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  • The Good, The Bad and The Funky Slutsky
    Golf Gadgets: The Good, The Fad and The Funky

    I am not a great golfer. Heck, I am not even a good golfer. What I am—like many of you reading this—is an obsessed golfer. I simply cannot get enough of the game. But that wasn’t always...

    • Posted 2 days ago
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  • MannyGolfSwing
    Manny being Manny and a golf shot off the face

    Manny Ramirez recently participated in ex-Red Sox teammate David Ortis’ 7th Annual Golf Classic, which raises money for his Children’s fund. The .gif below is reportedly Ramirez’s first golf swing ever, which is for some reason completely believable....

    • Posted 2 days ago
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  • Bubbaclaus
    Bubba releases “Bubbaclaus” music video… and it’s terrible

    Social media is going ballistic about “The Single,” a music video release by Bubba Watson (aka Bubbaclaus), but I’m seeing right through this whole schtick. Let’s be serious. How can Bubba Watson, the guy who rained on...

    • Posted 4 days ago
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  • Norman Buck
    Grading Fox Sports’ golf debut

    Inherently, tournament golf is a sport better viewed from a television screen. When you’re a spectator at a live golf event, you’re there to see the course, the players, the shots and take in the experience of...

    • Posted 5 days ago
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  • Spieth McIlroy
    Can Spieth follow in Rory’s footsteps?

    It’s that time of year again—a strange period where Tiger Woods’ unofficial 18-man event carries nearly as much clout in the World Golf Rankings as his own actual PGA Tour tournament in July. So thank goodness Jordan...

    • Posted 5 days ago
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  • Rory wipes iPhones, creates more legal questions

    Rory’s plan to return to golf at the Master’s with a clear mind is very unlikely. His legal battle against his former management company Horizon Sports Management is going to take a while with yet another setback...

    • Posted 10 days ago
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  • Snedeker hunt speed
    Study: Why do Tour players make more par putts than birdie putts?

    Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Rich Hunt’s 2014 Pro Golf Synopsis, which can be purchased here for $10. This past season, PGA Tour players made an average of 39.8 percent of their birdie putts from 5-to-15...

    • Posted 12 days ago
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  • Barney starting a wedge business
    Starting a wedge business? I can help with that

    Let’s say you have temporarily abandoned your plan to introduce a full set of woods and irons, but your passion to be in the golf equipment business still burns. In desperation, you contact me to help with your...

    • Posted 17 days ago
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  • Erik-Anders-Lang-Be-The-Ball
    Be The Ball: Filmmaker exploring ‘the zone,’ mental side of golf

    Documentary filmmaker Erik Anders Lang is turning his attention to golf, and he’s working on one heck of a project. Be The Ball,  Lang’s in-progress film, explores the mental side of the game through interviews with luminary figures...

    • Posted 18 days ago
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  • Why Chris Como was a great choice for Tiger Woods

    Well here we go again… Tiger Woods’ new swing coach has been announced and the speculation is in full force. Will Chris Como help Tiger? Will he help Tiger break Jack’s record? How will he compare to...

    • Posted 25 days ago
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  • Tiger Jenkins
    Whose side are you on? Tiger? Jenkins?

    By now you probably know the story — Dan Jenkins and Golf Digest faked an interview with Tiger Woods and Golf Digest staged photos with a Tiger lookalike. Tiger Woods was not happy, and let the public...

    • Posted 30 days ago
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  • RoryGolfWRX
    What is brand McIlroy? Who cares

    “Tell me, what is brand McIlroy?” asked Mr. Gary Player’s son on Monday, according to a report on Maybe the young Player has a point. Rory isn’t Tiger. He’s not Jack or Arnie. Maybe he’s not even...

    • Posted 32 days ago
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  • Sergio Garcia TaylorMade R15 Driver
    What it’s really like when tour players hit new clubs for the first time

    I call them “OMG” golf commercials. A tour player is on the range hitting a new golf club and he can’t believe how far and straight it’s going. “Is this legal?” he might ask. “It’s amazing. It’s...

    • Posted 35 days ago
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  • Back9Network
    Can Back9Network Compete with The Golf Channel?

    Instead of focusing on birdies and bogeys like The Golf Channel does, Back9Network celebrates golf’s characters, cars, clothes and charisma. Until Back9Network — the significantly capitalized Hartford-based television network – launched on Direct TV this September, the golf community didn’t...

    • Posted 37 days ago
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  • Why you shouldn't start a equipment business
    Why you shouldn’t start a golf equipment business

    If I had to use one word that applies to the people in the golf industry, and specifically the golf equipment, it would be passion. These people love the game and want to be involved in some...

    • Posted 39 days ago
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  • winter-guide-cover-wide
    Timeless tips to beat the cold: The GolfWRX Guide to Winter Golf

    This story is part of our new “GolfWRX Guides,” a how-to series created by our Featured Writers and Contributors — passionate golfers and golf professionals in search of answers to golf’s most-asked questions. It’s been said often,...

    • Posted 41 days ago
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  • professional club fitting
    Part 1: What constitutes a truly professional club fitting analysis?

    One of the least understood areas related to golf equipment is the matter of what constitutes a truly professional custom club fitting analysis. Over the past 10 years, club fitting technology has evolved from trial and error...

    • Posted 45 days ago
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  • The 15 best inventions on golf history
    The 15 best inventions in golf history

    I think we can all agree that the game of golf has changed immensely over time. From the days of mashie niblicks and featheries to adjustable drivers with graphite shafts, the game we now play bears little...

    • Posted 46 days ago
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  • Streamsong
    A Jewel in the Dunes: Florida’s Streamsong Resort

    When plans for the Streamsong Resort were first announced in 2010, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Nothing about a golf resort built in the absolute middle of nowhere sounded like a great idea, especially given the number...

    • Posted 50 days ago
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  • _ELY5192
    Unfiltered: A Q&A with Callaway CEO Chip Brewer

    We could say a lot about Callaway CEO Chip Brewer, and trust us, there would be plenty to talk about. There’s the quantum leaps Callaway has made in revitalizing its image since Brewer took over three years...

    • Posted 52 days ago
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  • TedBishop
    Bishop’s exit clears way for eradication of sexism in golf

    On Thursday, newly ex-PGA of America President Ted Bishop responded to criticism Ian Poulter levied against Nick Faldo in Poulter’s new book, first by calling Poulter a “lil girl” in a now-deleted post on Twitter, and subsequently...

    • Posted 56 days ago
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  • tumblr_ndz25vuTYm1qem99po1_1280
    PGA President Ted Bishop calls Poulter a “Lil Girl,” loses his job

    Editor’s Note: After this story was published, the PGA of America Board of Directors voted to remove Ted Bishop, the 38th PGA President, for insensitive gender-based statements he posted on social media toward Ian Poulter. The Board deemed...

    • Posted 57 days ago
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  • SlowPlayGolfWRX
    Does golf need a shot clock?

    We all know the “golfers’ stance.” Not the shoulder-width apart, knees bent, back straight stance at address, but the other golf stance — the one where you obnoxiously stand on the teebox, leaning on your club with...

    • Posted 58 days ago
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  • Adams TaylorMade Mark King 620x400
    How TaylorMade’s marketing slayed Callaway and saved golfers money

    I’m going to start this one with a disclaimer. Understand that I have no motive outside presenting an accurate historical accounting. Back in March of 2012, TaylorMade-adidas purchased Adams Golf. At the time, Adams was a public...

    • Posted 58 days ago
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  • TigerWoodsCourse
    Tiger markets his new course with cargo pants

    Tiger’s smarter than we all give him credit for. After we called for a Tiger Woods’ fashion intervention, it’s become obvious that Woods is not only trolling Twitter, the golf media and fashionistas everywhere to get a rise,...

    • Posted 59 days ago
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  • Florida Historic Golf Trail
    The Sunshine State Introduces The Florida Historic Golf Trail

    Recently, the good folks in Tallahassee launched a new initiative known as the Florida Historic Golf Trail. The objective of the trail is to not only help grow the game of golf, but also raise awareness of...

    • Posted 64 days ago
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  • Tiger at Bluejack
    The real intervention Tiger Woods needs right now

    If you haven’t seen Golf Digest’s retrospective on Tiger Woods’ regrettable history with denim, you need to do that. But be prepared for a dose of Dad Jeans that would put President Obama to shame. The Golf Digest...

    • Posted 65 days ago
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  • millen golf marketing
    What golf brands do millennials want?

    Sponsorship permeates American sports and is arguably most ubiquitous in golf. Corporate America loves golf, so much in fact that the PGA Tour has raised more money for charity in the past year than the NFL, NBA,...

    • Posted 65 days ago
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  • GolfCaddyWRX
    Where have all the caddies gone?

    Professional golf events often support certain causes or foundations, helping to raise both money and awareness. The BMW Championship, one-of-four events in the 2014 FedEx Playoffs, has raised over $16M for the Evans Scholars Foundation, which has sent...

    • Posted 72 days ago
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