Equipment is accurate as of the Farmers Insurance Open (1/23/14)

Driver: Nike VR_S Covert Tour Prototype
Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana White Board 73x

Fairway Wood: Nike VR_S Covert Tour (15 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103 X

Fairway Wood: Nike VR_S Covert 5 wood (19 degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103 X

Irons: Nike VR Pro Blade (3-PW)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

Wedges: Nike VR Pro Forged (56 and 60 degree)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Putter: Nike Method 001

Ball: Nike ONE Tour D

Click here to see the clubs that Tiger used in 2014.


Click here to what our members are saying about Tiger’s bag in the forums.

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  1. I still think Nikes are for your feet. If I was being paid to play clubs with a swoosh on them I guess I would feel different.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else wish they’d kept the cavity back red? The picture in there of his old one looks better I think

  3. Really? 123 photo’s for his WITB? Really? I can’t believe his bag is THAT interesting to everyone………..Messers A.Scott, R.McIlroy, H.Stenson and P.Mickelson only rate 116 photo’s combined from their WITB……..I don’t get it.

  4. For the PX PXi, for a while he has that in his 2 iron (the cavity back Nike 3 iron bent to 2 iron left), so that’s likely the 2 iron in that picture

  5. Looks like one of the pictures has him swinging a whiteboard (head is cutoff so cannot say if fw wood or driver), where as the rest of the pics including a driver pic have blueboard. Is he considering switching back to Whiteboard from the blueboard he has had in his driver the last couple tournaments?

    • Tiger hasn’t used a Cameron for a few years. Most Cameron heads, Nike heads, and head is a copy of a PING.

      The Nike Method Tiger uses is a PING Anser copy. In fact in order to have his first Cameron made, Tiger handed Scotty his PING Anser and said… copy this.

      When Scotty put his Cameron grip on there, Tiger said put the PING grip back on. To this day Tiger uses a PING grip and PING blacks out the logo so that Tiger doesn’t break contract.

      • Actually, I he used to black out the ping logo with a sharpie, but now Ping sells the grip blacked out.

        And I’m pretty sure that his contract says he can play what he wants, so if he decided to play a ping grip it wouldn’t be an issue.

  6. Second request; for confirmed current length of Tiger Woods’ 2014 season Nike driver with Diamana BB 103X.

    My understanding is that it is built to 44″. But I have never seen definitive confirmation.

    Memo to; you guys could do a 1000% better job by supplying more detailed information on your man.

      • What a dumb comment. I don’t plan to use anything built to Tiger Woods’ specifications. That’s not what I wrote, and it’s not why I asked.

        The reason that I asked is because a 103g driver shaft is an unusual, and somewhat retro choice by Mr. Woods.

        It is a natural, physical, fact that most players with heavier driver shafts also play them at shorter lengths. That gets into yet another tradeoff; consistent ball striking, versus headspeed and distance. Those issues are common to all clubbuilding, irrespective of whether the clubs are built for Tiger Woods or not.

        Now I am wondering what else to say, in order to minimize you. And whether it is worth it at all.

  7. Wait a second… No mention of the golf genie in a bottle that grants impossible putts, and miraculous shots, but gets paid by drives that find the rough??

    • It’s not a faded grip. It is a blackout grip where the letters are darkened. He has been using the same grip since his amateur days… only then it was the standard Ping grip as he was using an Anser 2 putter.

    • It is not faded, it is a PING blacked out, meaning the lettering is covered with black. The grip is available to anyone.

    • It’s not faded. It’s blacked out. It’s called a PING blackout.

      Tiger refuses to play with anything but a copy of a PING Anser putter. Cameron and Nike did a good job knocking the Anser off but Tiger insists on the PING grip. Cameron/Nike don’t want to advertise for PING so it needs to be blacked out.

    • I think its the confidence gained in having the heavier shaft, not to mention, his tempo is probably more in sync, allowing a more solid blow. It fits in better with his set IMO, had 130g iron shafts, 103g fwy wood shafts, and back when he had the tour ad di, he had a 65g shaft, went up to 83g. Still was probably too light causing a tempo that might of been slightly off compared to the rest of his set. IMO if he sticks with this, we could be in for a fun few years, as he’ll get the confidence back with that, leading to more short irons and killing par 5s again.

  8. Guys, why focus on the clubs he used…shouldn’t we rather appreciate HOW WELL HE EXECUTED THE SHOTS WITH THEM? His distance control was exceptional with his irons…so whether they are Miura, Diamana or Tour AD shafts, or whatever, I am sure Tiger is using the equipment which he feels suits his game.

      • “for our own benefit”?? dude i dont think using tiger´s clubs is the key to playing better! how about practicing and getting a fitting with a tracker?

        • READ!!!…”the whole point is so we can EXAMINE HIS CLUBS for our own benefit”…he didn’t say USE HIS CLUBS, he said EXAMINE HIS CLUBS…this site is for exactly that, so we can see what the pros use, that doesn’t mean get them in our hands and try to use them

          • Seriously. No way I will ever play like him, so might as well check out his clubs and maybe game one or two of them. I am not touching the blades though. I’ve tried blades before, but the long irons are just too punishing.

          • Exactly!!

            Obviously, you would not employ one of Tigers weapons that was detrimental to your game!! We only employ that which benefits our game, which is the whole point of WITB.

    • You realize this is an EQUIPMENT article, right? There will be plenty of articles and blog posts about Tiger’s performance, but many golf fans like checking out the top players’ equipment also. It’s like you’ve never been on this site and its forums – many of us are equipment freaks, it’s the WRX way! We do it out of interest in our favorite players, love of technology and shiny new products, and knowing what’s popular (especially for better players) to think about when we go out and buy stuff.

      This is especially big news since he not only changed drivers again (something he rarely used to do), but changed the shaft in his driver to something VERY heavy that only rivals when he used to play with a steel-shafted driver. When he switched to graphite shafts, Tiger used a WB 83X in the driver for many years (the heaviest model in the WB line, as the 103 is the heaviest in the BB line). Since then he’s consistently used BB 103X shafts in the FWs to this day. When he came back from his scandal/injury hiatus, he changed driver shafts to a 70-gram shaft, went as low as a 60-gram shaft, then went back to a WB 73X this year. He didn’t just go back to an 80-gram shaft like in recent history, he went even heavier. That has huge implications for his driving game going forward.