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Hole More Putts aims to bring putting analysis to more golfers



What exactly is Hole More Putts, and how can it help you to do just that… hole more putts?

Well, in short, Hole More Putts is a tool that measures a golfer’s face angle, impact point, speed, path, and angle of attack with the putter and provides recommendations on how to improve his/her stroke.

We spoke with Robert Slade-Baker, Product and Marketing Director for the company.

GolfWRX: Where does Hole More Putts fit in the ecosystem of existing putt analysis tools and software?

Slade-Baker: I would like to start off by pointing out that I will never try and discredit another product. There are a lot of great products out in the market with some fantastic data.

When we started with HMP (Hole More Putts) we were purely focused at the “golfer.” We wanted to provide the golfer with a meaningful tool, that would provide all the relevant feedback that a golfer needs in a manner which is usable. A lot of tools out there focus on data, data, data and forget that everybody that uses the equipment is not necessarily a highly qualified golf professional.

We also wanted to create a “complete-solution” that was not just providing data, but also providing a meaningful diagnosis and analysis of that data, followed by practical video tips and drills to focus on the areas identified through the analysis. Through many years of research, looking at lots of systems out there, we looked at all systems, asked hundreds of people what the perceived faults were with systems and then tried to improve on those. The reality is from a “golfer” perspective, Quintic and SAM Puttlab don’t even come in to the equation, they start at $5k+. So consequently consumers have never really had access to good/relevant putting data at a reasonable price.

GolfWRX: Who is the product aimed at?

Slade-Baker: We believe we have four key markets.

Golfer: The ‘Active Improver’ this is at all handicap levels, whether you are a beginner trying to just understand the dynamics of putting or looking for some marginal gains as an elite player, this product will work well at all levels. Each type of player can take out from the system what they need to improve, whether they want to identify faults in the putting stroke or use it as an effective putting practice tool.

Teaching Professionals: After our first visit to the PGA Show in 2017 and then subsequently in 2018, we were absolutely astonished with the feedback and interest received from golf professionals towards our product(s), the ‘Putting Lesson’ market is desperate for access to relevant putting data at an affordable price, which we provide at a fraction compared to the more expensive systems out there. What’s more when designing our product we listened to both golfers and professionals and asked what they wanted from a system. Hence our unit is completely portable and wireless, usable indoors and out, requires no shaft attachments and takes mere seconds to switch on and start putting.

Colleges/Universities: This is a combo of one and two. Our product is currently being used by a number of colleges/universities and the coaches of a number of international amateur golf teams. The ‘Coaching Subscription’ allows a coach / team manager to manage multiple student profiles, with that their individual diagnosis & analysis. Each student player can be monitored by the college/university or national coach but therein also lies the ability for the player to share the data with his or her own personal golf coach back home, so hence a fairly flexible system when it comes to sharing data around with the necessary people.

Putter Fitting: This is our most recent venture. Ever since we first launched HMP, we were constantly asked as to whether HMP could be used for putter fitting. We went away and took a huge amount of feedback from golf professionals and retailers all over the world, not just whether they would be interested in the product, but what the product needs to do. Many professionals/retailers have tried to create a ‘Fitting Process’ from the tools that are out there, but the same concurring theme appeared time and time again: Current options are to complex, for both fitter and customer. The process takes too long, from pre-setup, calibration and then the process of the actual fitting itself. Finally, return on investment, the overwhelming majority of fitters cannot justify the equipment cost as well as the human/time cost.

Our aim was to provide a fitting solution that was easy to understand for both the fitter and golfer, could be completed in as little as 15 minutes, but flexible enough for the fitter who wanted to extend that out to an hour.

When it comes to both coaching and fitting, we have had lots of pros purchase HMP even though they already have systems with putting included…such as Trackman/Foresight GC Quad, mostly because they don’t want to move those systems from out of there simulator/hitting bay areas. Probably the most remarkable for us is the number of pros who have bought our unit to use with or instead of some of the more expensive putting systems out there…each professional will have their own reason.

GolfWRX: Let’s talk about the price…$499 is it?

Slade-Baker: Pricing is relative to the value proposition of the customer, as for golf professionals, we are seen very much as the cheap option, $499 when compared to $5k – $8.5k. The common misperception is if it is cheaper then it can’t be any good, the biggest single reasons for the difference in price, is we utilize a vastly cheaper technology…in “infrared vs camera and ultrasound,” companies had unsuccessfully been trying to harness infrared for a very long time, our CTO Desmond Burke was able to achieve this, where others couldn’t, so hence we can pass on significant savings!

For the golfer, yes, some will see $499 as a lot of money, because they are not comparing it to similar items. Compare cars for example, you can have a $5k, $30k or $100k car, all will get you from A to B, some will get you there quicker, some run on fuel whilst others on electric, some cars provide more options and features. At the end of the day this technology, with some 4-5 years of R&D behind it will improve the putting stroke of any golfer, regardless of skill level.

You can learn more about Hole More Putts on the company website.

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  1. TONEY P

    Jul 30, 2018 at 11:47 am

    More golf junk for people with more money than sense. A few hours on a practice green helps even the worst strokes and that’s free.

  2. larrybud

    Jul 26, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    As with all of the lower end devices, the question is in it’s accuracy, so I’ll await judgement after the numbers get compared to higher end devices.

    That said, I don’t like the fact that it sits so high off the ground.

  3. JasonHolmes

    Jul 25, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Does it come with a mat to stand on?

    That thing looks like its setting the ball 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch off the ground – it would completely distort the swing you are taking.

  4. billy

    Jul 25, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    $499 ? I’d rather buy a Scotty Cameron putter for that money.

    • GolfDonkey

      Jul 25, 2018 at 5:18 pm

      Thank you for sharing your financial priorities

      • stan

        Jul 26, 2018 at 9:52 am

        HMP will not make you a better putter; it will only tell you how bad you are. A new putter will give you confidence and status when putting in front of your golfing buddies.

        • GolfDonkey

          Jul 26, 2018 at 1:34 pm

          Do you buy clubs because they give you “status” in the eyes of your golfing buddies?

  5. shawn

    Jul 25, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    Another gizmo for gullible neurotic incompetent golfers who flub on the greens. Yes, this contraption will solve all your putting woes and worries…. ya think?!!
    Oh… and make sure you own a Scotty or Betti putter for quality putts.

    • Leezer99

      Jul 25, 2018 at 4:23 pm

      I’m not sure this is aimed at the casual golfer. Probably better suited to a coach or instructor that is helping multiple students.

    • larrybud

      Jul 26, 2018 at 3:55 pm

      Just because you wouldn’t know how to use the data doesn’t mean others won’t.

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Mizuno announces new JPX 919 Tour Forged irons are coming August 29 (via cryptic Twitter post)



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We recently spotted a number of new irons on the USGA conforming list, including the JPX919 Tour irons pictured above, JPX919 Forged and JPX919 Hot Metal irons from Mizuno. So it’s likely that the JPX 919 Tour Forged irons won’t be alone in the JPX 919 family when they hit retail.

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Diving a bit deeper into the picture from Mizuno’s Tweet, it appears the JPX919 Tour irons will utilize Mizuno’s familiar Grain Flow forging, and will be made from 1025E; that’s based on the hosel stamping that says “GF Forged HD 1025E.”

Stay tuned for more info from Mizuno.

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An Interview with T Squared putters, started by a high school golfer



I’ve coached high school golf for over 15 years, and I thought that I had run out of “firsts.” Then, Anthony Tuber, one of our varsity six, told me that he builds putters. “Sure,” I thought. You purchase the components and assemble putters. Nice hobby to have. “No, coach, I build them from scratch. We have milling machines.” If that doesn’t catch your attention, not much will.

As a coach, you encourage your golfers from a base of experience, but I don’t have any club-making experience! The last time I played around with metal was in middle-school metal shop. In this particular case, the student is the coach, and the golfer is the teacher. I’m now the proud owner of a T Squared putter, and continue to be the proud coach of Anthony Tuber. He might be the next Bob Vokey, or Scotty Cameron, but for now, he is a varsity golfer and high school student. Oh, and he happens to make putters. Rather than write a review that might be perceived as biased, I decided to do a straightforward interview with T Squared Putters. If you want to learn more, visit the company website, or follow them on Twitter and on Instagram.

Question 1: What type of research and field testing did you do, prior to building your first putter?

Prior to making our first putter we bought a bunch of putters to see what we liked and disliked about them. Then we took those putters and tested them to figure out which roll we liked the best. The roll is determined by the weight of the putter the length and the groove pattern. After we completed the testing we drew up a design and shortly after that we had our first prototypes. We then tested those prototypes and they rolled exactly how we wanted. Time went by while we used these first putters but then we really wanted to see the competition. We went to the PGA Merchandise Show and that’s where we found out that we had a superior putter.

Question 2: Is there a style of putter that you like, that perhaps served as inspiration for some of your designs?

We bought and tested dozens of putters but two putters caught our eye and those putters are the Scotty Cameron Squareback and the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notchback.

Question 3: Can you tell us a bit about the materials/components that you chose for T Squared Putters?

We use American-made 303 stainless steel in all of our putters, but we also we use 6061 aircraft aluminum for the insert on the 713i.

Question 4: How do you balance your responsibilities and commitments, with your T Squared production?

During the school year academics are my number one priority. Over the summer I have been balancing my Tsquared putters work while working on the progression of my golf game. Fortunately I have a team that is very supportive of my vision for T Squared putters.

Question 5: Any chance we will see a mallet-style putter from T Squared?

Yes, we are currently testing other mallet putters to determine the most desirable features for our mallet putter. We are anticipating a prototype soon.

Question 6: Are you a better putter now that you know so much more from the design and production side of putters?

Yes, I have an entirely different perspective when I stand over every putt.

Question 7: How do you get the word out about the quality of your putters?

We have been very active on social media. The golfers that are currently using a Tsquared putter have been spreading the word. We have also been attending local golf tournaments to establish our brand.

Question 8: Do you hope to make a career of this venture, or do you envision it as a step along the path of a 21st-century businessman?

Yes, as golf is my passion I hope to take Tsquared putters to the next level. Golf will always be a part of my life whether it is professionally or recreationally.

Question 9: Finally, what question haven’t we asked, that you wish we would? Ask it and answer it, please.

I haven’t been asked how this process has affected me as a person. As a 17 year old I have a new appreciation for patience, persistence and hard work.

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