Longer and more forgiving.

That’s what TaylorMade promised in 2012 with its RocketBallz line of fairway woods and hybrids, and what the company is promising again with the release of its latest iron sets, “RocketBladez.”

Like the fairway woods and hybrids before them, they key technology behind Rocketbladez irons is their speed pocket, a 2 mm-wide slot in the sole of the 3-through-7 irons that flexes and rebounds at impact, which the company says promotes faster ball speed, a higher launch and a ball flight that lands on a steep, quick-stopping angle. The Speed Pocket is filled with a specially formulated polyurethane developed by 3M that quiets vibration without significantly slowing or inhibiting the flex of the pocket. It keeps debris out of the pocket as well.

Watch the official TaylorMade Webcast launch of the RocketBladez irons below.

TaylorMade studies showed that 68 percent of iron shots by amateur golfers were mishits below the center of the face, which is where the Speed Pocket helps golfers the most. It was designed to significantly increase ball speed and distance on those low-face mishits, adding up to 10 COR points to the face compared to TaylorMade’s Burner 2.0 irons.

TaylorMade will also be offering RocketBladez in more compact Tour model that will appeal to better players and its tour staff. Click here to see TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron Review

TaylorMade studies showed that 68 percent of iron shots by amateur golfers were mishits below the center of the face, which is where the Speed Pocket helps golfers the most. It was designed to significantly increase ball speed and distance on those low-face mishits, adding up to 10 COR points to the face compared to TaylorMade’s Burner 2.0 irons.

TaylorMade will also be offering RocketBladez in more compact Tour model that will appeal to better players and its tour staff.

“We created RocketBladez irons for amateurs, but when our Tour Staff pros tried it, they wanted it,” said Mark King, TaylorMade’s President and CEO. “The genius of the Speed Pocket is that not only does it deliver more speed for more distance, it delivers consistent speed, so shots fly a consistent distance. That combination of speed and consistent distance is what made the eyes of our tour pros light up.”

Both versions of RocketBladez are made of maraging stainless steel and employ TaylorMade’s improved Inverted Cone Technology, which the company says delivers two critical benefits:

  1. It increases the size of the clubface area that delivers high ball speed.
  2. It influences how the face flexes and rebounds at impact to control the angle at which the ball leaves the face, promoting straighter shots and a tighter dispersion.

The non-Tour version boasts the thinnest iron face TaylorMade has ever created — the top section is 1.6 mm, compared to the 1.8 mm-thick faces of the RocketBallz irons, making the faces 11 percent thinner. Each of the 11 individually designed clubheads (3-LW) is tailored in size, shape and features to improve distance, control and feel.

TaylorMade engineers fine tuned the CG in both models to a low-and-centered location on the face by shortening the hosel to save weight. They also removed weight from the top of the club and redistributed it more optimal locations. In the RocketBladez non-tour design, 17.5 grams of redistributed weight enabled engineers to lower the CG 2.5 mm more than the Burner 2.0 iron.

Both models also feature an external notch on the outside rear-portion of the hosel, as well as an internal notch on the inside of the hosel that makes it easier to adjust loft and lie angle.

RocketBladez irons are priced at $799 with steel shafts and $899 with graphite shafts. They are available for pre-order on Oct. 23. The irons will be available at retail Friday, Nov. 30. RocketBladez Tour Irons will be available at retail Feb. 1 for $899.

Click here to discuss and read what GolfWRX members are saying about the new RocketBladez Irons.

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  1. Got the Rocketbladez demo set yesterday and played 18 holes. They are longer and distance was consistent. I have seen all the specs that the loft is stronger plus the longer shafts and that is why you get the extra distance. All that doesn’t mean squat is you can’t hit them. I struggle with my mid to long irons but I had good success with Rocketbladez. When I set up over the ball I felt like I was gonna hit a good shot and to me that is worth more than the tech and spec talk.

  2. we all get hung on specs entirely too much. But if the equipment is doing what it claims you have the choice to buy or not to buy. Im a TM loyalist so im impartial but i still play r7 tp just love TM style and looks but with all this chatter about these iron i might just have to try them who doesn’t want more distance and accuracy.

  3. Just got my Rocketbladez in the mail. I am a PGA Member, I play Adams A-4 forged, Titleist CB forged before that. Played rifle 5.5, I play s300 sl stiff now. Have not hit them yet, but they do look good. I have not played a cast club in over 10+ years but these do look good. A bit more offset than I am use to but I will see how they preform. My review will follow.

    • OK played 18 holes yesterday on a golf course that I had never played. Temp was 50 and windy 10-15 mph a bit chilly. The ball was not carrying, but imho I hit the irons straighter, higher and farther. They had a feel of a forged club, the ball flight was nice not to high but penetrating. I generally hit about a 7-10 yard draw and I was hitting these dead straight with a fade drop. I had it 2 under for the first 7 holes but I am a bit rusty coming out of winter. I hit a few irons shots 8-12 feet and hit one 8 iron 1 foot. I need a few more rounds to shake off the rust and to get a better feel for the clubs. I will have another report after I get some more rounds under my belt. I was very very unpressed with the clubs

  4. Had a custom fit yesterday and tried out the TM Rocketbladez amongst others. Yes, they were good but for me not as consistent as the new Calloway X Hot. I then tried out the X Hot pro club and found it to have a much better feel and ball flight and was consistent on mishits. Each to their own, every swing is different, TM are good clubs but there are lots of other good clubs on the market and in my opinion it is what works for you that is important rather than the hype around owing a particular brand of club. I walked away with a new set of X Hot pro(on order) but will keep my TM driver and hybrids.

  5. I played 5 rounds with a custom set of Rocketbladez and I have to say i have never hit the toe so much. I played Pebble Beach and Spyglass and hit them like crap. even missing short irons from 120 yards or less. I then moved on to Las Vegas and played a few rounds and was equally unimpressed. Yardage was shorter than advertised, feel is non-existent and overall i know I wasted my hard earned money. Going back to my Adams CMB’s as soon as my confidence returns…if ever.-…these things did my head in.

  6. Playing golf is supposed to be for enjoyment. Surely that enjoyment is increased by quality of strike? If an individuals strike is improved by using these who cares what the manufacturers specs say. TM 6 iron 180yd flushed and confidence oozing from the player or a 5 iron of another make with little or no confidence I know what I’d take. I cannot understand the preoccupation with loft when someone with 8.5 of loft with a driver can hit it shorter than someone with 10.5. Quality of strike is key not an arrogance linked to lofts and model of club. No wonder fewer people are joining golf clubs when established players constantly look down on everything poorer players do from their choice of club to not hitting every shot ” perfect”. It’s just like the kid at school that couldn’t play football but had the best boots

  7. Hi everybody,

    I was just checking this site out after finishing today in Hawaii, and I’m shocked with all the comments above. Personally, I’m with Ping but tried these out recently and they are GREAT. I hit my Ping 7-iron 185 yards, and with the RocketBladez I was averaging 210– averaging! I highly recommend these to all amateur golfers. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

  8. In someways I do get the backlash. TM does go really deep with the marketing thing, though to be fair, THE REST DO IT TOO. But in honesty I could see the smirks when you read the their website and see their ads……BUT……….till you hit them. I dont consider myslef a TM fan. I owned one set (Burner 09) in the past, but with al the talk, both positive and negative I had to try them our for myself. I have contact who works in a Golf shop, so I arranged that I could come and hit thee clubs using the flightscope, Im sorry but these irons are one word SICK. I was hitting a 5 iron ( ok I get it lofts are actually a 4 iron) 195-201 with such tight disepersion that I asked my friend to reset the machine as I doubted if it was calibrated correctly. Back on, SAME THING. Tried the 7 iron, same story. Im no fool, bought 5-p (have my own wedges, but may come back for the ATW) on the spot using his special employer reduction. I actually like the look and not put off by it, but I couldnt care less if they were purple, my scorecard is colour blind. These may not be for the scratch to low HC, but for a majority of golfers like myself with HC 18.9, this will make playing much fun. You see I have to the realisation that I will never will a major let alone an event on the Web.com tour.