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13 Revealing Photos from the 2018 Memorial Tournament (behind-the-scenes access)



Revealing Photos are back! (At least for this week.)

It was a special week for me at the 2018 Memorial Tournament since it was my first time covering a Tour event with media credentials — those are typically reserved for our Tour photographer Greg Moore, but since he was covering the U.S. Women’s Open, I got the call up to the big leagues.

So with my camera hung around my neck, media credentials pinned to my belt buckle and a pen/pad in my hand, I took off for Muirfield Village aka Jack’s Place. Here’s a look behind the scenes at The Memorial for Tuesday and pro-am Wednesday at the Memorial.

1) Inside the media center

Proper credentials? Got those.

A huge leaderboard, computers at every desk and extremely mediocre WiFi… and, of course, Jalen Rose offering his insight on the TV. No worries, the TVs were on mute.

Here’s where it all goes down. This was certainly the calm before the storm, since when Tiger came through it was a MAD house. I wanted to ask a question about his new TaylorMade wedges, but I could barely even get into the room. Oh well.

On the wall was some before-and-after shots of Muirfield Village. Amazing transformation.

Free pads AND pens? Don’t mind if I do.

My own work station? Nice. Albeit still within the domain of mediocre WiFi. They spelled my name right though, which is awesome.

2) Media Center food

I’m not one to ever complain about free food, but… this media center food was actually delicious. Great spread. Or maybe I was just ravenous after following Tiger and Peyton around the course for hours.

3) Autographs seekers

Tiger Woods is in this photo. Can you spot him?

The autograph scene is getting ridiculous. For more of my thoughts, check out our Two Guys Talkin’ Golf podcast here.

4) Dufner is the king of hats

He knows it, too.

Look at him admiring his “Save the Crew” hat selection…

5) Satoshi Kodaira has more fun in practice rounds than anyone else

Satoshi and his posse were out on the course Tuesday with a video camera, laughing the entire way up the fairways.

His caddie was looking for one of Kodaira’s practice balls to the right of the creek, but the problem was Kodaira needed a wedge so he could fish out one of his other practice balls from in the creek (yes, he hit a few balls way right).  So why not just throw the wedge 30 yards down the hill?

If I had all day to follow one group during a practice round, these would be the guys.

Also, can we start calling Satoshi Kodaira “The Admiral,” please?

6) Gorgeous par threes

The 12th hole gets most of the glory.

As it should.

But look at this 8th hole. Simple yet incredibly difficult. Great hole.

And then there’s No. 16.

Where do you even hit it? I’ll tell you where I would… in that front right bunker every single time.

If ever given the chance, get yourself some “Club 1976” passes to get this view of the 12th green. What an awesome place to watch all the players come through.

7) Air Swingin’

Even with golf clubs while on a golf course, golfers just can’t help working on their move while air swinging.

8) Memorial Park

If you ever get the opportunity, spend an hour or so strolling around Memorial Park Bar at Muirfield. What a treat for a golf fan or historian.

There’s plaques for some of the greatest golfers throughout history, with incredible write-ups for each of them.

And it’s just a beautiful park with places to sit in the shade.

9) Justin Thomas with the jokes!

From what I saw, Jack Nicklaus and his wife Barbara stood on the first tee and greeted all of the groups coming through. Class acts. Jack has himself a great tournament at a great venue. It’s almost like he designed the place!

10) The 17th green, lol

Is that green on a 45-degree angle? To say that TV doesn’t do the undulations on this course any justice would be an understatement. It’s not Augusta with the elevation change, but there’s huge slopes and terrains throughout the course, and there’s a lot more blind tee shots than I expected.

11) The 18th Hole is way too difficult

Speaking of blind tee shots, I took this photo about 100 yards ahead of the tee boxes they play. Their tee shot is completely blind, and they’re hitting to a fairway that slopes down into super thick rough and/or a creek on the left. And the right bunkers are dead. Good luck.

Beautiful hole, though.

12) Paws for a cause

Don’t forget that the Memorial Tournament is presented by Nationwide. These “Pandel” bears sell for $10 each and they benefit the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Great cause, and head over to to purchase yours and help the kids.

13) The Memorial Service

Thank you to all the people who risk their lives for our country.

And to the Ohio State University (Jack’s alma mater) band for the soundtrack.

And to the pilot for the flyover.

And the GOAT for allowing all of this to happen at his place.

For more photos from The Memorial this week, click here. And to see my 18 takeaways from Tiger/Peyton’s practice round together, click here.

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Andrew Tursky is the Editor-in-Chief of GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



  1. craig

    Jun 3, 2018 at 1:23 am

    …. on hallowed ground… !

  2. Connor

    Jun 1, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Awesome article, Andrew! Love “inside the ropes” looks at the tour like this.

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