Ping has come a very long way since Karsten Solheim began making putters in his garage in Redwood City, California. The company which pioneered game improvement technology has recently began rewriting their image to include designs such as the S-59 and S-58 geared towards better players while still staying true to its roots.

Perhaps the one category where Ping has made the most improvements to their design was in their drivers. The introduction of the G2 driver in 2003 was a radical change for the company towards embracing a more “mainstream” feel similar to other drivers in the industry. Gone was the old TisI Tech hosel and odd shape. The G2 was pure modern looks, feel, and performance. This was continued in the G5, and further expanded with the introduction of the Rapture in 2005 which incorporated composite construction with titanium and carbon fiber. From pictures on the USGA’s Conforming Driver List and those taken on the European Tour, it appears Ping is ready to take the next step in their driver line with the introduction of the G10.

Thanks to our forum member Stealthontour, GolfWRX has recieved fantastic images and information about the G10 and other fantastic pictures of the European PGA Tour from the Barclays Scottish Open.

Ping is traditionally very secretive about the information they release on their prototypes and new models. Quite a bit of speculation seems to be going around the G10 and its performance. It appears to be an all titanium model without the multi-material construction of the Rapture series. Will this be a replacement for the Rapture, or simply an addition to the line set to take over the G5’s spot? Join our discussion and add your opinion.

Photos: USGA, Stealthontour

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  1. I have just gave my set of Henry Griffen clubs to my local pro at Thibodaux Country Clup to sell and he hopefully has ordered a set of G 10’s. I am hoping that these clubs will help to lower my handicap. Everyone i know say that these clubs will help my game. I am presently working overseas and looking forward to getting home and play a round with the Ping G10 irons.

    Hope the help me out,


  2. G10 7.5 driver is amazing! I got one from the tour van,and it was too stiff,so I had it reshafted with the Diamana Blue….swing speed increased to 117 vs 102 with my 45 inch Taylor.
    On the course,I was much straighter,and i picked up on average 22 yards on firm fairway,5-7 yards on soggy turf.

  3. also, i see on their website that you have a choice of shafts between TFC 129D shaft flexes: Soft R, R, S and X, Grafalloy ProLaunch Red (R, S & X), and UST V2 High Launch 65 (R, S & X)

    what is the difference in any of these? i have a prolaunch in my G5 and like it, but i’m not so sure i want a red shaft (although if it hits it longer and straighter that’s what i want for sure)

  4. so is this supposed to be an improvement on the Rapture too? Longer, straighter? I know the Rapture is more expensive. If the price difference wasn’t an object, which is “better”? (i’m a 5 handicap who doesn’t hit it long. Avg drive about 255)

  5. I hit this driver at Golf Galaxy in Arizona. This is way better thna the other 2 models. Way less spin and way more forgiving better than the SuperQuad/Hibore XL/ Ft-i and cheaper too. Definitely get this one however, I do not recommend the Draw version as that one has caused some problems (short off the tee and causes hooks for slicers!!!!!!!!) Causes more problems than it solves. Get the regular though I’m getting a 9 degree stiff ball goes 280 straight and my swing speed increased 5mph to 115!!!!! Ping got a winner here

  6. I’ve been saving my duckets to get a set of G5 irons. But now that the G10s are out, i guess it only makes sense to get them instead. The Rapture’s are still their MOST game improving iron right? Or is it just that they are made of a Ti/Steel mix? What are the G5 irons made of?

  7. The G10 series will be a replacement of the G5 series. It includes G10 drivers, G10 fairway woods, G10 hybrids, and G10 irons – both G10 and i10 (to replace the i5’s). The driver head is all Ti and the irons are stainless steel. You can check pix and specs at

  8. I don’t think it’s the ugliest driver I’ve ever seen…I’ve seen what the Sumo squared looks like lol. But I can honestly say i’ve never been a big fan of Ping – their drivers spin the ball way to much (both back and side) and on off-center hits you can definitely do better…