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WRX Interview: Tom Patterson of Tommy John



tommy john founders

The married team of Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto presented Tommy John to the world 10 years ago. While the focus at the beginning was in men’s undergarments, ladies, you now get to be a part of Tommy John.

Why has Tommy John had success, and why should you care? I had the privilege of corresponding with Tom Patterson recently, and I will let him answer that for you.

For those who have never heard of or know little about Tommy John, what would be your response on why they absolutely should try Tommy John?

TP: Underwear is the first thing a person puts on in the morning and the last thing a person takes off. It should be the most comfortable article of clothing you own. Tommy John has spent the last 10 years challenging the status quo in the underwear industry with premium fabrics, innovative fits and problem-solving functionality, but the main reason someone should try Tommy John is because there’s literally no risk involved. We stand by our product and if it’s not the best pair of underwear you’ve ever worn, we’ll refund you hassle free. We’re proud to have many players on tour that have worn Tommy John for years.

The undergarment market seems to be an afterthought for most, what are some of the key points that Tommy John has made from the beginning that have created excitement in an otherwise looked-over segment?

TP: For too long people were purchasing underwear based on price and convenience instead of quality and comfort. Tommy John entered the market with a product that solves the problems people face with their underwear tied to comfort and function by addressing the problems head on. We use smart fabrics that are soft, light weight, and moisture wicking, we have innovative designs that keeps the product from pinching, bunching or riding up. We even have a “No Wedgie Guarantee.” We’ve created a product that actually lives up to its claims and that’s really what has generated excitement in the segment.

There are a few companies that claim that they have apparel that will stay tucked in or won’t roll up and yet, they do not seem to hold up to the quick movements of a golf swing. How has Tommy John proven over the years that their materials can hold with the quick movements in multiple directions that can be generated from a golf swing?

TP: Our 360 Sport fabric has 360 degree stretch that moves with you not against you so it stretches in 16 directions. Our undershirts have a longer, tapered, and patented design that is proven to stay tucked through movement. Our socks have zoned cushioning and promise never to slide down. Before we bring products to market, we put them to the test. We make sure our fit models lunge, squat, swing, jump, sit, stand, and endure every movement they may encounter during the day to make sure our product performs.

As someone who is involved in building a small business, I understand that what you first start out with blossoms into something that you could have never imagined at the beginning. After leaving stable careers 10 years ago, what are some of the things that you have learned and would like to share about Tommy John?

The biggest thing I’ve learned over these past 10 years at Tommy John, is the importance to trust your gut. As the company grows and scales, you’re continuously faced with tough decisions. Some small, some bigger. I’ve learned the importance of trusting your instincts because at the end of the day, your gut is your greatest asset.

And finally, where do you see Tommy John in the future?

Becoming the global market leader in all things comfort. We never stop innovating at Tommy John and are excited to launch several new innovations in 2019 and beyond. We look forward to launching more brick and mortar stores, and expanding globally in the future


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Known as a golf junkie among his friends and family, Bryan Montgomery's passion for this game started at a young age which has blossomed into what is now a 10 year career in the golf industry. Part of the second class to graduate from Eastern Kentucky Universities PGA Golf Management program he has since worked as an assistant golf professional, customer service manager, director of club fitting and merchandise sales, and fitting specialist for Mizuno. Recently he started his own brand, Form Golf which currently focuses on the style and equipment in the golf industry. As a writer for GolfWRX Bryan's primary focus is on style in the golf industry and helping the readers become the best looking member among their group of friends. Please feel free to reach out to Bryan through Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy!



  1. Matt

    Feb 12, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Selling man-made fabrics (read chemical based; polyester, rayon etc.) as ‘smart’ fabrics has been the key in pulling the wool over people’s eyes that these ‘smart’ fabrics are better than cotton.
    Bottom line is that cotton is ‘smarter’ than these man-made fabrics and feels much more comfortable to your skin. Problem for these clothing manufacturers is that cotton is more expensive than chemical fabrics (hey…shale crude is abundant and a cheap feedstock to make chemical fabrics).

  2. TLW

    Feb 5, 2019 at 9:46 am

    Wow! Can’t believe this topic was covered here. I’ve purchased multiple pairs of Tommy John’s and absolutely loved them. Unfortunately, they all ripped apart within the first six months. They charge a premium price for their product but it’s just not durable.

  3. Tom

    Feb 4, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    Underwear? you are writing about underwear?

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Apparel Reviews

Adidas introduces new Go-To Adapt Jacket



“Fall temps could be all over the place.” –Weather Channel

Adidas’ new Go-To Adapt Jacket is designed to be worn when the weather can not make up its mind. The Go-To Adapt Jacket has a polyester top portion of the chest, shoulders and back which allows for better range of motion and body heat release. The bottom portion is made of fleece to help keep your core warm during the cooler morning tee times. Available for both men and women, this jacket has telescoping sleeves, allowing for the sleeves to be rolled up without stretching them out. The sleeves also feature an articulated elbow region, allowing for full range of motion.

Christine Cowan, global director of apparel, Adidas Golf says, “Golfers are used to having apparel that works for the two temperature extremes. But there are days when you need to be able to transition, for example, from a cooler morning to a warmer afternoon. That’s why we created the Go-To Adapt Jacket, to be the ideal mid-weight option that provides optimal stretch where you need it as well as enhanced breathability. It’s that reliable and perfect piece that can take you through your day, on course and off.”

Designed with the golf swing in mind, some of the key features include

  • Quarter Zip (men’s)
  • Full Zip (women’s)
  • Internal headphone pockets
  • Front-zip pockets
  • Telescope cuff (women’s features thumbholes)
  • Articulated elbows for freedom of movement
  • Water-resistant fabric combined with fleece-lined shell for all weather protection
  • Droptail hem for extra coverage
  • Women’s jacket features a more feminine cut and design
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Callaway Golf releases 2018 Fall Weather Series



While the cooler weather is fast approaching us, there is no need to put away your clubs and leave the golf course so soon this year! With a stylish, performance-driven collection for both men and women, Callaway Golf is here to help extend your season and keep you comfortable out there regardless of the weather this fall and winter. The 2018 Fall Weather Series is diverse, with multiple products that were designed for you the golfer to be at peak performance at a time of the year when all of your buddies will not.

Greg Hemphill, Senior Director Global soft Goods at Callaway Golf said, “We are excited to bring the 2018 Fall Series to market…from mid-layers to puffer vests, to waterproof jackets and trousers, the Weather Series marries the latest in fiber technology and construction with a sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing design to provide golfers with the new standard in performance outerwear.”

Take a look below at a few selected products that are in the 2018 Fall Weather Series.

Dual Action 1/4 Zip Pull Over & Vest

Callaway chooses an insulated thermal fabric for its heathered fleece sweaters and vests. A Water-repellent exterior and UV Block UPF 50 combine to keep you dry and protected.

Full-Zip Puffer Jacket & Vest

These lightweight garments feature insulated thermal fabric and SWING-TECH shoulder panels for an enhanced range of motion.

Waterproof Seam-Sealed Jacket

With this breathable 3-layer membrane full-zip waterproof jacket, Callaway again includes SWING-TECH mechanical stretch fabric. seam-sealed construction with splash proof zippers are designed to keep you dry.

Waterproof Performance Pant

Callaway’s new rain pant is designed for both breathability and protection from the wet stuff. adjustable snaps, drawstrings and toggle hems on the pant cuff meet a 3-layer waterproof membrane in this performance pant. 

Women’s Quilted Thermore Jacket

Thermore© thermal fabric lines this jacket for maximum on-course warmth. Callaway includes SWING-TECH construction  here as well in a more feminine silhouette. 

More about the new 2018 Fall Series on Callaway Apparel’s website.

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Bubba Watson’s Winning Outfit: 2018 Travelers Championship



Bubba Watson took down his third career Travelers Championship on Sunday after firing a final-round 63. Like his golf swing, and his golf clubs, Bubba has his own style. He wears a visor, colored gloves, a watch while he plays, and always has his polo buttoned to the top button.

See exactly what Bubba was wearing on Sunday at the 2018 Travelers Championship below!

Bubba’s Winning Outfit

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