
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  • Matrix Velox
    Matrix Velox shafts optimize speed through curvature

    Matrix’s new line of Velox shafts are designed to help golfers maximize clubhead speed, regardless of what type of driver setup they play. In the past, better golfers gravitated toward drivers built to shorter lengths, which offered...

    • Posted 439 days ago
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  • Mitsubishi Diamana White Board W-Series
    Editor Review: Mitsubishi Diamana W-Series Shaft

    Pros: Mitsubishi’s Diamana W-Series has similar launch and spin characteristics to its predecessor, the ‘ahina. Its newly designed butt section that gives the shaft a smoother feel, and it’s is the first White Board shaft to be available in...

    • Posted 441 days ago
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  • Mitsubishi Rayon W-Series 420x470
    The New White Board: Mitsubishi’s Diamana W-Series shaft

    Mitsubishi Rayon’s new Diamana W-Series shaft is the third generation of the company’s “White Board” shaft, a low-launching, low-spinning model that has been extremely popular with pros and amateurs since its launch in 2006. The most notable...

    • Posted 446 days ago
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  • KBS Tour-V iron shafts
    KBS launches ‘Tour-V’ iron shaft

    KBS has announced the release of its new “Tour-V” steel iron shaft, which is lower spinning than the KBS “Tour” shaft and weighs about 10 grams less. The Tour-V (known as the “Tour V2″ in its prototype...

    • Posted 448 days ago
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  • Tour AD GT
    Graphite Design Tour AD GT: Editor Review

    Pros: Extremely smooth, and stable. The mix of blue, white and silver looks awesome. Cons: Costs as much as most new drivers — $380. Bottom Line: The Tour AD-GT shaft is a great extension of the Tour AD line,...

    • Posted 584 days ago
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    Nunchuk xi Iron Shafts: Editor Review

    Pros: For a lightweight graphite iron shaft (104 grams), the xi’s feel extremely stable. They reduce vibration compared to steel shafts, and offered slightly more launch and spin for our tester. Cons: They’re $75 each, and could cause...

    • Posted 585 days ago
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  • best shafts
    2013 Best Shafts

     ne of our favorite subjects on GolfWRX is shafts. They’re very confusing to most people, but golfers who get fitted and know what works for them can get into a comfort zone on the course that can...

    • Posted 657 days ago
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  • Graphite Design Tour AD BB
    Graphite Design Tour AD BB Shaft Review

    By Todd Hibbert, GolfWRX Moderator The Graphite Design Tour BB 6S – the Blue Bullet  I had not been in a Graphite Design driver shaft for years, really back to the YS-6 variants. Discovered years ago that I do better with high...

    • Posted 838 days ago
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  • $T2eC16J,!yUE9s6NEGQMBR5V7JGdzQ~~60_35
    Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 7.2 Tour Spec Review

    Review by member: MTF I find myself reading a lot of reviews from GolfWRX but I rarely post a review.  I felt the need to post my opinion of this shaft as I recently put it into my...

    • Posted 861 days ago
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    KBS C-Taper Shaft Review

    Review: First let me say a couple things..first it took me a bit longer to get a Fair bit of play on FIRM ground…as its been far to soggy in the PNW lately…but I traveled over to...

    • Posted 900 days ago
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  • kbs_tour-shaft
    KBS Tour Shaft for Irons

    The KBS TOUR Shaft incorporates an all-new player driven design offering a unique combination of improved performance and feel for golfers everywhere. Incorporating shaft technologies that maximize energy transfer within a firm total shaft profile; the KBS...

    • Posted 918 days ago
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    2012 UST MAMIYA ATTAS 3 – IS990 Iron Shafts & Grips

    by Spy Zinger Iron Shafts and grips from UST For the past two years, I have played that ATTAS T2 in my driver, and have found it to be the most consistent shaft for my game, round...

    • Posted 944 days ago
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  • tour spx
    NEW 2012 UST TOUR LINE UP- VTS, Attas Element & Attas 3

    by Will Peoples UST Mamiya redid their whole line up this year and we finally heard the details, here is what we found out. VTS They still have the VTS (THANK GOD!) however the Tour SPX has...

    • Posted 944 days ago
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  • pxi shaft
    2012 True Temper Project X PXI

    PGA Show Buzzz- Project X PXi feels softer than other PX shafts and is lighter with minimum trajectory problems. As you go lighter the ball goes higher in most cases and Project X PXi manages this well....

    • Posted 961 days ago
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