Here’s the first look at UST Mamiya’s new “Recoil” Graphite Iron shaft that was spotted on the range at the McGladrey Classic.

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More Information about Recoil from UST Mamiya:

Recoil is a revolutionary design concept for Iron shafts that incorporates state of the art composite materials and over 30 years of golf shaft design experience.  UST Mamiya engineers have uncovered the secret to designing an iron shaft using carbon fiber that exceeds the performance of traditional steel shafts and previous carbon fiber shaft designs. See a tech interview with UST by clicking here.

For years engineers have tried to develop carbon fiber shafts that could matchup to steel, but they usually failed because of the weight constraints and lack of engineering ingenuity.  The reason for their failure was due to poor material alternatives and poor design methodologies.

The conventional graphite shaft designs were constrained due to weight.  In order to create a heavy carbon fiber shaft, engineers used heavy weight carbon fiber material which had very poor dynamic properties and would cause the shaft to feel dead and non-reactive to a golfers swing.  The most common design method for adding more weight was to increase the quantity of angle layers. This was the cause of very poor recoil properties and resulted in bad feel or dead feel, and poor playability in iron shots that resulted in poor distance, trajectory and accuracy control.

See a tech interview with UST by clicking here.

The wall construction was too thick and the material properties not favorable in producing dynamic recoil within the walls of the shaft.  Recoil iron shafts has a much thinner “angle” layers, the angle layer is the most important part of creating the recoil effect.

Recoil iron shafts has been able to maintain both the heavy weight and very active recoil properties such as hoop stiffness and active modulus properties by adding more “straight” layers and utilizing high-density material and reducing angle layers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Recoil technology allows the golfer to load and unload the shaft better on both partial and full shots, which results in better:
  • Trajectory control
  • Distance control
  • The shaft is redirecting the energy to the ball and is also transferring stored energy from the golfer to the ball.  This increases the spring effect (recoil) in the walls of the shaft for efficient energy transferred to the ball for increased velocity and greater distance.
  • Composite material construction for enhanced feel and feedback
  • Higher damping rate = better feel
  • Less stress on joints in the hands, wrists and elbows
  • Recoil™ iron shafts have a premium ION plating for a similar look to steel for easier transition from traditional steel shafts to recoil™ graphite iron shafts.

 Here is a list of all available shafts:

  • Recoil Tour Prototype 110S, 125S and 125X (0.355” tapered)
  • Recoil Tour 95R, 95S, 110S, 110X, 125S and 125X (0.355” tapered)
  • Recoil 800 series (50g, 60g, 70g, 80g, 90g – 0.370” parallel)
  • Recoil 600 series (65g, 75g, 85g – 0.370” parallel)

Recoil Prototype and Tour

  • Better players looking for great feel and the ability to work the ball
  • Lower balance, higher flex point
  • Heavier weights with firmer tip for lower flight

Recoil 800 series

  • Players looking for a lighter weight option with great feel and the ability to work the ball
  • Optimum weight and flex profile to fit wide range of golfers
  • Mid-Balance, medium tip for medium Ball flight

Recoil 600 series

  • Great feel and lightweight options to increase club head speed for greater distance
  • Lighter weights for faster club speed
  • Medium to medium high ball flight

See a tech interview with UST by clicking here.

Recoil Tour Prototype are available now through the Tour and UST’s TOURSPX dealer network. The Recoil Tour Series will be available around the 2013 PGA Show. The Recoil 800 Series is available now through UST’s TOURSPX dealer network. The Recoil 600 Series will be available through retail channels next month.

Click here for more discussion in the “Tour/Pre-release equipment” forum. 

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  1. These shafts are great and I have to lower my spin rate and have tighter ball.dispersion with a 100 g shaft vs. a 112 g steel shaft. Increased ball speed by 3 mph and 6 yards with a better feel than any steel shaft available. CFS is an eye opening option to better shafts, not to mention each shaft is hand crafted.