Certain numbers in sports have an almost mystical value to them, like running a mile in less than four minutes. Recently, True Temper broke one of those key figures — a driver shaft that weighs less than 40 grams.

According to True Temper, its Project X PXV 39 is the first PGA Tour-caliber shaft that weighs less than 40 grams at a length of 46 inches.

“This is for the guy who’s looking for the ultimate in club head speed,” said Don Brown, product developer for True Temper.

Because of the way the weight is distributed in the shaft, the PXV 39 will allow golfers to build a club with the lightweight shaft at either 46, 46.5 or 47 inches and still have a swing weight at D5 or less.

Brown said the mid-launch, mid-spin shaft has been in the works from True Temper for nearly 10 years. Originally, it was going to be used just for recreational players, but it has been tested and put in play by professionals in Europe and the U.S.

“We wanted to do our testing with Tour players because of the ball speeds they bring,” Brown said. “As it turns out, this shaft fits a lot of Tour players very well.”

Check out the video interview about the PXV 39 with GolfWRX’s Zak Kozuchowski and Brown to learn more about the shaft.

[youtube id=”rL5ZNTzz59Y” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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  1. I just recently purchased a taylor made SLDR driver with a pxv39 shaft. I twas the best driver head shaft combo i have ever hit. the problem was after 5 1/2 rounds the shaft snapped in half just below the midpoint, for a brand new shaft to do this it either had a defective shaft or it cannot with stand very many strikes at the ball. I am looking for some feedback on this as I have ordered another one and don’t want the same thing happening with a $350.00 shaft. please reply with any info you can, thank you

  2. I can’t see a quick, aggressive swinger like Ricky Fowler, Rod Pampling, or a young Nick Price having a whole lot of success with this light of total weight. And 47″, that’s 2.5″ longer then the average length on the PGA Tour. Time will tell though.