Equipment is accurate as of the WGC-HSBC Champions (11/10/15).

Driver: Titleist 915D2 (9.5 degrees)
Shaft: Aldila Rogue Black Limited Edition 60TX

3 Wood: Titleist 915F (15 degrees)
Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7X

Irons: Titleist 712U (3 iron), Titleist 714 AP2 (4-9)
Shafts: Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 105X (3 iron), True Temper Project X 6.0 (4-9)

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM5 (46-08 F Grind, 52-08 F Grind, 56-10 S Grind, 60-04 L Grind)
Shafts: True Temper Project X 6.0

Putter: Scotty Cameron 009 Prototype
Grip: SuperStroke Flatso Ultra (Black/White)

Ball: Titleist Pro V1X

Notes: Speith switches between a Titleist 712U (3 iron) and a Titleist 915hd hybrid (20.5 degrees) with a Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 95X shaft depending on course conditions. 


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  1. When is under armour going to release these shoes? I can’t even find any other pictures on the net of them. they must know that they could be making tons of money off of them, not to mention they look much better than the first pair they released.

    • He was using the 125 MSI earlier in the year. I’m guessing a lazy misprint, just printing what the stock shaft is for the 915.

  2. Just wonder how much Spieth´s personal 009 Prototype putter would be worth today – if he sold it. But I bet he is keeping this putter till his retirement.

  3. Boy, that putter sure paid off! (11.4 million $ + the 10 million for the rest of the season 2015)
    The GSS versions are traded for around 7-10K but surely its worth the investment if you A: play with it over 5 years B: you have to win tournaments with it..

  4. The guy who lost the playoff today to Jordan was playing AP1’s.

    Ha ha, real shovels! Worked pretty well for old Tom Gillis.

    Just sayin’.

  5. All this loft discussion… simply amazing.
    Who cares if it’s a 5 iron that’s really a 4 iron, the result is the same… the guy hit it better than others in the tournament and won. Whatever number is on the bottom of the club is inconsequential. Getting wrapped up in whatever marketing angle involved on jacked up lofts is the wrong though process. These are pros that use tools to their precise specs to perform the best to their inputs. They relate whatever those iron numbers happen to be to yardage, not to ego. Forget loft, focus on end result.

    • Exactly Jim! If it bothers people so much, they should just put the lofts on the bottom of the club instead of a “number”. Who cares what the “number” is, the “number” I care about is what trajectory and how far I hit it accurately. The number on the bottom just tells me where it goes in my bag. Jim, tell Rocky and Angel is I said hey.

      • I find it funny when people complain about this kind of stuff. I got a set of VG3’s which are all a club strong stock but I don’t tell myself that I’m longer than everyone. On a sperate note, Jordan’s clubs are probably only a degree strong at most right?

  6. At least hes not using last months obsolete TMAG shovels, a 25.5 degree 6 iron!? no thank you, I think ill stick to my ping eye2s.

    • Shut up already. Tired argument. If everyone sands the number off of the bottom of their irons before they beat you out of $150 will that make you feel better?

    • Shut up already. Tired argument. If everyone sands the number off of the bottom of their irons before they beat you out of $150 will that make you feel better?

  7. At least he’s not playing last months obsolete TMAG shovels. 25.5 degree 6 iron??? no thank

  8. Soooooooooooooo many clueless wanabe tour scratch plus 3 dooshy tools that think they know more about the what and why a PROFESSIONAL TOUR PRO has his clubs lofted they way they do,,,,,, STFU and go back to the white tee where you belong with your blades and tour x shafts kooks!

    • well said. hahaha very well said. exactly STFU and go by your blades and xx-stiff shaft then a month later they will be onsale in the marketplace. spot on comment.

  9. Love comments on golf websites these days.
    Every day it’s one step closer to football websites.

    Full of classy and insightful comments.

    Love all these guys who try to teach JS how to swing,
    or how he’s not classy enough to “their eyes”.

    Well, so sad since the world is evolving around their lives?
    This kid “needs a lot to prove” to you all huh?

    • i have them and they are awesome. i have heard mixed rumors that relase this summer and some rumors say noen till 2016 and will be a new model. either way hope they get them out thisi year for more people becasue IMO i tried everyshoe and they are the best. the stablilty of a DNAbut comfort of a spikeless. great shoe.

  10. Friend of mine is his UA guy, in fact he dropped all his other duties at UA to focus on Speith. Sure he is a happy camper these days!

  11. AP2 are shovels? LOL.

    The kid is 21. I was a firery competitive brat at that age and hated losing. I didn’t figure out the competitive + classy combo until my mid 20’s. Give the guy a few years to mature.

    Indeed the lofting up of clubs for the pros is a brilliant marketing scheme, especially when the announcers on tv mention something ‘Well Jim, he’s got about 190 to the hole, slight dog leg, so this will probably be an 8 iron for ….’

    • Buddy of mine is his main UA guy. My buddy dropped all his other responsibilities at UA to focus on Speith, I bet he is a happy boy these days!

  12. Another incredible weekend for Spieth. 10 strokes ahead of a great field is amazing. He must be the hottest player at the moment. Would have been nice to see the 30 under but 26 is still awesome.

  13. Project X 6.0? How high does he need to launch his iron shots? Not to mention the possibly monstrous spin numbers. No wonder his lofts are jacked up?

  14. Does anybody know if there is anything special or custom about his putter grip (SuperStroke Flatso Ultra)?

    If there is anything “influential” about Jordan Spieth, I think it might well be his phenomenal success on the greens, with a lot of other tour pros taking notice and going to the same model SuperStroke.

    • I was wondering as well about his Flatso grip. He must still play the proto version as this is looking different from the Flatso 1.1 available. Don’t think he changed it for ages or this is how the grip wears out. Couple of months ago I changed to the Flatso 1.1 and really happy with it. Took not long to get used to it (played Scotty Pistolero before). Also changed to left hand low grip (after watching this and putting fairly consistently since then. Works for Jordan (no clue how many one puts he had on the weekend but according to the score there were plenty), works for me :). Try it

  15. So he has a 46 degree pitching wedge.

    What, then, is the loft of his 9-iron?!? And what are the rest of his iron lofts? Anybody know?

    It is basically like a traditional set of clubs from the 1980’s except everything is jacked up by one full club. It was common then for a nine iron to be about 46 degrees with a 50 or 51 degree pitching wedge.

    This is not a knock on Jordan, who doesn’t decide these things. I am a huge admirer and a great fan of Jordan Spieth. But I had to make this comment when I noted several posts below that some other manufacturer was jacking up lofts.

    • A lot of tour pros do this because of how high or how much spin they have most of the time it is not for distance

    • Probably a 42 degree 9i. It’s all about $$$! A 46-47 degree PW has been standard for about 10 years it seems. The manufacturers have been playing this little game of pumping egos for a long time – hitting 150 yard 9s and wedges just sounds so sexy. Notice too that the strong PW creates need for an additional wedge to fill the gap. $$BV$$ sheister trickery.

      The modern 1 and 2 iron are sucker clubs now. Even the 3 is mostly obsolete considering all the great hybrids now that are far more versatile. Oh wait! It’s not sexy to hit a wood-looking club into any par-4! Lord help us.

          • I wouldn’t disagree with JL or RG. It really is all about trajectory. His iron heads don’t look like heads from 30 years ago, and his Rifles aren’t like old Dynamic shafts from 30 years ago.

            He’s a great player and a great young man. I’m so happy he’s the new face of golf.

      • The 46 degree or thereabouts PW has been around for at least 20 to 25 years. Nothing new here. You’d have to go back to the 60s 70s to find the lower lofted clubs….the sets that came with a 2 iron (which is now a 3 iron loft) and any kind of wedge, including pitching, was an option.

    • I played a set of Ping Eye 2’s for almost 20 years. When I updated my bag to a set of Adams XTD forged irons, I had the new irons all bent to the Eye 2 specs. IMO there was never any reason to depart from traditional lofts and the whole iron set should’ve been standardized at some point, so no matter what manufacturer’s iron I grab I’d know the club’s loft. The whole iron-for-distance thing is completely absurd… anybody who reaches for a 7-iron hoping for 200 yards deserves to blow past the pin anyway

      • Al,

        You couldn’t be any more wrong, from a business perspective.

        By pushing club numbers up, and therefore loft, you have created space for the extra wedge on the short end, and if not, then a space for a hybrid on the long end =

        you can sell an extra club on either end, thereby making money for the manufacturer, telling the consumer that they need one extra club to swap out, depending on the condition or the type of course you would play and how you would attack them.

        • Yeah the logic behind stronger lofts is ingenious marketing… to benefit the marketer, not the player. The funny thing is, as I got better and better at golf, the more wedges I needed anyway, even using the Eye 2’s. I’ll carry four wedges… I won’t carry five. Between all my wedges and hybrids I only carry four irons in my bag as it is.

        • I really don’t think it has anything to do with selling ‘an extra club’. They used to sell iron sets with a 2 iron thru 9….the wedge(s) were optional. I believe the reason for making the lofts stronger has to do with the mental aspect. If you try a set of irons and you can hit a 5 iron 10-15 yards farther than your old 5 iron (with not as strong a loft) then your thinking these clubs are giving me more distance! I’ll take em!!!!

          • People keep bangin on about this strong loft argument. Has anyone actually hit a “Game Improvent” iron before? With the big heads and low centre of gravity, the ball goes higher. Folks actually want their 9iron to fly like a 9iron and look like a 9iron in the air. If club makers don’t strengthen the loft, the ball travels too high.

        • I think the idea of making lofts stronger has absolutely nothing to do with “selling an extra club”. Iron sets, 20-30+ years ago, used to come standard with 2 thru 9 irons with any wedge, including PW, was an option. These sets had the weaker lofts with a 2 iron having the loft of a 3 iron today. The reason they made the lofts stronger was psychological. If your were trying out a set of new irons and you could hit a 5 iron 10-15 yards farther than your old, weak lofted 5 iron, you thought these new irons were giving me more distance…I’ll take em!!! In the end it’s all about the loft that gets the job done. Nobody is selling a 2 iron today I believe.

    • I think it’s real interesting that he is using AP-2’s, and not some ” …only a REAL pro can hit ‘em blades”. I’m sure his lofts / lies are adjusted from a standard set, but still a set of clubs any of us can buy and most can actually hit. There’s hope for all of us Walter Mitty’s out there.

  16. Interesting turnaround in interest in the WRX world. A Spieth (who I agree is a gun and also has a winning personality) WITB generates comments about winning majors, Tiger’s and Rory’s ex relationships etc. while over at the Tiger’s new Vapor irons article, crickets! 2 comments a sentence long.
    Without any intended malice or disrespect, can we now say the Tiger era is over in WRX world??

  17. Will likely switch to the same wedge combo on my next Vokeys. Currently playing 50, 54, 58 SM4s – missing the higher lofted lob wedge.

    • Is your 58 low bounce, standard flange? If so, just open it up when needed and save your money. The 50 degree wedge is a money club, filling in that horrible gap that exists now.

      • 9* degree which was in the middle betwwen 12 and 6. Played a fairly wet golf course before so got rid of the 60 LW. Play a lyncs stile course now so the ground us rather sandy and hard so would benefit from less loft and bounce – I guess

  18. Great bag, currently play ap2 4-gw, great irons, pw and gw not as accurate as some though, little inconsistent distance I can understand move to SM5. Seems like 915 are worth the money. Good luck Jordan, been a favourite of mine since JD couple years back.

  19. This is fairly standard bag everyone (with bit of cash mainly because of the Graphite shaft) can buy and play – except the Scotty. Don’t think we will switch back to the 910 driver after this win.
    I like Jordan a lot because of his inner confidence and how he played himself to the top. He is now short of top 10 and this at 21. He is still humble (in his interviews, watch the one from this weekend) and very appreciative for his team, the game and winning. He is not taking things for granted in my eyes.
    Regarding the win, a 63 and a course record by 2 on final day is certainly no luck. He played better then #1&3 by 8+ shots which is a mile. I would say he will win the Masters before Rory, however will still take him some time to become numero uno. Its not how pretty your swing is, its how low you can score!
    I hope my little boy will be growing up with similar confidence and golf game.

  20. Why the hate for Jordan? He is a class act, always humble. Americans should be proud of this guy. (I’m Australian). Now Reed that is another story…

    • Mainly because his on course manner is not there unless he’s playing well. It’s all well and good to speak well and be humble and all that when you’re doing interviews etc etc but your true colours come it on the golf course when you’re under pressure and he does not react well when not playing his best.

  21. Never seen Jordan’s WITB, but I’m surprised to see he’s playing shovels. I thought he would have been a blades guy.

    • Maybe, it’s because he is 21 and realizes how modern technology in the iron has far surpassed a blade. Let’s see who else is playing these “shovels”:
      Zach Johnson
      Ryan Palmer
      and the list goes on…………

    • Quite an ignorant statement…stick to your blades at your club championship, and let the pros listed by Brian continue to win millions with their “shovels.”

    • Ap2’s are incredibly playable clubs. They do everything a club should without a compensation in feel or playability.

      If Carling made irons…

      • Agree 100%. Local golf shop was talking about how long new nike vapors are but I looked at lofts and the are all 2* stronger than same iron in the AP2.

        • Which Nike Vapors? The Speed, the Pro Combo or the blades? You have to compare apples to apples. Of course the Vapor Speeds (GI iros) are going to have stronger lofts – just like the AP1s do. I bet if you compare the lofts of the Pro Combo Vapors, you’d find that they are similar.

          • You’re right, Vapor Pros are the same loft as AP2. I didn’t ask which version of the Vapors he was talking about. I guess that gives me an excuse to head back in and hit something new. Maybe will give the Vapors a try and see.

    • I understand that the AP 2s are a good club but can someone tell me what player should use blades if not even pga tour guys use them

          • Some people like the way they look and feel. For many, enjoying golf isn’t about low scores (though it always feels nice to put one down). Some folks would rather shoot 80 with blades instead of 75 with shovels. It’s all about why you play the game. I currently play 755’s and will probably play ap2’s for my next set (5 handicap). Still nice to take out the macgregors when Im in the mood.

            So I guess the short answer is there is a market for beautiful golf clubs even if they are a smidge harder to hit. Honestly, blades aren’t that much harder to play with, you just have to get up and down a little more lol.

      • Where your scores don’t matter as much. For these guys, 2 feet could mean a makeable putt or not. Easier for us to laugh off a miss when it’s not worth tens of thousands of dollars.

  22. So funny how guys that can’t accomplish a fraction of what he has bag on him and his swing……AMAZING….

    If you can’t do what they do you really don’t much validity…..

  23. I couldn’t care about his swing. If he’s not winning or if he’s playing bad, he behaves like a spoilt little brat. Needs to grow up a fair bit before he’ll be anything close to Scott or McIlroy in the class stakes. He’s been watching TW too much.

      • Yes and I didn’t like him back then either. But he has grown up and started to show a lot more class and he is turning it around. Same can’t be said for Spieth as yet.

        • Rich, he’s 21 dude. I bet you never did or said anything rude or bratty when you were just a junior in college (assuming you went). Come on. If I had a microscope analyzing my every move when I was 21, I would probably have had to go into hiding in a small town in Norway! Jk, I wasn’t a bad kid, but everybody looks back and some of their actions when they were young and cringes… and that’s w/o the ridiculous amount of pressure he’s under from the media and the golf public in general. Give him a break.

          • I hear what your saying but I’d don’t remember Ricky Fowler or Jason Day behaving the same way at a similar age and under the same pressure. Might be a couple of years younger but he still behaves like a prat when he’s not on form or starts to fall to pieces because of the pressure. He is yet to prove himself as a class act in my eyes because you can see more about someone’s character when they are losing than when they are winning. Everyone is gracious when they win (except Patrick Reed) so it’s all about when they are in the pits.

      • Sometimes you get in so deep that it’s hard to stop the train. Props to him on realizing it before it (really) was too late, and going though a painful (no doubt emotionally and financially) divorce later in life. It takes courage to do that and in the end, he did both of them a favor.

    • Fine line between outbursts on the course and not showing enough heart like many say about todays young stars. Give me Jordans fire on the course and seemingly modest attitude off anyday.

    • Do a Google search for “Jordan Spieth sister special.” This man has hardly lived the prima dona or spoiled brat life you’d like to associate with him. Its very hard to develop a me first mentality growing up around someone you care about with special needs.

      I’ve seen almost every round of golf he’s played on Tour, and except for the fact that he got genuinely steamed when he lost the Masters on the back 9 on Sunday at 20. Yeah, lost the Masters on the back 9 on Sunday, didn’t blow it, he lost to someone who played better.

  24. Pat…I know Jordon personally and he is the nicest guy you will ever meet. Are you American? Why would you pull for the foreign players? He’s one the strongest young American players we have right now. Joey Q, let’s see your swing?

  25. Can’t stand Spieth or his ugly swing. Would’ve rather seen Scott or Mclroy win. We’ve seen how Spieth chokes in the majors. Mostly likely will see the same pattern this year.

    • Chokes in the majors? What you mean that one time when he nearly won the Masters in his debut appearance?

      • And eventually lost to an experienced former champ. Not winning every tournament you sniff the lead is not choking. Or every player that ever played including Tiger Woods, 2009-present, is nothin but a big choker.

    • Wasn’t long ago Rory was choking at Augusta, his choke was way worse than Jordans….not the same talent though but such a grinder. Little tired of announcers talking about how none of his game stands out.

    • hahaha. I know this comment is old, but how apropos. “We’ve seen how Spieth chokes in the majors.” yeah, I guess we have. poor fella might never win a 3rd this year. and too bad he’s so old that he won’t have a chance at winning any more next year. some people…

  26. For those of us yet to watch the final round and signing in for other reasons, such as the classifieds…. it might be nice if this item was labelled “Aussie open winner’s WITB….!!

  27. What a round! While golfs # 1 & 3 in the world found tough going in final round, Jordon played the best round of his life.
    Enjoyed Aussie commentators especially when they highlighted how Jordon composed himself at pre-tournament dinner function. It’s very refreshing to hear that an American was well received. A dose of humility goes a long way.
    Well done Jordan!

    • There’s been a lot of talk about the 915 fairways…apparently titleist fixed the mediocre fairway trend they were on from the 910’s and 913’s. I’m looking forward to testing the 915 fairways!

    • Saw that too, I only caught part of the final round but seemed to hit his new 3 wood off the tee alot too.

  28. Equipment aside he has sag in his downswing due to a bent left arm at the elbow which will keep him playing mediocre golf until he learns to fix it with extensor action. Then he can dominate Macelroy. Yay!

    • He will last longer than Rory, because it’s a homemade swing. Rory swings too hard, it’s a young person’s swing, and it won’t last when his body refuses to cooperate into his 30’s, and that’ll be that. Spieth will be around for a long time, into the seniors.

      • Unless those ankles start developing arthritis. I’m actually serious. It doesn’t look comfortable at all, but he’s the pro.

    • Last thing this kid needs to do is tinker with his swing and equipment like Mr. Woods. I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of his game. Mediocre is most certainly not what this kid puts down. Hope he stays with Titleist and his swing. Confidence is king on Tour and in golf. Rebuilding either equipment or a swing also means you have to rebuild confidence. This kid has what it takes to really get it going. I think he just needs to run with it.