PGA Tour players arrive to the green with an arsenal of specialized short-game shots to help them save a par or make a birdie. It’s a far different story for most amateur golfers; they just hope to make solid contact with a wedge.

Few golf instructors understand this juxtaposition better than Hank Haney. He’s known for helping Tiger Woods with his game during his prime, but now focuses his time helping average golfers shoot better scores. After signing an endorsement contract with Callaway last January, he told the company it could help average golfers play better with a wedge that took the fear out of their short games.



Callaway listened and its collaboration with Haney led to the development of the new Sure Out wedges, which look and function much differently than the company’s Mack Daddy wedges that are used on the PGA Tour.

First and foremost, the Sure Out wedges are designed to make bunker shots easier for average golfers. They use oversize club heads and wide, rounded soles to minimize turf resistance and prevent the clubs from “digging” in the sand. The design of the wedges also eliminates the need to open the club face at address, something Haney says most golfers are scared to do.


“It’s pretty much impossible to either blade or chunk this wedge,” says Dave Neville, Callaway’s Senior Director of Brand Management for Metalwoods and Wedges.

The wedges are also designed to be “shank proof;” their hosels are pulled back from the club face to give golfers more confidence around the greens.



Like Callaway’s Mack Daddy wedges, Sure Out models are made to spin. The wedges use 17 machined grooves that extend the width of the club face to increase spin on shots contacted on the toe and upper areas of the club face, common impact areas for average golfers. Like Callaway’s Mack Daddy Forged wedges, Sure Out models also have a smaller groove on the bottom of their club faces that Neville says is key for generating increase spin on short chip shots around the green.

The Sure Out wedges ($119.99) will be available on March 10 on Callaway’s website. Stock shaft options are the KBS Tour 90 (steel) and UST 65 (graphite). They’re available in lofts of 58 and 64 degrees.

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  1. Alien wedge 1/10 the price and probably twice the clubs….and that is NOT saying much….

    Up next from DL the perfecter club….take the perfect club and just increase the head cc’s and put a more recent shaft in it… can’t wait (yawn)

  2. this wedge $119.99. the EX-1 $59.99. ( it may be XE-1 , not sure but still…) Bazooka 1-out $49.99. all the exact same thing. I am an 8 handicap and struggle with sand shots. I have the bazooka 1-out that I have tried in the sand with not much success, but for chipping around the greens that club is fantastic. if I am playing a course with thicker rough around the greens I will put it in the bag.

  3. I still will play my old Hogan Sure-Out if I know the bunkers are fluffy – very good results, then.
    If I play it from a bunker with wet &/or packed sand – very bad results, then.

  4. I don’t see the need for score lines abutting the top line of these wedges…. unless you happen to hit the ball very high up on the face…. and even then it won’t help! And if you think about it, the high up score lines will create added friction with the flying sand and could conceivably twist the clubface open due to the unequal face area higher than the last full score line at the hosel. Do you see my point?

  5. besides the old alien version of this club Moe Norman used a version of this club years ago..sad to say but anyone over a 18 handicap should be using this club for chipping and sand shots….and for you guys that are good out of the sand these clubs are just plan amazing,

  6. What in God’s name is Callaway doing?!

    They’re officially going downhill in my book. I was just thinking that Callaway is becoming a cheap and cheesy brand, and now this?!

  7. Strange lofts. 64* is a very, very niche wedge loft. As someone said below somebody playing a 64* probably has no need for this help/technology. It takes the other uses that a good player has for wedge with that much loft out of play. I find the 58* a strange choice too but at least somewhat more applicable for a mid high handicap player. Wonder why no “normal” sand wedge lifts.

    • I use a 60 because I hit it comfortably to about 90 yards, 3/4 about 75 yards (can max it to about 100+, but that’s not what I need, and an occasional bladed shot will go 120 lol). It comes in very handy for approach shots and I use it for chip shots too as it provides more loft and minimizing roll out. Why do you think it’s a strange choice?

  8. But in a statement Haney also said

    “Really works best with the swing magic- power connector-impact snap-sky track devices-the Haney blueprint-swing plane caddie!”

    This guy would endorse a pancake if they paid him to say it will improve your game…

  9. First they buy the Ben Hogan Company and rob the Apex and Edge brand name and now this! Can’t believe they give the credit to Hank Haney. What’s next the Callaway Radial Irons? or Callaway Personal blades? Callaway Equilizer Wedge? Ben Hogan must be rolling over in his grave!

  10. Ummm… you can’t just make the exact same wedge with the exact same name and give credit to Hank for “inventing” it. Anyone ever hear of the Hogan “sure out?” It’s literally the exact same shape and concept with slightly shorter grooves.

  11. Decent bunker player here, but we (definitely myself included) all have the odd days where nothing in greenside sand seems to work. I’ve been toying with the idea of a 60º PM grind…but I might give this a look if it makes bunker shots that simple.

      • That was the point of the deep (way wider than THIS incarnation) sole and tight-to-the-ground front edge…Minimal bounce & inherently low COG. Worked off hardpan w/o having to lean shaft back – or open face to add loft, and thw width of it created bounce in powdery sand….
        Absolutely worth a try (the original – or maybe the Cleveland Smart Sole 60….a lot of loft for some people from sand, but if you master it, a 54 degree then becomes an awesome choice for chipping pitching and fairway wedge… Not a lot of money – we’re not talkin’ buying a $750 driver to experiment with – or a $350 PXG SW…

        The original was awesome.