Cleveland’s new premium driver for 2013, the Classic XL Custom, is the company’s first adjustable driver.

The new model is a revamped version of Cleveland’s Classic driver from last year, which featured a gold and Burgandy paint scheme that made the 440cc head look like a a blown up version of the persimmon drivers that were popular decades ago.

This year’s version has the same persimmon graphics, but features a blacked-out color scheme, a 20cc larger head, an adjustable hosel and an adjustable weight port. The 12-way adjustable hosel allows golfers to adjust the loft of the driver as much as 1.50 degrees higher or lower in 0.50-degree increments. It also gives golfers the ability to adjust face angle as much as 1.5 degrees up or down in 0.75-degree increments.

For every 0.5 degrees of loft that is added to a Classic XL Custom Driver, the face angle will be closed 0.75 degrees. For every 0.5 degrees of loft that is subtracted, the face will be opened 0.75 degrees. When 0.75 degrees of upright lie angle is added, the face opens 0.75 degrees and the loft is lowered by 0.5 degrees. When 0.75 degrees of lie angle is subtracted, the face is closed 0.75 degrees and 1 degree of loft is added.

The Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver is available in lofts of 7.5 (RH only), 9 and 10.5. The head is shipped with a square face angle and a standard lie angle of 61.5 degrees. The total club weight is 285 grams with a 45-inch stock shaft, giving it a swing weight of D5. The driver’s removable rear weight port supports interchangeable 3, 7 or 11-gram weights (extra weights sold separately).

Stock Shafts: Miyazaki JDL 6 (mid launch), Miyazaki JDL 5 (lightweight, mid launch), Fubuki Tour 53 (lightweight, high launch) and Matrix Ozik Black Tie 6M3 (penetrating launch).

Check out the photos we snapped below of the Classic XL Custom at the Humana Classic, and click here for more discussion in the “Tour/Pre-release equipment” forum. 

cleveland xl

cleveland xl driver

classic xl

Click here for more discussion in the “Tour/Pre-release equipment” forum.


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  1. Too much bull…. about this club hitting it 20 – 30yds longer. Stop all the dreaming. On a test with identical balls (10 with each club) I hit it almost exactly the same distance as with a TM R9 Superdeep – the big difference being the Cleveland’s dispersal was just 9 yards whilst the TM’s was 25 yards! Make of that whatever you wish (from a 5 handicapper).

  2. Got one for a hundred dollars on 3balls with the black tie shaft gorgeous club love it to death very forgiving and long. Also got the matching fairway, cleveland went down hill with the 588 but the previous classic series was a huge winner.

  3. I hit this club consistantly Longer (20 -30 yards) and straighter than any other driver I have tested. I have spent weeks working out which is the best ‘next club’ for my set, and just purchased this one. Driving average with this club 307 yards.

  4. I hit this and a number of other drivers at Golfsmith today and this driver was generally as long and straight as any I hit. Felt very solid and I was impressed. Am going back to spend more time with shaft options but I never imagined going in I would like it.. I DID! I hit X Hot, G25, R1 and others in comparison.

  5. Gorgeous club. Keegan will keep pounding it past his playing partners but it’s still TM’s world given their obsession with paying everyone and their dog to wear an R’insert whatever here’ hat and use the headcover.