Equipment is accurate as of the Farmers Insurance Open (1/23/14)

Driver: Nike VR_S Covert Tour Prototype
Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana White Board 73X

Fairway Wood: Nike VR_S Covert Tour (15 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103X

Fairway Wood: Nike VR_S Covert 5 wood (19 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103X

Irons: Nike VR Pro Blade (3-PW)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

Wedges: Nike VR Pro Forged (56 and 60 degree)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Putter: Nike Method 001

Ball: Nike ONE Tour D

Click here to see the clubs that Tiger used in 2014.


Click here to what our members are saying about Tiger’s bag in the forums.

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  1. Really? 123 photo’s for his WITB? Really? I can’t believe his bag is THAT interesting to everyone………..Messers A.Scott, R.McIlroy, H.Stenson and P.Mickelson only rate 116 photo’s combined from their WITB……..I don’t get it.

  2. Looks like one of the pictures has him swinging a whiteboard (head is cutoff so cannot say if fw wood or driver), where as the rest of the pics including a driver pic have blueboard. Is he considering switching back to Whiteboard from the blueboard he has had in his driver the last couple tournaments?

    • Tiger hasn’t used a Cameron for a few years. Most Cameron heads, Nike heads, and head is a copy of a PING.

      The Nike Method Tiger uses is a PING Anser copy. In fact in order to have his first Cameron made, Tiger handed Scotty his PING Anser and said… copy this.

      When Scotty put his Cameron grip on there, Tiger said put the PING grip back on. To this day Tiger uses a PING grip and PING blacks out the logo so that Tiger doesn’t break contract.

      • Actually, I he used to black out the ping logo with a sharpie, but now Ping sells the grip blacked out.

        And I’m pretty sure that his contract says he can play what he wants, so if he decided to play a ping grip it wouldn’t be an issue.

  3. Second request; for confirmed current length of Tiger Woods’ 2014 season Nike driver with Diamana BB 103X.

    My understanding is that it is built to 44″. But I have never seen definitive confirmation.

    Memo to; you guys could do a 1000% better job by supplying more detailed information on your man.

      • What a dumb comment. I don’t plan to use anything built to Tiger Woods’ specifications. That’s not what I wrote, and it’s not why I asked.

        The reason that I asked is because a 103g driver shaft is an unusual, and somewhat retro choice by Mr. Woods.

        It is a natural, physical, fact that most players with heavier driver shafts also play them at shorter lengths. That gets into yet another tradeoff; consistent ball striking, versus headspeed and distance. Those issues are common to all clubbuilding, irrespective of whether the clubs are built for Tiger Woods or not.

        Now I am wondering what else to say, in order to minimize you. And whether it is worth it at all.

    • I think its the confidence gained in having the heavier shaft, not to mention, his tempo is probably more in sync, allowing a more solid blow. It fits in better with his set IMO, had 130g iron shafts, 103g fwy wood shafts, and back when he had the tour ad di, he had a 65g shaft, went up to 83g. Still was probably too light causing a tempo that might of been slightly off compared to the rest of his set. IMO if he sticks with this, we could be in for a fun few years, as he’ll get the confidence back with that, leading to more short irons and killing par 5s again.

  4. Guys, why focus on the clubs he used…shouldn’t we rather appreciate HOW WELL HE EXECUTED THE SHOTS WITH THEM? His distance control was exceptional with his irons…so whether they are Miura, Diamana or Tour AD shafts, or whatever, I am sure Tiger is using the equipment which he feels suits his game.

        • READ!!!…”the whole point is so we can EXAMINE HIS CLUBS for our own benefit”…he didn’t say USE HIS CLUBS, he said EXAMINE HIS CLUBS…this site is for exactly that, so we can see what the pros use, that doesn’t mean get them in our hands and try to use them

          • Seriously. No way I will ever play like him, so might as well check out his clubs and maybe game one or two of them. I am not touching the blades though. I’ve tried blades before, but the long irons are just too punishing.

          • Exactly!!

            Obviously, you would not employ one of Tigers weapons that was detrimental to your game!! We only employ that which benefits our game, which is the whole point of WITB.

    • You realize this is an EQUIPMENT article, right? There will be plenty of articles and blog posts about Tiger’s performance, but many golf fans like checking out the top players’ equipment also. It’s like you’ve never been on this site and its forums – many of us are equipment freaks, it’s the WRX way! We do it out of interest in our favorite players, love of technology and shiny new products, and knowing what’s popular (especially for better players) to think about when we go out and buy stuff.

      This is especially big news since he not only changed drivers again (something he rarely used to do), but changed the shaft in his driver to something VERY heavy that only rivals when he used to play with a steel-shafted driver. When he switched to graphite shafts, Tiger used a WB 83X in the driver for many years (the heaviest model in the WB line, as the 103 is the heaviest in the BB line). Since then he’s consistently used BB 103X shafts in the FWs to this day. When he came back from his scandal/injury hiatus, he changed driver shafts to a 70-gram shaft, went as low as a 60-gram shaft, then went back to a WB 73X this year. He didn’t just go back to an 80-gram shaft like in recent history, he went even heavier. That has huge implications for his driving game going forward.

  5. As someone said down below he doesnt even use Nike’s irons. They are Miura forged but are built to look like the nike iron and stamped with nike on them. He also has used Mizuno irons in his earlier days, just built to look like nike with a nike stamp.

  6. Clearly only a select few pay attention to Tiger. He ditched the SQ fairways for the vrs-coverts a while back; the 5 wood early this year followed by the 3 wood at augusta because it gave him more draw than the Vr pro limited edition and has kept it since. On his site it states that he carries a 2 iron and 5 wood and will interchange dependant on course conditions and as somebody rightly said most pros will switch and change in the practise rounds so he will carry both incase he wants to change. He went back to the diamana shaft because he has no injuries and can produce the clubhead speeds that he used to. He also plays the shaft weight and loft that he does because he likes to work his driver and hence would want more spin to do so, thus why he is not using the vrs-covert version 3 which was specially made for him (it has a black finish). Look it up if you think I’m mistaken.

  7. those wedges look like they have a special grind I have never seen before. kind of like a v grind on the leading edge and then it smooths out towards the back .. interesting

  8. im really curious to why tiger uses a lighter in his driver but used really heavy shafts. look at how consistent he is with the fairways but bit erratic with the driver.

    • I have been thinking the same thing! I’ve always thought his driving problems were due in part to him playing essentially a very light high launching driver shaft (DI-6). I’ve always thought he should play a heavier lower launching driver shaft. Glad to see someone talked him into it. Looks like he was much more accurate this week with the driver. I’ve always felt that was a glaring issue.

  9. I see a lot of people always complaining about the accuracy of WITB. It seems like many of you are also product developers working in the R & D department for Taylormade, Nike, Ping, Nike, etc. Or at least you act like it.

    I believe the pics and the equipment is taken from practice rounds or range sessions. Therefore Mr Woods probably has 3 different fairway woods, with different shafts, thus the confusion and “inacurracy.”

  10. These WITB’s are a joke, get the whole story before you write a story. That is definitely not a white board in his driver and there is not mention of his 3 iron. It looks like you just wanted some random article to put Tiger’s name on…..

    • The pics are old. He changed his shaft before the tournament this week. He definetly has a whitboard. As for the 3 iron, it’s an optional club he cycles out depending on course/weather. If you took the time to read the forums here, you would know that it’s been reported on numerous times. Or you can keep making yourself look like a fool…your choice.

  11. It’s safe to say that TW is using all of NIKE’s latest technology except the golf ball.

    1. Covert … 5wd
    2. Putter … Method
    3. VR Driver / 3wd … Compression Channel
    4. VR Pro Irons / Wedges … More Grooves
    5. VR_S Forge Long Iron … 2iron bent to 3iron (vise/versa)

    Not Bad

    • People think it took Tiger a while to get rid of his old SQ2 5 wood. I just recently got the VR_S Covert 5 wood (19°) to replace the 5 wood that I used since 2001. It’s hilarious how out of date that thing was. The Covert 5 wood is incredible. I see myself (and Tiger) having a long and happy relationship with the VR_S Covert.

  12. His 3 wood is the ol school SQ as you can see the yellow sig on the bottom and I would like proof he uses the tour d and not the 20XI…nike develops their ball based on Tiger. Have since he signed on…

    • How do you know how and why nike develops they’re golf balls?…the went from rubber to resin because it is cheaper, not because tiger woods wanted to experiment with his golf ball…nike signed tiger because he’s the best to ever play the game, not because he’s a golf equipment mastermind, he will play what works for him, and what works for him is so far from what nike needs to develop for the majority of their target market.

    • yeah i saw a post with his club specs from the Oven, assuming it wasn’t faked, his irons apart from the VRS 2/3 iron are all old school lofts similar to specs found on blades from the 80s or 90s think 50 PW etc..

      the lie angles were also really flat for such a tall guy – maybe he has really long arms?

    • Why weird? When your that good you don’t need 5 wedges….he can work with a pw, 56/60 just as well, grinded so he can open do whatever his magic allows him around greens….do you watch him play within 120? If your that good why not open another slot?

  13. The Nike VR Pro is still one of the best drivers out there for a better player. It does what it says and looks the way Tiger prefers. I can’t see him removing it from the bag anytime soon.

    • But isn’t it the “Tour” and not the “Pro”? Nothing makes a 8 like me feel better than knowing the Number 1 golfer in the world is using a $50 driver (sans the shaft)just as I am.

  14. Dillinger…Covert 5 wood. Funny he hit the tar out of the ball for 4 days and they tried to make a big deal out of the new 5 wood. Saw him hit it a few times and it was no better than his other swings…